The Alchemy of the Spirit Book

The Alchemy of the Spirit Book
Author: Person
Topic: Educational
Year of publication: 2017
Price: 300.00 EUR

For more than 30 years the author has been immersed into the process of existential thinking. “I have reached this point thanks to the Russian philosopher Lev Shestov, reading him through the lens of masters of existential language like Carlos Castaneda, Victor Sanchez, TatankaYotake, Martin Gashveseoma, Guillermo Valera Arevalo, the Jaguar etc.” he explains.

Having a profound respect for the world of plants, the author has followed a special path: it was one of experiencing and understanding the Third integral field, the field where the spirit of the plants rules. This field surrenders its dominance into the Macrocosm and hands its power to the human spirit and consciousness. Understanding this world of transforming fields was a peculiar experience because its language is complicated and its study is hindered by the views of the multitude.

The authors dwells it this field for more than 25 years under the name of Ben Chelero. However, since a linear language has to be used in its description, the book has been signed under the name of Oleg Cherne.

In truth, “The Alchemy of the Spirit” is not just a book; It is an object of power that you are invited to interact with. This is not a book for reading, but one for gaining insight into the laws that give birth to everything, associated with human nature. This is a special article of knowledge, in which each page has its special tactility and energetic meaning. To understand the book the reader is required to tame his emotional reactions and irritation, which oftentimes not only obstruct one’s insight, but do not allow approaching the matter altogether. This is a book for those who seek their path in life.

An object of power is an active natural form that is able to accumulate, regenerate and transfer energy. The object of power can be defined through its body, shape or conductivity. It can represent different forms of power, too. It could be an amulet, a crystal, a garment, a sign, a picture. A book can be an article of power as well since it can transfer the energy of knowledge, while preserving a crucial feature of every object of power: its tactility.

An article of power can either enrich passively the energy of the surrounding space or it can do so actively, provided that the person using it can attune himself to it. The object of power represents specific knowledge that can be read through an effort akin to attention, fine-tuning and observation. The information that the article of power contains is specific and one needs to be able to focus and keep the attention on the given object in order to imbue it. The object of power is not merely a beautiful item, but a right one. Since it is not only able to yield but to develop you as well, it is not simply an object of desire. It is a tabooed item, so to speak, that demands appropriate respect.

An item of power is not intended for everyone and it is not needed in such capacity. It is a form of knowledge for those who are ready to live by the laws of alignment and intention. It is a living body possessing not only energetic, physical, chemical but also biological parameters when made from wood, paper, natural fabric as well as from a number of stones.

How to read the Book
The present work is only an invitation to get to know certain practical experience. The reader has to understand the following preliminary requirements:
“Esoteric” is when we speak about something without understanding it and without having experience in knowledge.
Desire to eat is an illness and brain function disorder.
Rush is a disruption of the natural breathing which leads to brain disturbance.
Denial is a type of irritation that represents a defense of one’s own reaction to a given happening, and worse still, creates dependence on random events.
A wry face during conversation is an outer manifestation of mental paralysis.
Lack of upbringing is what leads to unnecessary education.
Censure means inability to create something personally.
If you accept the above, the book is for you.

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