“Ayahuasсa: Plantas Maestras” Master Ceremony

Date: 31/12/2019 — 02/01/2020
Address: Iquitos, Peru

The Master Ceremony “Ayahuasсa Plantas Maestras” is a quest for power, a special moment of unification with the spirit of the plant. It will take place at the heart of the jungle where the power of plants dwells, most importantly – the power of Ayahuasca. This location is the very center of the ‘energetic lungs’ of the Earth, where the life force of the planet resides. This power is embodied in two plants of paramount significance: Ayahuasca and Chuchuhuasi. The home of Ayahuasca, Ceiba and Chakruna is the place where the mystic might of the jaguar and anaconda is born.

The ceremony will be conducted by the Yagua Ayahuasceros and the shamans Ben Chelero and Mauro Pachak. It aims at cleansing and restructuring all the body systems through interaction with the plants of power, minerals and energetic practices in very powerful locations. The intake of specifically selected ingredients will aid assimilating the force of the plants, which is otherwise unattainable at the vibrational spectra of large cities. This is the reason why the preparatory requirements must be followed very strictly. The program endeavors to maximally cleanse and condition the participants for interaction with the vigor of Ayahuasca.


  • Mate Ceremony.
  • Initiation: preparation for the ceremony and instruction into the vision, induced by the power of plants.
  • Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Purification through the waters of Amazon

Event Specifics

  • Experience: this ceremony has been conducted by the organizers for over 15 years.
  • Quality: the harvesting and preparation of the plants is in full accordance with the principles and traditions of the local tribes. The so-called ‘Heavenly Ayahuasca’ is used in the ceremony as it represents the highest nature of plants.
  • Location: the ceremony is conducted at a special location in the jungle, which is an absolute prerequisite for events of this kind.
  • Eligibility criteria: Only participants approved by the shamans can be accepted. The spots are limited.

Participation Terms

  • Mandatory acquaintance with the description of the ceremony.
  • Participation presupposes full acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as full responsibility for adherence to the rules and the dietary regimen. In case some of the above is violated, the organizers reserve the right to remove the responsible participant from the program without refunding him.
  • Observation of the dietary guidelines. A special dietary regimen is of crucial importance for this program. Some restrictions are necessary: please enquire. The nutrition during the program is based on energetic essences and crystals. Rice, biscuits and fruits are allowed in some days.


Registration from 2 May to 15 September: $1300
Registration after 16 September: $1500

Fee includes:

  • The drinks and minerals, necessary for the program diet;
  • T-shirt;
  • Yerba nate, calabaza and bombilla;
  • Double room in Iquitos (additional $200 are required for a single room). The conditions during the stay in the jungle are basic (3–5 people in a room).

Fee excludes:

  • Airfares to/from the program destination;
  • Nutrition outside of the specified above;
  • Tips

Registration procedure

  • Candidates younger than 21 are not allowed to participate.
  • By submitting their application candidates acknowledge that they are acquainted with, understand and fully agree with all program terms and requirements.
  • Within 10 days upon approval a prepayment of 200 USD is required. If the candidate fails to observe this requirement, a second application will not be allowed.



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