The Perfect One: Matrix of the Dance Festival

Date: 26/08/2019 — 31/08/2019
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

Dance, ritual, mystery: in essence, these are all arts of cognition and a possibility to understand our spiritual growth. They all deal with the measure of motion and allow us to feel the internal impulse behind movement, thus grasping motion as a sort of breathing. Dance, ritual and mystery are all important aspects of our perfection to explore.


Mysteries (Lecture)

In old times the mysteries were ecstatic spiritual practices codified in different historical periods and cultures around the globe. They had important social significance and almost invariably included rituals and dance.

Ritual (Lecture, Practice)

One way to view ritual is as a form of education that instills discipline. It enables those who perform it maintain a fine-tuned state and, as a consequence, achieve a desired outcome. The main problem of the modern lifestyle can be summarized as lack of education in how to streamline one’s actions; rarely are modern people trained in the values of a goal-oriented life. As a result, the upbringing that young people get is insufficient or, at times, completely lacking. Educating people how to regard themselves, how to have a correct attitude towards the world around and the principal human values is what the ritual is all about.

Dance (Lecture, Practice)

Dance is, in fact, more than a dance. This is a study of sensual experience, fine-tuning and transformation. It is an art of fulfillment and self-expression through motion. Motion is life! Likewise, it is a way to recuperate and perfect one’s nature and it can also be considered a method of internal nutrition.

Understanding one’s own nature is a paramount prerequisite for achieving any result whatsoever. If one does not conceive one’s limitations and does not draw oneself out of the conditionality of life, personal evolution is a worthless endeavor. In this regard, dance is of key importance to women because their nature is ecstatic. They need to be in a natural tonus so that their energy could transform and strengthen their internal sensitivity.

Dance is the art of transitioning from a state of feeling to a state of sensual experience and then – to a state of even deeper experience. This process is nothing less than an emotional and sensual realization of a woman’s internal power.

The power of women lies in their very nature, in the generation of energy that constantly accumulates within the body. However, the understanding of this power should not be reduced to an elementary explication. A lady needs to gather enough practical experience in the matter and take her time to comprehend it mentally.

Another aspect that has always been associated with being feminine is beauty. First and foremost the notion of beauty should be understood in the widest possible sense, in all of its manifestations. Secondly, the most important display of beauty should be in the woman’s behavior. Management and control over the emotions is what determines her character. To be sure, succeeding in this is no easy task. Yet it is precisely this pursuit that must replace the negative processes arising out of uncontrolled behavior and negative psychological conditioning. Being in a reactive state of mind, instead of a proactive one, the lady gets involved in processes that keep her in dependence and, in essence, manipulate her. The main problem is that time is required to re-condition the psyche and transit to another state; to replace a negative process with a positive one. Therefore beauty and rejuvenation are not cheap tricks, easy solutions or magic pills. Conversely, they need to be a ‘dance of life’, if you will, for beauty is a dance of sorts.

All these aspects are associated with the notion of rhythm. Rhythm is the integral mechanism of evolution that presumes a combination of actions. It should be cognized integrally – as both physical and energetic phenomenon. Studying and interacting with rhythm in this way leads to the realization of life processes. On the other hand, paying no attention to it or ignoring the cyclic laws of the Universe makes our life vulnerable and even unpredictable.

The Matrix-type Dances of the Twelve Integral Fields

The integral matrix of dance views dance from the perspective of a given integral field. Such a dance can be regarded as a program, oriented at understanding movement, consciousness and energy of a particular field. The integral matrix-type dances are crucial educational elements that enable us to interact with the laws of the Macrocosm.

First Integral Field Dance

Tension: this is what forms our nature

Second Integral Field Dance

This is the dance of the protection of our nature; it represents struggling with destruction and disjunction

Third Integral Field Dance

Spontaneity; feeling and following the intimate changes

Fourth Integral Field Dance

Flow, proportion and harmony

Fifth Integral Field Dance

Transformation; getting acquainted with the ‘Mercury Body’

Sixth Integral Field Dance

Reunion with the Highest

Seventh Integral Field Dance

The art of ecstatic experience

Eight Integral Field Dance

Dancing is music!

Ninth Integral Field Dance

Structure, depth and intimate vision

Eleventh Integral Field Dance

This is the location where your light dwells

Twelfth Integral Field Dance

This is the location where the light of the Universe dwells





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