Indian initiation “Camino Rojo”

Date: 08/04/2022 — 21/04/2022
Address: USA, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah

It is one thing to know time, and another - to weave it. The art of being – the art of living, is defined by our ability to interact with time. The art, that defined the Anasazi, Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and the other tribes, who had lived in one of the most mysterious regions on our planet – The Four Corners. Here, the space belongs to another reality, this is a place, where time is preserved and transformed; a place, where for us, the ones , living by the laws of time, the real encounters the surreal. This enigmatic place sheds light on the ancient knowledge, associated with the Astral city.

Even more interesting, in regards to the transformation of time, is the knowledge of transportation in space, handed down to us by the chief Sitting Bull. The Anasazi had been in contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, whose design and intentions required specific vessels, and the task of their construction was entrusted to the Indians. This hidden knowledge is encoded within the Navajo alphabet. All in all, the entangled space of the Four corners represents a comely pyramid of knowledge, with which the tour's participants would come into close contact.

Sonora's scorching sun hides this place's true face and purpose, but the harmonic flute sounds, that can be heard even today in the canyons and sacred portals here, betray the truth. This magic is fascinating , but at the same time - tragic. Its existence became possible at the moment, when time induced death to the Earth. Like today, during those times, these places conveyed higher vibrations - this is the reason behind the Anasazi and Hohokam's arrival here. Here you can hear the enchanting melody ,coming from Aztlan's flute. Given the right conditions, one can glimpse the hidden knowledge of the Holy Flame's grace, weaved within this sacred song.


  • Acquaintance with the Indians' knowledge on crystallization and eternity
  • Association with the knowledge and culture of the tribes Anasazi, Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Hohokam and Sinagua
  • Exploration of the 10 most significant National parks (from the tribes' perspective)
  • A visit of USA's alchemical capital

Program specifics

The initiation is oriented towards regular practice sessions, coupled with intensified commutation rhythm. It's goal is to demonstrate the possibilities, presented by this place (in case one shows the proper intent and communication), in order to get the most out of it and integrate it's invaluable qualities within. To be able to do so, the participants have to follow a strict codex of behavior and diet. Consumption of narcotic substances during the tour is absolutely prohibited. The organizer preserves his rights to expel any participant, in case of misconduct.


Every request is approved individually. Please, do not submit any prepayment before receiving confirmation of participation approval.





before January 15, 2017

after January 15, 2017







  • Premium includes more luxurious accommodation and transport
  • Registration is confirmed by paying a non-refundable and non-transferable €150 deposit.

Price includes

  • Program
  • Entrance fees at national parks, museums, etc.
  • 2 person room in a 2–3 stars hotel
  • Commutation and transfers within the US(12-15 passenger minivan)
  • Integral Indian t-shirt

Price does not include

  • Flight tickets to/from ABQ/PHX
  • Native Americans' flute (US$50)
  • Food (around US$20/day)
  • Visa

Necessary flight tickets

April 8: Flight to Albuquerque(Albuquerque, ABQ)

April 21: Flight from Phoenix(Phoenix, PHX)


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