The Art of Bedchambers - Retreat

Date: 16/08/2017 — 20/08/2017
Address: Vladivostok
Projects: The Art of Bedchambers

The art of bedchambers or the Bedroom arts (fangzhong zhishu) is a unique system of Taoist alchemical practices with an ancient history – it formed as a practical art almost 3000 years ago.

This art presents the knowledge of Taoist medicine and Taoist alchemy.

Practical methods

  • Difficulties of Bedroom arts. Lecture

The difficulty of Bedroom arts lies in the correct understanding of the systems and properties of the body, for practical methods cannot be studied without such an understanding. From the perspective of Taoist medicine many of the concepts of the body and energy are different, and they must be understood properly.

  • Unblocking and aligning the reproductive system. Practice

The unblocking and aligning of the reproductive system of the body is a task which is important for the understanding of the laws of this system of alchemical practices from the perspective of Taoist medicine.

  • Develping the Velvet body. Practice

The development of the Velvet Body (wai yin) is a fundamental condition for achieving the next stage. This involves changing the properties and qualities of the body, which serves as the basis for the building of the Amber body.

  • Developing the Amber body. Practice

In the art of bedchambers the Amber body (puo yin) is considered to be unified. It lays the foundation for the concept of the art of bedchambers as an alchemical art.

  • Eating the mushrooms of Dragon Lee. Practice

Eating the mushrooms of Dragon Lee is the special art of changing the nature of the body, which is related to the mineralization of the reproductive system.


During the retreat a special alchemical diet is followed for the sake of perfecting the body.

Consumption of crude food is limited. Mortal food is completely excluded!

Terms of admission

Approval of participation is required.

To receive the approval, please send us your request through the website.


  • Arrival - August 16
  • Departure – August 20

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