Red Postulate Scrolls: Daoist Alchemy Seminar

Date: 12/02/2019 — 24/02/2019
Address: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

The Daoist Alchemic knowledge of the Red Postulate is a practical system designed for physical and mental preparation for alchemic work. It is based upon the notion of the Daoist Body which is a sort of laboratory for internal transformation.

This is an intensive seminar in Daoist alchemy which explains the tasks and the capabilities of our body and energy as well as the essence and the fundamentals of what is to be developed in the practice of Daoist Yoga and further on – alchemy.

The Daoist Body is a conceptualized form of knowledge within the Daoist medicine and alchemy. It explains norms and reasons: how and why we can remodel our prenatal nature and realize the laws of transformation. The Daoist body is a science about the body that should be developed. We cannot cultivate the available body of ours because it is a programmed and accomplished product. We are only able to cultivate a body that we can recreate within us and this is the kind of structure that the Daoist body is. Only when a body that we could work with is created can we reach the potential of the Daoist yoga and alchemy.

The Daoist body is a scheme, a construction that is composed of an internal, external, circulating and alchemic body. The entire system of development in Daoist yoga and alchemy is built around those bodies.

The first level represents the fundamental objectives of physical revivification and of forming the conditions for further cultivation.


  • Daoist massage
  • Daoist meditation
  • Unblocking the body
  • Tuning the Twelve inner vessels
  • Tuning the Nine outer vessels
  • Regulation and tuning of the spinal cord
  • The Palace of Water and Grain (the stomach)
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthening the lymphatic system





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February 1, 2018

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February 1, 2018




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  • All prices indicated are in EUR.
  • To register please:
    1. send us an enquiry via a link below;
    2. wait to receive a confirmation of your application from our manager;
    3. pay EUR 100 deposit. In case of cancellation for any reason the deposit it is non-refundable, nor transferrable to another event.
  • Registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit.
  • The number of vacancies is limited.


San Carlos de Bariloche



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