Author: Explorer
Topic: Художественные
Year of publication: 2008

The book Mate from the series Alchemical Beverages of the World is a fascinating guide to the world of the legendary power drink of the ancient Indians. The readers will plunge into the mysteries hidden behind the popular label "Paraguayan herbal tea" and will learn the secrets of preparing mate as a ritual drink, with the help of four intrepid travelers who - armed with a thermos of hot water, travel diaries and the intention to meet the "spirit of mate" at all costs – go for an "initiation" into the heart of the tropical jungle.

The book includes extensive illustrations, stories and legends, historical and encyclopedic medical records, ancient and modern recipes for preparing mate - all designed to help readers reach a most versatile and complete understanding of the alchemical drink mate.

Contributors: Edward Nima, Marcelo Plotnik.


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