RITUAL. The Order of the White Lilly: An Alchemical Tour in France

Date: 03/06/2019 — 16/06/2019
Address: France (Bretagne, Languedoc)

Perhaps one can find no tastier and at the same time more mystical country than France. In one way or another France has left a trace in all cultures and on all continents of our planet. Measuring its contribution in the establishment of the global civilization is a hard endeavor. To attempt it one needs at least to grasp the scope and the making of this great culture.

Throughout its history France absorbed the attainments of some of the most prominent ethnic and cultural groups formed during the Antiquity and the Middle Ages: the Celts, the Templars, the Dominican and the Franciscan orders as well as the order of the Jesuits. All of them flourished on French territory and some were even associated with the so-called ‘secret mission of Jesus Christ’. Too, let us not omit to mention the Cathars, a number of famous alchemists like Nicolas Flamel, Nostradamus, Fulcanelli as well as mystics like Bernard of Clairveaux, Saint Germain, Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, et al.

Furthermore, the quantity of French scholars and scientists ‘per square meter’, so to speak, is overwhelming; the name of each famous person conceals a vast pool of knowledge and experience, while each fact is a long history by itself. Point your finger at any spot on the map of France to find there a hoard of knowledge, interesting facts and events so numerous that an entire life would not suffice to research them!

Yet, two aspects are mainstay in the story entitled ‘France’. One of them is the mystic tradition, the study of which should undoubtedly begin from the Celts and, geographically, from Bretagne. Let us only hint at the story of Leonardo da Vinci’s stay in France purportedly related to the cryptic mission of John the Baptist and the secret code of Mary Magdalene.

Second comes the aspect of taste: an aspect so vast and delightful that one can approach it from almost innumerable alternative perspectives: from the culture of wine, from the Impressionism of Claud Monet, or even from the works of the 15th century chronicler and poet Jean Molinet (1435–1507) who influenced the ex-President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy.

We will visit


  • Carcasson
  • Château de Villerouge-Termenes
  • Lagrasse
  • Rennes-le-Chateau
  • Château de Peyrepertuse
  • Montsegur
  • Toulouse


  • Paris
  • Chartres
  • Chambord
  • Tours
  • Carnac
  • Broceliande
  • Mont Saint-Michel

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