Master program: The Perfect One. Holding the lotus

Date: 24/06/2020 — 11/07/2020
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

“The Temple of the Perfect One. Holding the Lotus” is a program of certain manifestation, when the Path becomes a practical jewel, when practice is able to liberate, permeate the present and cultivate creativity.

This is a program aimed at the development of harmony, contemplation and the ability to improve in knowledge.


17:00 – 21:00*

Classes are not held on Sundays (June 28, July 5)!

Terms of participation

  • The program is designed for women. Men are not allowed.
  • Subscription to the Alchemy Telegram channel to stay updated.
  • Involvement in the program after its start is not allowed.
  • All nutrition during practice is high frequency. Other than the food provided at the seminar is not allowed during classes. Foods with a high mortality rate are excluded throughout the whole program.
  • Vegetarian food is recommended during the program.



White Tara

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha!

White Tara is a space with a special shape and a single indivisible white color. It has the geometric consciousness of the Lotus. It represents the doctrine of practical, dynamic, and tantric vision. The peculiarity of the practice of White Tara is hidden in the knowledge that could be realized only through meditative practices in motion.

Sacred Anatomy

Apsaras possess divine mysteries, which they receive by delighting the gods with the sounds of sitar and wonderful singing. Each Apsara has twenty-six parts of the body, where the celestial energy flows. She controls this energy through her hands, supporting the churning of the Ocean of Milk in the body, since all twenty-six parts of their body consist of ’amrita’.


Celestial Uterus

Everything, generated in the macrocosm, possesses its own uterine effort. The highest forms of generation are tied to the Celestial uterus. Тhis is the only organ in woman’s nature that is totally focused on generation – and not on absorption. However, what and how gets conceived there, is another thing. The effort, existing in the uterus – is the characteristic of any living process.

The Celestial uterus is what gives rise to stars and planets. It can be cosmic, or simply be represented in the body of any woman, who has attained the understanding of the Body of Light. It was precisely this understanding that led to the formation of the first cults (matrix cults), beginning with the lunar cults, where the image of the first lunar gods was associated with the worship of the Cosmic or Celestial uterus.

Mahalakshmi Vrata

Mahalakshmi Vrata is the sacred knowledge of Puja. According to the teachings of Lakshmi, the conduct of Puja is the most important condition for improvement, associated with the acceptance of the tradition, egregore of knowledge and respect for the Path. This is an important aspect of the philosophy of knowledge – the process of marriage to knowledge. The performance of this gate (sacred vow) was recommended by Shiva to his wife Parvati, and according to another version – by Vishnu to his wife Lakshmi. Therefore, all women who embark on the Path of perfection should respect the Path or Lakshmi, who was the first to accomplish the gate.

The acceptance of Puja is also connected with the notion of putting on the best, most expensive ornament – the practice of perfection, which is also known as “Taking the Lotus in your hands”.

Churning of  Amrita

The art written by the god Vishnu and embodied in detail by the Celestial Apsara dancers is a great gift from Heaven. This is the greatest of the arts, which hides the secrets of Churning the Ocean of Milk and obtaining ‘amrita’ – the divine elixir, turning the woman’s space into immortal.


Hanuman Pranayama

Hanuman Pranayama is an alchemical practice, related to the creation of conditions for the consumption of ‘amrita’. The practice has a unique tradition and is due to the fact that after Hanuman (a collective effort, associated with the nature of the monkey) mixed ‘amrita’ in the Sky, it got consumed by a dragon (the constellation of the Dragon) with the help of energy breathing.


Consciousness of Lokeshvara

The Tantra of Lokeshvara, or Natyashastra, is a type of practice, related to the uterus, where the uterus is understood as a whole technological process – from the physical uterus to the uterine salivary glands. This process is aimed at the ability to interact with the Uterus of the Sky, or the Uterus of Urvashi – the Apsara, who has formed the principle of the Celestial Uterus in herself. The Tantra of Lokeshvaravara is represented by the dance of the Apsaras, where the uterus of the hands is involved and associated with ‘the art of consuming amrita’.



Talam is the musical science of rhythm. This is a special concept for those who follow the path of “The Perfect One”. This concept is directly related to the sacred anatomy of the body, because by playing on musical instruments – means playing with different parts of the body, or on different parts of the body.

Talam forms an important perception of the musical meter, consisting of the Meter of Generation (jati) – a cycle of four beats. According to legend, Lakshmi taught this science to the Apsaras. Talam is associated with a ritually significant rhythm in the dance by using an ‘angam’ (beat).

Walking in the Sky

The Walking in the Sky (Dakini) are special female beings in the tradition of Tantric Buddhism and Kashmiri Shivaism. These special women are also called “khadro” (not leaving the Heaven). The concept of ‘Dakini’ hides the laws of meditation.Dakinis are a special class of perfect people who essentially perform the same functions as Apsaras, but their level of awareness is higher. These are the perfect knowers. They are related to the Devatas, that is, divine beings – not alien to human nature.

In general, these are those who have reached or simply possess ‘true mind’ and ‘diamond wisdom’, that is, ‘crystallized thinking’. The peculiarity of Dakinis is that they express the knowledge about a special kind of thinking – ‘the diamond one’, associated exclusively with the female nature and expressing the highest principle of female conscious participation in practice. This process is characterized by the complete reunion with one’s energy and nature.

Garuda Ritual

The Garuda ritual is a ritual associated with ‘the churning of the amrita and the formation of the immortal grain’, from which Garuda is born. Garuda represents energy similar to that used by the gods to move.Garuda is a symbolic form of perfect energy capable of existing in all spaces. This ritual is associated with the art of changing your body into a body capable of feeding with the sun. The Garuda ritual is light – the formation of a perfect radiance, consisting of special magic spells.

The ritual devours bad energy and cleanses the space. It is aimed at developing the perception of the presence of ‘amrita’. It also develops man’s focusing and unity with the energy of Garuda, the dissolution of his “self” into the ‘amrita’ (the same way Garuda was created).

Tara Yantra

Tara Yantra is the art of moving energy in the space. It comes from the understanding for the essence of the geometry of the Yantra – the process of packaging energy. This power has a geometry of energy retention and comes from the understanding of the Celestial uterus, that is, the method of energy retention in space. An analogue in the human body is the gland, which is able to accumulate energy and inject it. However, without direction of the energy, it just limits its own life, or is simply attracted by the corresponding frequencies.



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