Seminar: “The Teaching of the Immortal Cao Guo Jiu. Building an Alchemical Consciousness”

Date: 03/11/2017 — 05/11/2017
Address: Ufa, Russia
Projects: Daoist body

The teaching of Cao Guo Jiu is about the transformation of one type of energy into another, where fundamental is the art of Dantian formation, or the building of an alchemical consciousness.

The building of an alchemical consciousness leads to the ability of transforming the temporal energy  Yin Qiand Yang Qi into the timeless — Yin Shen and Yang Shen. That is the actual reason why the Yin Jing и Yang Jing source is created, or the Dantian.

This knowledge was under the control of the keeper of the East (Dunwanggun), whom the keeper of the West (Xi Wangmu) turned to in order to perfect her own nature. In any case, it represents a certain basis, where knowledge about the building of an alchemical consciousness is derived from, the formation of Dantian. Consequently, this teaching started to be called royal, as the rulers and the royal persons wanted to reach quicker immortality and looked for the most perfect and fastest way.

One of the representatives of the royal family of the Song dynasty, Cao Gou Jiu, set off on a journey in search of the immortal elixir, when he got a knack for meeting the immortal Lu Dongbin. Lu Dongbin revealed him that the fastest way is connected with the beginning, the longest – is the work with the beginning. To the question, how acquire quickly the beginning, Lu Dongbin advised him to turn to the keeper of the West – Xi Wangmu, who actually taught Cao Guo Jiu the art of the beginning – the art of forming the one. Cao Guo Jiu took great delight in mastering this practice, as on one side he reached the knowledge of the eternal energy transformation and on the other – he continued living like a royal person. Subsequently, this practice was developed and added by the famous Daoist Liu Yiming in the end of the 18th century (1734–1821) – an 11th generation master (patriarch) of the Longmen school, the Qiyun mountains, the modern province of Gansu. Thus, the creation of the practice for Dantian formation could righteously be attributed to him, or the Longmen school.


The practice of building the alchemical consciousness appears to be fundamental in the Daoist art, since it forms in us a certain awareness about the correctness of our actions and sets up the algorithm of our motion along the way.

  • Art of forming an alchemical consciousness. Lecture
  • Formation of the beginning of Dantian. Practice
  • Nutrition of Dantian. Short energy. Practice
  • Strengthening of Dantian. Middle energy. Practice
  • Cultivation of Dantian. Long energy. Practice

Conditions of participation

  • Only INBI club members will be allowed.
  • Seminar attendance implies preliminary registration through a request on the site.

Necessary objects

  • a pole 1,4–1,6 m (bamboo, rattan)
  • a short stick, three fists long (aprox. 30 cm),  3–4 cm thick


November 3rd 18.00–21.00
November 4th—5th 15.00—21.00



Registration prior to
October 1st

Registration from
October 2nd

INBI club members



  • Prices are indicated in Euro.
  • Registration implies a prepayment of 100 Euro. In case of denial of participation, this fee is neither transferable, nor refundable. The presence of a prepayment does not give the right to a partial seminar attendance.
  • Please note that the registration is considered active after the preliminary fee is paid. The actual time of the registration determines the tariff.





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