The Spirit of Plants Master Ceremony

Date: 27/01/2019 — 31/01/2019
Address: Iquitos, Peru
Projects: ALQUIMIA Travel

The Master Ceremony Spirits of Plants is a special event of interaction with the power of plants. It will be conducted by five shamans in the heart of the jungle where the force of the herb dwells, the force of the Ayahuasca. This is a one-of-a-kind trip that will allow participants to experience the spirit of the plant.

The third integral field is the sphere where the spirits of the plants live. This is also the field that conditions the breathing of all living creatures that depend upon impermanent parameters. The world of herbs is an extraordinary matrix that forms our nature. Third integral field is likewise the world of the resonating consciousness.

This sacral Master ceremony will take place at the very heart of the ‘energetic lungs’ of our planet – the Amazon basin – which is precisely the place where the life force of the Earth resides. It is the home of the spirit of our planet, embodied in two prominent plants: Ayahuasca and Chuchuhuasi.

The Master ceremony will be lead by Ben Chelero and Mauro Pochak. The ceremony will cleanse and restructure all of the body systems of the participants and will include special practices in highly energetic locations that are based upon interaction with plants of power and minerals. The intake of singular ingredients will help absorb the strength of the location and of the herbs. This power is unapproachable to the inhabitants of large city locations characterized by low-vibration impure energy.

In the magic Amazon we will visit places where the mystic power of the Jaguar and the Anaconda is born. This is the spot where the might of Ayahuasca, Chuchuhuasi, Ceiba and Chakruna is manifested.


  • The harvesting and the preparation of the plants are in full harmony with the traditions, principles and customs of the local tribes.
  • The ceremony will use Heavenly Ayahuasca which represents the highest nature of the Earth’s flora.
  • The ceremony will take place at a special venue in the jungle which is mandatory for rituals of this type.
  • Only people approved by the shamans will be allowed to the ceremony.
  • The number of participants is limited.
  • All preparative recommendations for the ritual must be strictly observed!
  • One of the preliminary requirements for the Spirit of Plants ceremony is the attendance of the Red Postulate Scrolls Daoist Alchemy Camp in Lima, Peru (25-27 January 2019), where, with the aid of Mate and Chuchuhuasi, the participants’ bodies, minds and spirits will be made ready for the Ceremony.


  • Preparation of Plants of power
    The art of preparing plants
  • Initiation
    Training for the ceremony and instruction into the nature of seeing, related to the power of vegetation.
  • The Ceremony
  • Purification through the waters of Amazon


27 January
Master of Mate
Arrival at Iquitos, Peru – the capital of Ayahuasca. Getting ready for the main Ceremony. Mate ceremony.
28 January
Master of Plants
The participants will experience a number of different local plants; Body purification.
Spirit of Mapacho
Relocation into the jungle. Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ceremony
Spirit of Ayahuaska
Heavenly Ayahuasca Ceremony
29 January
Ayahuasca Ceremony conclusion
30 January
Iquitos, the capital of Ayahuasca
Getting acquainted with the Ceremonial centers of Ayahuasca
31 January
End of the program. Departure from Iquitos.

Terms of Registration and Participation

  • The number of participants is strictly limited.
  • The enrollment presupposes full acceptance of all terms of participation and rules of conduct as well as full responsibility for the observation of the prescribed regimen. In case the required diet and rules are not adhered to, the organizer reserves the right to ban participants from the program without refunding them.
  • The tour will pass through some of the most powerful energetic locations there are on the planet. Because of this reason one of the goals of the program is to purify and train the participants as best as possible for interaction with plants of power as well as for the Heavenly Ayahuasca Ceremony.
  • The program is based upon a special type of nutrition. Any low-vibration, high-mortality ratio and perishable food will be excluded. Participants will be nurtured exclusively with energetic substances and crystal extracts. During some of the days, rice, fruits and biscuits are allowed. However complete abstinence from sexual intercourse, forbidden drinks and food is prescribed throughout the entire program.

Registration Procedure

  • Submitting an application assumes that the participant understands and fully agrees with all program terms and requirements.
  • Within 10 days after the approval a prepayment of 300 USD is required. If the candidate fails to observe this requirement, a second application will not be allowed.
  • Candidates younger than 21 are not permitted into the program.


1500 USD

Registration ends 1 November 2018

Cost includes:

  • Drinks and minerals, required for the special diet
  • T-shirt
  • Yerba mate, calabasa with bombilla
  • Twin accommodation in Iquitos. Accommodation in the jungle will be for 3-5 people in a room and the living conditions will be basic

Cost does not include:

  • Airfares to/from the program location
  • Nutrition outside the above specified
  • Tips.

Participation Requirements



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