The Mao Shan Qigong Seminar

Date: 02/01/2018 — 05/01/2018
Address: Москва
Projects: Daoist body

The Mao Shan Qigong is a unique school of Taoist alchemy, based upon the understanding of the energy integration through the eight trigrams.

The Program

  • Gèn: The First Trigram

    This level deals with attuning oneself to the pre-natal energy. This energy, given to us upon birth, conditions our vitality and produces specific tension that accumulates in the kidneys area. It helps us syntonize with the nature of the primordial energy.

  • Lí: The Second Trigram

    The energy builds up and an additional source thereof is formed. In turn, this creates conditions to preserve the primordial energy.

  • Kǎn: The Third Trigram

    The pre-natal energy strengthens; its resonating frequency is revealed along with other energies with which it can be synchronized.

  • Duì: The Fourth

    This trigram represents the saturation with vitality and finalizes the first part of the complex, related to Qi accumulation. At this point the energy amassed starts to nourish and strengthen our post-natal energy.

  • Zhèn: The Fifth Trigram

    It teaches us how to resonate with the spheres of the five elements as well as how to synchronize ourselves with the internal systems of the body.

  • Kūn: The Sixth Trigram

    This trigram deals with generation of stability and balance between the energies of the five elements and their harmonization on the level of Qi. It is based on the opening of a negative resonance, which is in turn formed by the effort of shrinkage and a consequent expansion.

  • Qián: The Seventh Trigram

    The trigram helps unveil and realize the positive resonance of the Yang-jing energy and allows one to interact with the energies of the five elements on Jing level. This practice is related to the effort of expansion and consequent shrinkage of the energetic tension within the body.

  • Xùn: The Eight Trigram

    This practice terminates the second block of the vitality nurturing. As a result of the practice a process of assimilation of the generated vital energy (Qi) begins.





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