‘Forming the Alchemical Body: Nine Cinnabar Elixirs’ Seminar

Date: 16/01/2019 — 20/01/2019
Address: Moscow, Russia
Projects: Daoist body, The Perfect One

The Nine Cinnabar Elixirs form a mixture required for internal transformation. Said essence can be created if one follows the prescriptions of the Alchemical body Doctrine. The Alchemical body is such a physique that bestows longevity or, in some cases, even immortality. The creation of the cinnabar elixirs is a key factor in the preparation of the body for deep internal conversion and for the creation of energetic breathing as well.

The teaching about the Nine elixirs is a prominent part of the Sacral Anatomy Doctrine – a body of knowledge of great importance for those who strive to perfect their physical nature through motion. One of the foundational sections in Daoist alchemy and medicine is precisely the teaching about the Nine External Vessels in which the Nine Cinnabar elixirs are formed. The Nine springs transform into Nine Creeks and then the body starts to move in accordance with the law of Naturalness thus becoming a treasure.


  • The Elixir of the Perfect One, Moving Towards the Mountain;
  • The Elixir of the Spring of the Way;
  • The Elixir of the Gradual Liberation;
  • The Elixir Restoring the Uterine State of the Fetus;
  • The Middle Elixir of the Triple Root;
  • The Elixir of the Vocation of Life;
  • The Elixir of the Innermost Receptacle;
  • The Elixir of the Heavenly Reaching;
  • The Elixir Proclaiming Consistency.


16–18 January 16:30–20:30
19 January 15:00–20:00
20 January 13:00–18:00




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INBI World
13a Borby Sq., Bld. 1, Moscow, Russia
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