Geometry of Taiji Quan – Program

Date: 02/03/2018 — 14/03/2018
Address: Bariloche, Argentina
Projects: Laboratory of Development


It is impossible to be engaged in development without understanding the laws of building this development. No man can begin to develop without creating the necessary conditions, or simply without changing the geometry of the body. One cannot develop the given, only the changed can be developed, which is why the geometry of the body must be studied.

This seminar is focused on understanding the fundamental principles of developing the body, energy and mind from the perspective of geometry.

The programme's goal is to provide an understanding of the body as a geometric figure. This is necessary in order to create conditions for the accumulation and cultivation of the energy. It is the basis for understanding the alchemical processes of transformation.

  • Physical body – a body which has a certain form; a vessel where Tao can be developed.
    Daoist medicine: a doctrine of the geometry of the body.
  • Right Concentration – a basis for centering the geometry.
    Daoist medicine: a doctrine of the mind.
  • Art of building the Daoist body. Formation of the external geometry of the body.
  • Art of building the Taoist body. Formation of the internal geometry of the body.
  • Taiji Quan – the perfect system for developing proportions. Chen Taiji Quan: Lao jia form.
  • • Developing the measure of movement and the measure of effort. Chen Taiji Quan: Pao Chui form.


Monday-Friday 14:00−20:00
Saturday 14:00−18:00
Sunday day off


Registration by April 1, 2015

Registration after April 1, 2015




INBI members (with a minimum one year membership at the time of payment)



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  • Each registration must be confirmed by paying a US$300 non-refundable down-payment.
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  • Attention! Limited attendance! Registrations are closed once all vacancies have been filled!



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