Festival: “Integral Alchemy”

Date: 06/11/2017 — 08/11/2017
Address: Ufa, Russia
Projects: Integral alchemy

Integral alchemy is a system of knowledge about the alchemical processes at the different integral fields, which form the whole macrocosm, as well as the connecting principles in the development on Earth. Twelve matrix cultures with specific effort were formed as a result of this.

Integral alchemy


The art of living with intention

The art of living with intention means to realize the direction of life, or the direction of the way. Only a person with intent reaches any results in his life, as he actually creates the conditions for that life according to the laws of the directed will.

The program includes a review of the practical skill of understanding the intention through the art of interacting with one the most significant plants on our planet – chuchuhuasi.

  • Intention pases. Practice

Integral massage

The Integral massage is the practical knowledge of the Integral anatomy. This is a system of knowledge, explaining the integral nature of man and giving a practical knowledge for the energy reviving of a symbol.


  • Aroma as a basis of the biological existence of man
  • Seven efforts of aroma
  • The art of interacting with  ТСН 13

Alchemy of beauty

The alchemy of beauty is represented within the festival in the form of a knowledge about the integral masks of the face. Appears as an alchemical science and is subordinated to the laws of the fifth integral field (the field of transformation).

The art of ecstatic living

The art of ecstatic living is practical knowledge about the ability to master and assimilate the high-frequency processes in our body.

  • Daoist alchemy. The art of transforming the Jing energy. Practice

Orphic thinking

Talk about rhythm, as a knowledge, and as a sounding, should be through the prism of the concept of harmonica (eighth integral field), which is the Orphic teachings.

This is the basis of the Orphic thinking and one entirely different form of conception, requiring a quadrivium consciousness. Which means, to simultaneously examine the sound mathematically, geometrically, cosmogonically, imagining at the same time how the sound merges into the harmonica. That is a harmonic scale, based on an arithmetic progression.

The playback of such a scale by man himself or simply by perceiving the sound this way, we actually realize the highest principle of sounding, when the sound is nourishing and transforming us. This is called absorbic sounding – the highest art of sound. Imagining the harmonica as an instrument of complex vibrations, we actually penetrate into the highest comprehension of the idea that the sound has a soul.

The consciousness of sound – this is what the sound pushes off. It is important to recognize the source of the sound inside yourself. In other words, in order to recognize the sound, man should make it dependable on him. To recognize its contraction and expansion. The Orphic thinking is not defined by temporal characteristics.

  • Orphic and Tantric sounding. Lecture, practice
  • Orphic and Sufi sounding. Lecture, practice

Objects, necessary for classes

  • For the part “The art of living with intention” will be necessary an Indian flute and yerba mate
  • For the parts “Integral massage”, “Alchemy of beauty” and “The art of the ecstatic way of living” will be necessary a mat and a meditation cushion


The art of living with intention
Integral massage
Alchemy of beauty
The art of ecstatic living
Orphic thinking


Whole program

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October 1st

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  • Prices are indicated in Euro.
  • Participants in “The Teaching of the Immortal Cao Guo Jiu” , November 3–5, seminar will get a discount of 100 Euro for visiting the entire festival program!
  • Registration implies a prepayment of 50 Euro. In case of denial of participation, this fee is neither transferable, nor refundable. The presence of a prepayment does not entitle of a partial seminar attendance.
  • Payment in Roubles will be admissible according to the daily exchange rate of the Central Bank +2%.
  • Please take attention, the registration is considered active after the preliminary fee is paid. Actual time of registration determines the tariff.




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