Seminar: “The Alchemy of Bagua”

Date: 27/10/2017 — 28/10/2017
Address: Vladivostok
Projects: Daoist body

The Alchemy of Bagua is one cardinal line in the development method of synchronizing the body.

Bagua Zhang or Seminar: “The Alchemy of Bagua” “The eight trigram palm” is a method for achieving the art of changes by using the formation of the axis, which according to the Daoist sense means an indissoluble connection between the body, the energy and the consciousness of a man – a process, associated with the harmonization of all kinds of energy.


Alchemical circle

The circular system of Bagua Zhang rests upon the laws of the macrocosmic conversions, known even during the period of Fu Xi. These laws are a basic part of all ritual Daoist systems and are subdivided into three methods: the method of the body, the method of the legs and the method of the arms. The method of the arms is actually the one, accepted to be called Bagua Zhang. And the knowledge of the internal connection is the Alchemy of Bagua Znang.

Matrix circle

The connection between the body, the energy and the consciousness creates eight forms or palms, identifying the art of interaction between the Earlier Heaven and the Later Heaven structure of the Limitless Sphere. This interaction engenders a certain motion, leading to a change into the quality of the internal and, as a result, of the external.

Conditions of participation

  • Mandatory preliminary registration by sending a request on the site!
  • Limited number of places, due to venue-related characteristics. Registration closes when the maximum seminar capacity is reached.






For members of INBI club


For participants in the program of the “White Pagoda” Daoist alchemical seminar 29.10.17—01.11.17


  • Prices are indicated in Euro.
  • Necessary preliminary registration. Limited number of places!


3, Krygina Street, Vladivostok, sport complex “Gavan” (haven), ethnic hall.


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