Integral alchemy

Integral alchemy
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The Integral alchemy is a system of knowledge directed at maintaining the high-vibrational states of man by their assimilation and transformation. The system explains the nature of transformation of spiritual strength, a process whose property is not just the observance, but the transformation itself.

The Integral alchemy is a doctrine that continues the teaching of Sri Aurobindo Ghose, a teaching of Integral yoga based on understanding of the development of the measure of rhythm and of its power. It implements the aspects of the development, broached, but not implemented by Aurobindo. Bowing down to the great teacher and his teaching, OLEG TCHERNE develops and deepens the teaching of Integral yoga, transmitting it into a plane of the Integral alchemy.

The basis of the doctrine of Integral alchemy is the regularity in the method of achieving the unity of man, his spiritual nature and a fundamental essence of the world. The regularity is a condition for the liberation from personal limitations and insufficiency of personal code. A basic element for the quality of the teaching is the material foundation of the spirit which liberates us from the superficial and fictional. In other words, the teaching is based on what is manifested, where is implicit the integrity of these three conditions: energy substance, tension setting and experience, together with their connection to the boundary of existence. The doctrine offers a development of consciousness from the position of the assimilation and transformation of higher stages of human evolution.

If a man wants to develop himself, he should look at his development through the prism of space. Otherwise, he will oppose himself to the space, regardless of his current stage of development. The Integral alchemy is a structural body that transforms the temporal nature of man and brings him into contact with the spatial, atemporal model of existence.

Ordering a book

General provisions

  • The book is issued for each applicant individually.
  • The author reserves the right to refuse an order of a book creation without further explanation.
  • The term of release of individual copy of the book is scheduled for November / December 2016, however, the exact dates of the release can't be specified.

Ordering procedure

  • Please, send your request through the website
  • Each request is submitted to an individual consideration, which may require additional information from your side.
  • In case the request has been approved, the applicant will be required to:
    • provide recent photos that show clearly his face
    • purchase the Integral alchemy T-shirt (in case you already have the T-shirt, you don't have to purchase it additionally)
  • The remaining amount of 300 EUR must be paid upon request later, but not before the middle of 2016.

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