The Perfect Junior Program: I Came to Find My Place!

Date: 29/07/2020 — 11/08/2020
Address: Vladivostok, Russia
Projects: Дзябяк

The Perfect Junior is an educational program for young people who are in search of their path in life.

If you are trying to find out who you really are, what true values and purpose mean, this event will aid you get a better grasp of those and evaluate your personal potential.

If you already possess the strength to direct your life, you will receive the tools to refine your understanding of the principal objectives and further your progress to new heights.

By “quality of life” we usually mean something vivid and colorful. Rarely, however, do we meditate upon the fact that the puzzle of life is composed of numerous little pieces and that most of those are parts of our Self. The key to building a great personal life is the healthy consciousness, one that can think instead of just reacting to external stimuli. No matter how this might sound – as many believe that rationality is something self-evident – the actual ability to think is a veritable art.

It is no less important to actively counter the destructive processes that degrade our qualities. This program teaches you how to become self-driven and learn to reside in a constant state of self-perfection by evaluating what is disruptive and what is constructive in your life. It will present you a different perspective of the external world; it will train you to navigate it and interact with in a much more productive way. As a result you will be able to cultivate your personality for a truly successful life.

Training Format

Camp: morning, afternoon and evening training sessions


Arrival: 25 July
Departure: 7 August

Participation Terms

  • Each application will be approved individually. Please submit yours through the website form;
  • Participants younger than 18 must be accompanied by their parents;
  • Subscription for DZ Perfect Junior Telegram channel is required for tuning-in.


To be disclosed.



by 1 June

after 2 June

Dzyabyak Program Participants, younger than 25

  • Attended three programs



  • Attended two programs



  • Attended one program



New participants younger than 25



Participants older than 25



  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Please note that the price covers program participation only.  Accommodation, nutrition and transfers are not included..
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.


To be disclosed.


Contact us for more information.


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