The Art of the Pure Maiden Seminar

Date: 21/08/2019 — 25/08/2019
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

The Art of the Bedchamber (fang zhong zhi shu) is a unique system among Daoist alchemical practices that incorporates the knowledge of both Daoist medicine and alchemy. What is remarkable about it is that it was established as a practical art almost 3000 years ago.

Practical Methods

The Difficulty of the ‘Art of the Pure Maiden’ (Lecture)

The principal difficulty in mastering the Art of the Pure Maiden lies in the need to understand correctly the body systems and their properties first. Without this it is simply not possible to advance into the practical methods. Daoist medicine is a doctrine with its own specific terminology that has peculiar notions of body and energy which need to be grasped prior to delving deeper into the art.

Fine-tuning of the reproductive system (Practice)

From the perspective of Daoist medicine opening and fine-tuning of the reproductive system is an important precondition to understand the laws of this alchemical system.

Developing the Velvet Body(Practice)

The development of the ‘Velvet Body’ (wai yin) is a foundational requirement for the next step. What is referred to by this notion is the transformation of the physical qualities that makes possible the creation of the Amber Body.

Developing the Amber Body (Practice)

In the Art of the Bedchamber the ‘Amber Body’ (puo yin) is one that is considered to be unified, integrated. It is the foundation of the Bedchamber art as an alchemical system.

Nurturing with the Mushrooms of the Dragon Li (Practice)

‘The nutrition with the Dragon Li’s Mushrooms’ is an alchemical practice of body transformation related to the mineralization of the reproductive system.


Participation Terms

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Please note that during the seminar a special alchemical nutritional plan will be followed. Some dietary restrictions are recommended. Please enquire.





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