Hermit. Part II. Immortality

Hermit. Part II. Immortality
Author: Researcher
Topic: Художественные
Year of publication: 2010
Price: 150.00 EUR

Bogged down in the endless cycle of reincarnation and death Man - in his ignorance today - is not only unable to pay attention to the higher forms of achievement but even represent his human nature.

The fact that you were born in human form does not yet mean that you are a man. This is why I address the question of immortality to those who know the human nature and are therefore ready to earnestly examine the laws and principles of existence and put an end to their foolish habit of reacting, which simply expands their ignorance.

Man must first free himself from his putrid life-experiencing, for it is only then that he can begin to pay attention to what might follow. In my view this problem is related above all to the cultivation of the spirit, which is why I hereby submit it for examination to the general public.

This topic is meant for those who are still capable of asking questions and searching for their complex answers. 


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