Alchemy of Taiji Quan – Program

Date: 18/03/2018 — 29/03/2018
Address: Bariloche, Argentina
Projects: Laboratory of Development

The alchemy of Taiji Quan provides a true understanding of the mechanism of development. We learn how to create and manage efforts. Before we start to practice alchemy, first we need to understand the matrix, it is based on. But even the knowledge of this matrix and the identification of possible errors is not enough for revealing the essence. Unless we change the geometry of the body, we cannot proceed to the implementation of any of the alchemical laws. We'll only use what we have, working with its volume.

The alchemy of Taiji Quan is based on the measure, unlike when we move in a direction with given coordinates. The alchemy does not imply following, it implies participation. Only the person endowed with a strong mind is able to dominate the art of alchemy. Without this, there is nothing you can do but follow some current.


Monday-Friday 14:00−20:00
Saturday 14:00−18:00
Sunday day off


Registration by April 1, 2015

Registration after April 1, 2015

INBI members (wih a minimum of 3 years continuous membership at the time of registration)



  • Prices are indicated in USD.
  • Each registration must be confirmed by paying a US$300 non-refundable down-payment.
  • Regarding the special fares for masters, instructors and INBI centre leaders, please email our managers.
  • For early registrations, please apply at the site.
  • Attention! Limited attendance! Registrations are closed once all vacancies have been filled!


San Carlos de Bariloche


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