«We must learn to contemplate in order to avoid becoming a victim of ill-considered decisions and actions.» (Philosopher)

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Cubic thinking

Coprehension devoid of knowledge of the perspective of knowledge amounts to nothing! That is, without going through the experience of understanding non-verbal vision, verbal vision and resonance vision, we cannot go to the highest point of view - cubic vision, and with it to cubic thinking. Cubic thinking is the format of thought, which modern man reached after having lost nonverbal thinking and having never mastered verbal thinking.


01/09/2020 — 09/09/2020

Seminar: Brain Geometry Development

Altai, Russia

The brain is our most important organ and the quality of our entire life is dependent on the way it functions. If our brain possesses no power we will be unable to achieve the goals that we set and to perform the tasks that are required from us.

10/09/2020 — 16/09/2020

Seminar: Temple of the Brain

Altai, Russia

The Temple of Brain Seminar is designed to enhance participants’ ability to grasp the innermost geometry of the human brain. The practices will develop symmetric functioning of the brain and will improve its power. The program will build a solid foundation for development of all sections of the cerebrum. Physiologically, the practices will structure and densify the consciousness thus creating conditions for much greater power of concentration.

28/09/2020 — 03/10/2020

Program: Alchemical Body

Moscow, Russia

The Alchemical body is a notion, related to the ability to transform energy, to the art of alchemical making as well as to the concept of Daoist body. It allows one to overreach the nature of existence, subject to the degrading influence of time, that we receive upon birth.

04/10/2020 — 09/10/2020

Program: Developing the Alchemical Body

Moscow, Russia

The development of the Alchemical body is a multi-faceted process the essential part of which is the creation and refinement of connectivity. However, the principal task of the Alchemical body is the preparation for the next step: the Cinnabar body.

10/10/2020 — 15/10/2020

Program: Cinnabar Body

Moscow, Russia

The Cinnabar body is a structure that transforms energy through its cinnabar fields. They nurture and cultivate internal and external energies alike.

Annual unique event

Master Ceremony: Meeting the New Era

27/06/2021 — 02/07/2021, Peru

According to many traditions including Shipibo, in 2020 the preparation for the materialization of a new dimension will be completed and the human existence is going into a new era. Two master ceremonies are dedicated to this breaking point: a prophetic and a purifying one. They will be conducted in the jungles of Amazonia.

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Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Unique Integral Fragrance TCH 13

Integral Fragrance TCH 13 is a scent that breaks down everyday mundanity. It is the rhythm of the ultimate context, moving you from the mundanity to an alchemical world of existence

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

Cinnabar Essence “Cn1”

The Integral Cinnabar Essence “Cn1” is a special-purpose product. This essence is produced in limited quantities and is intended for anyone interested in or practicing alchemy.