Longevity Program

Date: 24/09/2017 — 28/09/2017
Address: Lopota, Georgia
Projects: Долголетие

Longevity is a particular geometric contour, a non-linear concept. The knowledge related to the nurturing of the art of longevity belongs to one of the Eight Immortals: Lan Caihe.

The monogram for Longevity - 壽, Shou - refers to the ability to change the three-dimensional into the linear (shi), where the three-dimensional is defined by the concept of operating with the nine energy fields (Shi) and (Yi) (10+1). A crucial role here plays the art of ethereal food nutrition (Tian Yang, 天养).

All ancient schools of medicine - the most prominent among them being the Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Taoist and Arab - conceptualized the human body as a set of fields and also believed that living space was energetically determined. According to their concept the space inhabited by people contained nine active forms of energy that ensued from three-dimensionality. In other words, three dimensional space was conceptualized as a form that generated a particular wave length that uncoiled in accordance with Macrocosmic parameters.

So Man's primary geometry is an expression of both the ability to generate higher-frequency energy and the ability to acquire additional energy when the body is no longer capable to provide for itself due to a number of reasons (abnormal development, old age or inability to absorb energy).

The Longevity programme is aimed at the reconstruction, the additional acquisition of energy from outside with the goal of reinforcing one's original energy and generating additional energy for the sake of perfecting one's nature. The programme is associated with the doctrine of Lan Caihe or the doctrine of the Blue room (Lan Shi, 蓝 室), which is aimed at developing the ability to bring additional energy from the macrocosm.


The Practical methods of Lan Caihe
  • The art of studying the energy that can be introduced from outside
  • The art of incorporating introduced energy
  • The art of properly regulating the introduction and incorporation of introduced energy
  • The art of acquiring introduced energy. The art of maintaining the fire
  • Obtaining the germ from the introduced energy
  • Nutrition based on the planets and stars.


Arrival and opening: September 23, 14:00
Conclusion: September 28, 12:00


For registrations
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For registrations
after April 1
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  • Seminar prices are in EUR. Payment is accepted in rubles at the exchange rate on the day of payment + 2%.
  • Registration involves making an initial payment for the seminar in the amount of  €100, and US$200 for accommodation. In case of cancellation the two amounts are not refundable.
  • Sending a request via the site does not guarantee participation in the event. You must confirm your registration through the initial prepayment.
  • The price does not include accommodation, flights and transfers.


TypePrice for a night
  • Rates are in USD.
  • Booking is verified by the prepayment of $200 per room.
  • The price includes food permitted in the program.
  • After August 1 bookings are possible subject to availability.
  • No refunds in case of cancellation.

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Lopota, Georgia



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