Integral nutrition

Integral nutrition is a form of nutrition aimed at maintaining higher processes in the human body, where the main indicator is a certain type of tension. This tension is introduced or formed in the body by food that can be decomposed by frequency indicators.

Integral nutrition is a field of integral medicine, since in its laws lies the principle of energy conservation and it immediately sets the person to protect themselves from destruction, from decomposition. Integral nutrition is a high-frequency nutrition.

High-frequency nutrition

High-frequency nutrition is the nourishment with food, endowed with vibrations which we designate as high-frequency. This food creates certain tension due to the energy, mineral or crystalline sources with which it is enriched. Such food are the products grown in a zone with special energy conditions (for example, high mountains), with an excess of mineral rock or food obtained by distillation, which is able to concentrate the active substances of a plant or mineral, transferring them into an independent product.

This can easily be observed when an essential oil is obtained, let's say, from a plant, concentrating its properties by releasing or, on the contrary, densifying the active ingredient of the plant, which by itself changes the tension of the plant ingredients and, consequently, its frequency. This is easy to trace also by the degree of penetration of the oil: the higher its concentration, the higher the frequency and with it - the ability to penetrate. In other words, there are not only different molecular formats, but they also have different focus.

Thus, high-frequency nutrition is not just a highly concentrated type of food. It is a type that has different laws of existence which allows food not only to be introduced into our cells, but also to be absorbed there.

High-frequency food not only tunes or even strains our body systems and organs, but also takes root in them, like, in fact, do the vitamins, but in a very weak equivalent. Also we have to understand that the food of an ordinary person serves its internal processes which, in general, are aimed not at increasing the tonality of the organism, but at the decomposition and extraction. Nowadays we assimilate 30% at best of our food (this is not to be confused with the processing). For comparison, take honey which is absorbed completely (of course, if it is a real one) and any kind of dense food.

A special place in the integral nutrition occupies the interaction with the protein. For this type of nutrition, it is important first of all to maintain the protein in the brain cell, which is not the same as maintaining, let's say, the protein in the liver cell. For the normal functioning of the protein in the liver, there are two ways: one - to nourish yourself with amino acids, replacing one by the another; the other way is to synchronize the cells and reduce the external dependence on the protein. But here you need to teach yourself to nourish the brain cells, since they are the basis of the resonance.

Integral nutrition not only optimizes all systems, but also reduces the process of decomposition and cell death.

Since integral nutrition's primary task is the nutrition of energetically more highly organized processes in our body, the protein is considered as a consequence. Of course, at the moment of body growth we have to take into account and pay more attention to the so called "recreational physics" of the body, but when the body has already been formed, what do we nourish? We nourish something that must smolder and as if maintain a banal energy activity. What this has led to is glaringly obvious: laziness, apathy, aggression and so on. The brain in this situation has long become a depot for the preservation of weakly moving locomotives. And no one wants to deal with this, further more - already no one can do it, because the lack of thinking and excessive irritation from what is not accepted or understandable does not even allow us to study this issue.

Certainly, integral nutrition should be aimed at those who are ready to improve or at least not to oppress their nature. And this is not a diet or a pill for everything. This is the discipline of actions, the formation of effort in the brain and the science of energy regeneration. Therefore, it is worthless to introduce it to the ignoramuses, the overfed physicists or over-passionate individuals who are stuck in the passages of their hobbies.

Surely, you can raise the question of the need for different components, but this is a matter of tuning and, if you will, the sound of different organs. In other words, speaking of the vibration of nutrition, we must also understand the vibration of man. After all, one who is accustomed to meat, does not really listen to a vegetarian, who in turn is quite capable of paying attention to a breatharian. In this case, we shouldn't look for the evidentiary basis, as it requires a certain effort and experience of finding, say, in a state of independence from food.

You can find as many evidences as you like of the existence of people who were or are existing without food, but this does not shift the general layer of dependence on decomposition. After all, decomposition and putrefying are also kind of energy processes which can be designated as nutrition with low-frequency food. Not only is the biggest part of humanity addicted to it, but the whole evidentiary basis of nurturing is built on it (and on this basis are, in fact, relying some consumption institutes). So any attempt to prove it leads to a waste of time. At the same time, seems that vegetarians and meat-eaters are already coexisting. And look for example 20-25 years ago: they were in a state of smoldering hostility.

Same is the situation with the thinking, movement and breathing - the three main sources of nutrition which are understood and declared in accordance with personal nefariousness, and not from the point of view of real speculation.

For the concept of integral nutrition, it is dangerous to reduce everything to the narrow understanding of the food as something that gets to the stomach.

Until we understand the theory of integral fields, we will look at everything from the perspective of the field that dominates us, the third integral field (or even the second one, if the brain depends on or serves the destruction). Each field has its own forms of nutrition, difficult to understand if we don't know how to absorb energy in general. Integral nutrition is based on the laws of the fourth integral field, that is to say, on the laws of connection.

For example, the third integral field teaches us how to absorb the energy of space, the fifth one - the energy of another tonality, or, say, the excitation, the sixth one teaches us to assimilate the ether, the eighth - the sound, the ninth - crystals, the tenth - geometry. In other words, this topic requires at least the ability of the brain to perceive what has been said. A person with an unprepared brain can not reach the depth of cognition of integrality.

Integral nutrition must recognize the needs of the body and integrate into it. The brain is responsible for the integral nutrition.

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12 september 2015

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