The Little Perfect One Program

Date: 01/07/2020 — 14/07/2020
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

I was born, and this has to have a meaning!
Above all, it has to be important to me.
This world is magical and sweet,
but I need to discover myself first.

This unique program of Oleg Cherne is specifically designed for children 7-12 years of age. It is dedicated to the establishment of the child’s well being, a life of quality that would help him/her to build a magical world.

The world of children is special and magical. To enter it with the logic and judgments of the grown-ups is a hard endeavor. But to be able to attune to it is a fascinating journey for children and adults alike. The goal of this program is to tune the world of the little-ones and to immerse them into a game of tasks and questions, in which they will discover answers of their own. Your children will become stonemasons, construction workers and painters who will erect the Magic Temple, while playing and singing.


Building the Magical City

Building the Magical city is a game of proportions, angles and answers designed to introduce the notion of measure, which helps us define our life and actions.

Yoga for children

The yoga for children is the art of developing attention and of understanding the three positions of the body (standing, sitting and prone) as well as of the two laws (movement and stillness).

Integral Painting

The integral painting represents the ability to view the world through volume and depth, to operate with ideas that are natural for children of the specified age. The mythical animals will be taken as examples.

The Voice of Orpheus

The tuning of the voice and its sounding is fundamental in the development of one’s personality not only as far as communication but also in regard to breathing. Voice is what expresses the human being and represents its future.

Developing the Architecture of the Body

The physical architecture needed for personal growth.

Developing the Mental Architecture

‘The architecture of the mind’ is the art of creating conditions for the development of the child’s thinking.

Participation Terms

  • The child must be accompanied by at least one of his/her parents. Each application will be individually approved.
  • Some dietary restrictions are highly desirable – please enquire.
  • The number of spots is limited. Please register early!


EUR 2000

For two or more children from one family, the fee for the second (third) child is EUR 1000.

  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.
The fee includes:
  • Program participation
  • Special garment kit
  • Drinks during the hours of the program
  • Three excursions
The fee does not include:
  • Airfares and transfers to/from the seminar location
  • Accommodation
  • Nutrition outside the program
  • Transport and accommodation of parents


Contact us for more information.



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