Seminar: “The Alchemy of the Fan. The Art of the Purple Butterfly”

Date: 26/10/2017
Address: Vladivostok
Projects: Daoist body

The fan is the most ancient object, used by the people in different aspects of their life. The various sizes and conditions of its usage turned the fan into the most suitable object from an applying aspect point of view and a very nice way of getting to know the body by working with it.

The ability to work with the fan is probably the most important basic knowledge for working with any weapon. Besides, the fan creates a certain therapeutic effect of cleansing the body. In the magical Daoism, the fan was also used as a defense against evil spirits, due to the sounding it creates while working with it.

For the Tai Chi practitioner, the fan is the perfect instrument for understanding the geometry of the body.


The Art of the Purple Butterfly. Practice

“The Art of the Purple Butterfly” or “The Art of the Celestial String” – a system of formulas, based on the work with the fan. This is an ancient technique, referring to the knowledge of the immortal He Xiangu. This practice is included in the system of the Daoist alchemical knowledge, aimed at the energy transformation and the creation of an additional effort.

Conditions of participation

  • Mandatory preliminary registration by sending a request on the site!
  • Limited number of places, due to venue-related characteristics. Registration closes when the maximum seminar capacity is reached.






For participants in the program of the “White Pagoda” Daoist alchemical seminar 29.10.17—01.11.17


Objects, necessary for the classes

A training fan


3, Krygina Street, Vladivostok, sport complex “Gavan” (haven), ethnic hall.


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