Daoist Alchemy for Women Seminar

Date: 26/02/2020 — 07/03/2020
Address: Moscow, Russia
Projects: The Way of Women

Daoist Alchemy for Women is an academic seminar for ladies who practice Daoist Yoga and Alchemy. The program of the event is built around first and second-levels methods of internal transformation.

Terms of Participation

  1. This event is intended for people who have been practicing in regular INBI study groups for no less than 3 years.
  2. Each application will be individually approved. When submitting your application, please indicate the name of your instructor.
  3. To attend the second-level section without attending the first-level one practical experience of at least 5 years is required. In this case we kindly ask you to submit your application through the website form.


The program is based on the teachings and methods of Daoist Yoga and Alchemy designed for women.

  • Feminine pre-natal nature;
  • Daoist medicine on female anatomy;
  • Practices for recovery;
  • Alchemical practices;
  • The Five grains of Alchemy.


Level I 14:00–17:00
Level II 17:30–20:30


Level I Registration prior to 10 April Registration after 11 April
General 500 700
INBI World Members 400 600
Level II Registration prior to 10 April Registration after 11 April
INBI World Members 500 700
Levels I+II Registration prior to 10 April Registration after 11 April
INBI World Members 700 1000
  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.
  • When submitting your application we kindly ask you to indicate clearly which level(s) you are applying for.
  • Vacancies are filled on a first-come first-served basis and the registration ends upon full subscription.


INBI World
13a Borby Sq., Bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
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