Culture of Water Consumption


And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters ...

Thee enjoy, not knowing what you are ...
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The most profound knowledge of architecture
is hidden in the quality of water that the population of the city is drinking.



Our molecular basis is water. There is not even one system of the body that doesn't depend on it, because Man ¾ consisted of water. On the quality of the aquatic environment in our body depend all the biochemical processes, the human reaction to the world around us and, finally, the time of our lives. Therefore, the knowledge of water is one of the major arts and a major challenge, which today stands before Man. If we want to maintain our body in a healthy condition, and if we want to fully develop ourselves, then we need first to strengthen ourselves, and our water structure and keep it in a proper condition. And, of course, we should start with the small: simply to be more careful for the water that we consume.

And God created...

Once in the universe occurred certain conditions, under which our planet condensed and after that materialized. When the Earth had already been able to generate energy by itself, life originated. But before all this happened, there was necessary to appear a certain crystal structure in the Universe, which after that would be able to materialize denser substances. So, first in the chaotic Universe were grouped tiny particles of water, which our Universe after that condensed. Speaking in a religious language, in the beginning God created water. And the presence of water allowed the Universe to create.

Water generated metal. Metal carved fire, fire created earth, earth created plants, capable of generating energy. First, the energy was gathered in order to unite all these elements. When all this happened, an integral body was formed, which the people subsequently called Earth. When a certain density of the Earth was reached, it started to give, not take away, and thus the generation of air started.

Water created a certain movement, in the water were deposited the races and it represented the primary living matter on Earth. These deposits initially created the earth's crust, consisted, probably, of basalts. However, similar happened and continue to happen not only with the Earth. Probably somewhere else in the Universe should exist life, as the laws of proportion are appropriate for the entire Universe.

Once water received a body (actually, like in humans), it got the possibility to crystallize and self– develop. It is very difficult to describe all these profound physico– chemical processes, but one thing is important: it's obligatory the presence of a structure and a form. This allows us to reach the most important thing for us - the photo– dissociation, that is, hydrogen and oxygen. The water vapor created also other important elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. That is, so to say, the necessary minimum of maintaining the structure. Further all depends on the filling up, which, in fact, is represented by the entire periodic table of Mendeleev.

All the above said almost does not differ from the views of the mainstream science, in which theories, the Earth is originally submitted by a fireball that transforms everything. However, the original breed was still not fiery, but water. Otherwise, there would not be possible to collect and condense the forces, affecting the materialization. That's exactly the kind of distillation that occurred in nature, and the result of it was the creation of Man. So, Man is composed of the same elements that gave rise to the Earth, and the same way depends on water.

Code of life

Our life would be as deep, as our understanding of the nature of our birth. Our molecular basis is water and our code is hidden in it, which actually is expressed in the laws of the internal rhythm. And this is neither more nor less than our breath. However, a certain type of breathing is embedded in us, and this is the code of our life and personality.

Breath creates personhood. Shallow breathing – surface personhood. With the help of the breathing we form all our feelings and emotions. Our speech, look, taste - all this is a consequence of the breath. The first and the last thing a man does on earth is an inhale and an exhale. And all this forms a liquid medium.

So, actually the development of our spirit and soul depends on whether we'll succeed to crystallize our own breath. But before crystallizing our breath, we should structure the liquid. In other words, we have two fundamental formulas: the formula of water and the formula of breathing. The formula of water – that’s what we are living with now, and the formula of breathing, excuse me, the thing that we came and shall go away with.

We are only required to structure, “upbuild” our own body, and then a little nourish, a little water it, and it will do everything else by itself. We talk a lot about some spiritual principles, and it is not even the understanding or voicing of them that is important, but the conditions under which they may become apparent. These conditions characterize our form, our crystallization.

However, if someone is really interested in development, then it is necessary to improve his natural formula, regardless of the existing potential. Surprisingly, but we must begin with the defining of the nutrition of our bodies and our brains, and only then the nourishment of our spirit. How can we nourish the spirit, if our brain is not fed? And if the brain is not fed, then from where shall we take the energy for the strengthening of our consciousness and concentration? We cannot understand what, in fact, is our soul without concentration. We have everything given by nature, except one – concentration, which development is the primary task of mankind. So, concentration, in turn, determines the development of knowledge on the level of the whole body.

Otherwise, how can we understand our code, rhythm? Without that we can not enjoy the capabilities that are inherent to our nature. We can only react to them. And that's, in fact, the difference between an ecstasy and an ecstatic experience. An ecstatic experience – that's the life in a structural body, which is constantly enriched by various forms of energy, including the solar. What we get from our parents is a certain form, in which the rhythm of breathing is laid. Its preservation and development depend on the structuring of our body. That, first of all, requires a clear understanding of the processes, taking place in our body.

Man– water

Our body consists of 70 – 75% water. There is not a single system of the body that is independent of the water. The energy intensity and development of our body depend on the blood, muscles, and bones. The blood creates the circulation of energy in the body, the muscles define the nutrition of the body, the bones – the foundation. Everything depends on the quality of our liquid medium. This is particularly important for the bones, wherein the water is less than a total of about 25%. However, the importance of the quality of this water is really great, because the water stored in the bones, in fact, nourishes the brain.

On the quality of our water environment depend all biochemical processes. Also the human reaction to the world around depend on the quality of water. For a qualitative condition of the body is necessary not only to have structured water in the body, but it is more important that there are no gaps between the structures of the different parts of the body. Otherwise, we can get different efforts in our hand, leg and head, which after that will contradict one another.

If we do not pay attention to the structure of the water that we consume, then we'll violate the structure of the body, which will be divided into small, not interconnected parts. An example of this is the formation of stones in the kidneys, gall bladder and, in fact, in all organs, in which there is a stagnation of energy. This stagnation, in the first place, is caused by the incorrect consumption of liquids and the asymmetric effort of the aqueous environment in our body.

The water, which we consume, is primarily perceived by the kidneys, skin and joints. And this, in fact, is a direct dependence of the body on the consumed water. So, if we want to talk about a healthy living, then we need first to think about what we drink. Of course, any other life– supporting activities such as physical exercises, remove some temporary problems from us, but at the same time they lay long– term ones. When we are running and jumping, we are just shaking ourselves up, but our water structure is not improving, just happens the most primitive water exchange, which is simply aimed at the maintaining of the body physiology.

In the end, we so much destroy ourselves that the constant shaking becomes the only form of existence for us. And as soon as it ends, the complete destruction comes in. So, if we are really interested in health, we need not only to think about what kind of water we drink, but also if possible to support our structuring, which, in fact, won't happen in just one moment. We must accustom ourselves to drink quality water and understand how to combine it.

Life in a structural body

Therefore, if we want to maintain our body (theoretically it can be done forever, although, there are real practical cases and examples), then our task is to create a structure and maintain the necessary effort in it. And we need to start with the small: simply to be more careful with what and how we drink.

It is vitally important for us to drink structured water, because then we'll not only be able to preserve, but also to improve our nature. In fact, the consumption of water is one of the basic arts and a major challenge that stands before the humanity. A person needs to drink the water that would support his internal motion. Decisive here is the union between the energy of water and breathing, which can only be contributed by a structural fluid. It is also important to swim and take a bath in natural water sources or change the composition of water in the tub with various salts. Best of all, and probably the quickest way is to add tea leaves, yerba mate or grape leaves to the water.

The water that we call structural, with balanced bonds, has informational nature. The fact that the scientists can not understand the ion adsorption, indicates a more complex behavior of the water than it was previously thought. Depending on the structuring of the water, we can talk about any presence of information in it, genetic memory and ability to transmit information.

By the way, in this respect the plants that receive water and minerals through the lower layers of the earth (e.g., grapes), also absorb the information of the place and they transmit it to Man together with water and food. Thus, the water is able to change not only the structure of our body, but also the information. The same thing happens with its accumulation.

So, if some ethnic group stays for a long time in a negative state, then this state is perceived also by the water, especially the one being in the bowels of the earth. This information crystallizes and happens a mixing. It turns out that people can influence the occurrence of natural disasters by creating informational tension in the land, or, on the contrary, by “pacifying” the land.

Man immediately obtains a structured body by nature, which has its own inner breathing. In the Taoist alchemy, yoga this is called energy breathing. In other words, we are born yogis, and after that we become something who knows what. The most stupid thing is that we wash out that structured water from our DNA and deprive ourselves of the opportunity not only to realize, but also feel our bodies in a different way.

Therefore, the main problem of today's Man is that he doesn't feel water and doesn't understand his own nature. This is due to the fact that the body has lost its structure and it doesn't give Man the opportunity to develop his taste. From the quality of the water depends not only the course of life in our bodies, but also the time of our lives.

Types and qualities of water

30% of our daily diet can consist of any water. The remaining 70% should be consisted of only high– quality water. Our body, in the first place, is asking for structure, not water. There are many types of water, but their effect on humans is determined by the crystallization, the magnetic field of the Earth and the natural energy saturation (saturation with minerals, solar energy, oxygen).

The water that contains more solar energy is the most useful for us. This water is formed in the “solar– containing” plants: beet, cane, maize, cactus, and of course, grapes. It is clear that not every liquid obtained from “solar– containing” sources possesses the power and strength that we need, and we should be able to obtain water in its most harmonious state, when the bonds in it are still strong. Therefore, the most powerful energy source here is wine. But by this word I understand in this case a special balanced water, saturated by bonds, which are able to retain solar energy. Actually not every wine correspond to this meaning, of course, if we consider it by this scheme.

Secretory water – a liquid generated inside the body and giving us the necessary elements that can be absorbed only if our common water base is structural.

Chlorinated water – this type of water is created by Man. We get it from the water supply system. This water, in the best case, performs the function of nutrient water, or can be used to quench your thirst (if it was frozen and after that thawed or boiled). However, if its volume in the body is more than 30% of the daily norm, it will lead to the destruction of the structural bonds.

Mineral water – the water that gets minerals from underground sources. Such water is divided into classes depending on the pH and mineralization. Therefore, it can be either therapeutic, or nutritional and also structural. A good example for structural water is the “Selters” water.

Wine water – the water that is formed by the reaction of the connection between the mineral sources (via the roots of grapes), solar fusion, due to the leaves and the stem, and oxygen enrichment. It is a real structured water if, of course, all the above mentioned processes are not violated.

Clean water – the natural water that does not contain impurities and is suitable for drinking. Usually it is used to quench one's thirst. A consumption more than 30% of the daily needs is not recommended.

Distilled water – a purified water, which contains no impurities and inclusions, considered as medical. This type includes all kinds of alcoholic products obtained by a distillation or purification, but not seasoned.

Meltwater – a water, obtained by the melting of ice, preserving the structural bonds of the ice. It is regarded as structural.

Fresh water – a water with a minimum salt content. A water for thirst– quenching. Not recommended more than 30% of the daily needs.

Sea water – a special kind of water, recommended for a nutrition through the skin. It possesses a density, conducive to the enrichment of the skin of the body. By the presence of acidity is comparable to the therapeutic mineral water, the measure of acidity (pH) in average is equal to 8.

Artificial water – the various carbonated and sweetened drinks, produced by the means of a variety of chemical compounds. They can be used only for thirst– quenching, but no more than 10% of the daily needs.

Nutrient water – juice, some types of mineral water, non– structured wine, kvass, beer, mors, soup, etc. This water mainly contains useful for the body elements. Not recommended more than 30% of the daily needs at a normal diet. Up to 50% when it is absent.

Liquid bread – beer, ale. Water supply for the organism. It is recommended as a replacement of the rough food.

Heavy water – the water, in which the two atoms of the heavy hydrogen isotope - deuterium, are present, instead of the light isotope of hydrogen – protium. It can be present in different proportions in the different types of water. Its importance is hidden in its crystalline nature, which is indestructible. This allows to increase the effect of different waters. Although this water was recently found, it was exactly the one that the alchemists were trying to get. It is believed that is possible to materialize through it various chemical compounds. Perhaps, the solar energy is the way that it is received in the nature. However, it's very hard to find it. Heavy water reminds us that water, in general, contains a lot of potential transformations and that, in reality, is not so simple. Actually heavy water is harmful for the body, if the water composition of the body is not structured, but it have played an important role for the alchemists: they could split it and get an additional source of energy. In fact, the heavy water should have multiple levels, because it depends on different conditions of crystallization, and it is very likely that in some minimum extent we breathe it.

Alchemical water (dead water) - a water, modified by the means of its own structure. In reality, this water is a condition of the experience or internal transformation of Man. Apparently, Jesus Christ got similar water and they correlated it with wine. The red structured wine in the nature is closest to this water.

Totem water (surface water) - a water, formed on the Earth in different ways. In general, water is determined by the activity of the planet and should be viewed from the perspective of the region, as a great number of different factors should be correlated.

Mental water - the water that has changed its own quality through a mental impact on her. Holy water is also related to this category. Moreover, the changes in such water occur at the level of physical and chemical properties. The power of such water depends on the power of the concentrated effort, it affects the human brain. For a person, who possesses a structured volume, this water is not of great danger. To others, it may bring both harm and good. Mental water is obtained only from unstructured water, such as from a mountain stream, or from any plain water for drinking.

Structured water - the water obtained through laboratory methods. The most famous example is the Dr. Flanagan's water based on microcrystals. There also exist the Pi machine, creating structured water with the help of magnets, granulated water, Turkish water, Walter Baumgartner's water cyclone machine of ovoid shape and many other devices aimed at the structuring of water. A common feature for all of them is that the natural structuring does not lie in the heart of the process, consequently, it cannot fit all.

Water– formula - a special structured and rich in minerals and products (what?) water. The properties of this water may enhance certain parts of the body, organs and physiological processes in the organism as a whole.

Distribution of water during a day

The average amount of water used for thirst– quenching should be no more than 15 - 30% of the total amount of water drunk by a person for a day. This is “simple” water. Water– formula must be no less than 30% per day. Structural water also no less than 30% per day, i.e. a total of no less than 60% of the daily amount of water. Thus, the water should be considered as food, and therefore should search for the appropriate qualitative non– chemical fluids. They can be juice, kvass, beer, soup, etc.

We need to consume water– formula for the restoration of various parts of the body, where the cells have been destroyed. And here, we cannot do without certain compounds. Such water can be tea, wine or coffee. It is important to understand that here we are talking primarily about water. Not about the water for the tea, but the tea to the water. We should be able to ferment the water, in order as minimum to be nutritious, and as maximum whole.

Through the fermentation happens a change of the water content. Fermented water can be the fermented mare's milk as well as the ayran. And finally, structured water is the one that is no less than 70% obtained naturally. The remaining 30% allow only natural supplements. And such water may be from special sorts of wine grapes, aged for at least 5 years, indicating the self– developing process in the wine. An example of a balanced mineral water is “Apollinaris”.

Classification of consumed fluids

  • Water for thirst – quenching
  • Nutrient water
  • Medical water
  • Water – formula
  • Structural water

Only by constantly taking the necessary water for our body, we can understand its essence, mineralization, harmony and nature. So we do not just need the bitter taste of sulfates, salinity of chlorides, acidity of manganese and iron salts, but also the understanding of how we can work with all this.

Against the way Man lives today, it is certainly not necessary to talk about the structuring of his aqueous medium and consequently his body. There is a lot of unstructured water around us, which affects even the structured zones in a person. In fact, the word is either about a structured cell, which as minimum has a great resource, and as maximum an endless one, or a cell that is dying. The scientific definition of that is: the lack of electrons in an unstructured water. So, in this case, there is no way to build any bonds. But we are interested not only in these connections, but also their work, i.e. the attraction that these connections give.

We need to maintain our liquid medium in an ordered state. Therefore, our task is to move from the chaotic state to an orderly one, defining for ourselves the concentration as an indispensable condition of such a process. Only then, we'll be able to release energy simply from the already existing quality of the body. We need to force our body to release internal energy in order to increase our personal potential. 


12 may 2009

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