Integral body

Integral body is a type of a body that has a special internal connection determined by linking the molecular structure thanks to a special type of tension.

Integral body is a temple body, its design is measured not so much by the vibrational indices of various parts of the body, but by connections - according to the principle of how one crystal ripens from another in the nature.

Integral body is an epitaxial body, linked and, most importantly, correctly oriented. Such body can be obtained if one understands all or at last most types of tension that are formed in space. At first glance, we can say that this kind of body is incomprehensible, since its quality is difficult to understand by the external eye, but we can say the same about the crystal. The overwhelming majority of people are also unable to perceive crystals, as they do not see their geometry. However, this does not prevent many from feeling the power of the crystal and perceive it as a living organism.

The main question here is whether we can introduce a crystal lattice into our body. Or maybe even to create a synthesis in accordance with all the laws of physics and chemistry! A crystal is what nature creates, and if we have already managed to incorporate it into all forms - both organic and inorganic, then what is the problem with our body, which can be decomposed according to the shape of one element, and according to different types of tension?

Lets take as example the copper, silver and gold. In fact, these are our legs, body and head. Take the ideal structure of the brain - it is a sodalite. And the work of the brain combined with breathing is a diamond. The most common crystal is the quartz - it is easily distributed throughout the body due to its activity, refraction and strength. The unification of crystals in the body takes place exclusively under a direction. Although all together they are also able to improve our body.

Thus, the basis of our body is formed by the quartz (parts and systems of the body), resins (active glands), mica (secretions). So, in fact, it is possible to decompose all the rocks, but in view of the fact that we are primarily interested in tension (which is also divided into three levels in our body, represented by the emerald, ruby and diamond), the full integration in the body ultimately depends on their influence. That is to say, integral body is a body representing three mutually integrated types of tension - emerald, diamond and ruby.

So, integral body is understood from the position of the homogeneity structure (copper, silver, gold), from the position of tension (ruby, emerald, diamond), from the position of vitality (moonstone, chalcedony, amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, sodalite). This way we can look at the body, taking the idea of building a perfect temple or the first temple, as indicated, by the way, still in the Bible.

It turns out that integral body is a body that possesses a special kind of tension, which is perceived from the position of the twelve kinds of tension. And of course, integral body is primarily a crystalline body. A body in which the nature of mortality is minimized; a body oriented toward the perfection of the nature of its spirit.

Integral body is a certain energy resource, with which more highly developed civilizations interacted. This resource can be formed and produced by our body in the form of various geometric and crystalline proportions.

Also, we should not forget that the human body itself is a sufficiently strong crystalline structure, since it has a crystallized liquid form. We are made up of water which is also the most important ingredient of our brain and consciousness and which increases or decreases the characteristics of its frequency.

Integral body is the most important condition for a different quality of existence, for avoiding dependence on mortal food. However, we must understand that this should be expressed in a harmonious system that forms a whole tendency - Nutrition yoga , which has its own principles and laws. Therefore, consistency in the process of studying the art of nurturing with crystal food is very important.

Integral body is defined and regulated by the higher mind, at the same time it is able to interact with the mind of the person. Despite the fact that the integral body works on high waves, it can still reconfigure any human nature, since this nature is crystalline. It is interesting that the space in which a person lives, depending on a certain degree of tension, forms various conditions, where the vegetative part depends on a lower tension than, for example, the capabilities of the human spirit (in spite of the fact that it also forms crystalline forms).  

It turns out that everything depends on how and with what we feed our inner space and how our higher channels of individuality are tuned. Consequently, the most important task in understanding the integral body is the nutrition of the brain and the improvement of consciousness. And since different crystals affect different parts of the brain, the question again comes down to the ability to properly feed the brain with the appropriate crystals and then to gain the ability to sense them and practice this perception with the body.

In fact, our body can be divided into certain active zones which in Taoist medicine are associated with palaces, in the Arab alchemy - with spheres, and in Egyptian alchemy - with the selves. Understanding them is also important in terms of improving the design of the body, or if we use crystals for tapes or, say, for crystal tattooing.

It is important to understand the body as a matrix of tension, where the following efforts are unified:

  • the effort of breathing;
  • the effort of nurturing;
  • the effort of movement;
  • mental effort.

It is in relation to them that the whole concept of integral body is constructed, which, as already mentioned, has an ancient history. The building of such body allows us to approach the highest format of human possibilities and to know the nature of the development of higher forces.

The very process of building an integral body is built according to the laws of tension, where, under a certain pressure controlled by our consciousness, an absorption of one or another energy source occurs.

In Crystal nutrition yoga, twelve resonant groups are considered. They are based on the theory of spatial tension. Every tension represents the concept of a palace.

Integral body is atemporal. The characteristic of the atemporal space is tension. Crystals that grow on Earth represent one of the twelve proportions that are formed in three-dimensional space according to the laws of energy resonance. Geometrically, this can be represented by a cube. From the position of each resonance, nothing is more perfect than crystals, since they develop in all three planes of space. One can even say that nothing else on Earth develops from the standpoint of all these plans, except for crystals.

It turns out that the perfect development can only happen in the integral body, which allows us to include three plans. Integral body is a formula that, on the one hand, is predetermined by space and, on the other hand, by the parameters of the crystal, which in very small quantities should have distinctive characteristics in the density and refraction of light, where each of the twelve crystals is part of one single constructor that we construct to improve our bodies.

Read more in the book “Integral Alchemy”

31 july 2015

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