The Way of Women

The Way of Women
Author: Person
Topic: Women
Year of publication: 2010
Price: 100.00 EUR

The Way of Women is based on my extensive experience in teaching women who have embarked on the path of development. Theirs, in fact, is the initiative for the writing of this basic work. The number of questions I received demonstrates not only the active role women play in their own construction, but also an ability to present the issue competently, which in theory should be the prerogative of men.

Unfortunately, today few people actually pose before themselves questions and try to find the answers. The living conditions of modern women deprive them not only of the possibility for harmonious existence but also of the chance to understand harmony. And this becomes a challenge not only for the non-developing women but also for those women who actually try to do something for themselves. Even being involved in development, women are often left on its sidelines and can not see it as something more than just one of the emotions.

For over thirty years I have been studying the ancient practices and texts, which I happened to find in my quest for knowledge, and part of this quest I’ve devoted to matters directly related to the nature of women's development. All development is volume and until this volume is placed in the necessary form, we can hardly understand what, how and why we are developing. This is especially true for women, who in their present existence often do not accept the concept of form. This is why, the formation of the volume of perceptions takes time and patience.

Training women is a kind of fight against time – both for the woman and for the person who teaches her. The most important factor here is to free the woman from her expectations and from haste. Sometimes it takes years, even decades. In general, one can say that I’ve done the necessary amount of work days to at least be considered a researcher of women.

The book, which I’ve dedicated to women and entitled The Way of Women, should in fact be called The Way to the Way of Women.

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