The Secret Code of Mary Magdalene

This article is based on what I heard from someone I will name the Witness. He asked me to write down and pass on his message. I delayed this for a long time since I did not consider it necessary until I started describing and explaining the significance of the ritual and the Astral temple.

The point is that the ritual and the Astral temple generate the harmonious concept and knowledge of the Crystal City. And according to the Witness this is exactly what Mary Magdalene did. Her significant role in this story will no be part of my account. What is important is her knowledge about the Crystal temple, which she wanted to build in Rennes-le-Chateau. Later on, the Cathars and the Knights Templar tried to do the same. Why there? Because this is the resonance point connecting Rennes-le-Chateau with Glastonbury and Jerusalem.

This is the angle of maximum disclosure of the efforts of the Earth: the knowledge of the alchemists. Mary, the Witness said, was in fact an alchemist (or rather a magician). The difference between these two is that the alchemists uses knowledge, whereas the magician uses only attunement (comment mine)..

Mary Magdalene needed knowledge, therefore she approached Jesus, the carrier of knowledge.

Ma-y, Mag da- lene — this is the formula revealing her knowledge. The key formula that the followers of Isis (Mary Magdalene was one of them) used to materialize energy. This is the formula for the excitation and ionization of space. However, not the excitation in the modern sense but an excitation of a higher order that later became known as Tantra.

This excitation required a liquid, and the most suitable one was water. Jesus Christ loved working with water, it was also used by the Celtic druids. However Mary did not have the necessary power to use water, so she excited the air. The excitation of air is called aroma. Mary mastered the Art of exciting and ionizing space for the purpose of changing time. And she chose a special location for her laboratory – Rennes-le-Chateau. Mary used the same knowledge Jesus used when working with the crystal form of excitation: water; however she relied on the air form of excitation (geometric, sound). In other words, she was the master of signs and translated them into aroma and back.

Mary was made of signs and used them the way people today use letters. However she did not understand their structure. This was, actually, the basis of the union of Mary and Jesus – they engaged in the Art of distilling space and changing its tension by excitation. Not in the sense of sexual excitation however, but excitation with crystals and signs. It is hard to understand this today but herein lies the true knowledge of Manusterium,known as theGrail.

Mary wrote a treatise on the Grail, which actually became the Gospel of Mary. Mary and Jesus were meant for each other, however they were above all meant for space, for they changed it. This was not their mission because when they are in this special state, people are not guided by impulses but rather by actions.

The problem here, the Witness says, is in the interpreters who could not see the true act of Mary and attached different meanings to it. This act was in fact work on the Crystal temple - represented in linear form by the angle Jerusalem - Rennes-le-Chateau – Glastonbury.

- Notice that – the Witness said – Mary received everything I talk about in Alexandria – the place that later preserved the knowledge of her and Jesus. Thus the story of Mary and Jesus is not a love story but a story of ultra-high experiences that lie beyond the grasp of modern people.

And then the Witness began talking of his daughter, however his story was rather mystical and cannot be reproduced here in simple words. What is more, the Witness asked me to retell it only in person. Yet he allowed me to reveal her name after the year 2013 has passed. Her name was Sereka. This points to a high-vibration being yet what I heard that evening seemed incredible even to me. I heard she was conceived in Rennes-le-Chateau.

It was at times very difficult to listen to the Witness because he constantly shifted to other areas and spheres, trying to preserve the true vibration of the sounds and words, to make sure I read everything at the proper frequency. And if I did not understand something, then it obviously did not concern me. His multilevel speech compelled admiration and his very ability to use the frequencies made you believe or at least accept his story.

The aromas of frankincense and myrrh were basic to the work of Mary, she used them for the excitation of space, which allowed Jesus to rise. In other words, the events themselves were blessed with alchemical sense and wonderful opportunities. In fact, the very act of interaction between Mary and Jesus tells the story of the creation of the first crystal temple built by the hands of those who took control of time in a different, conscious effort, instead of simply following various settings.

However, what surprised me most in the story of the Witness was that the actions of Mary and Jesus did not occur in chronological order. That is, the events occurred in different temporal phenomena. This is the reason for the confusion in the interpretation of these lives and actions, and why they appeared sometimes in Egypt, sometimes in France, and sometimes in England.

Moving in time and space they moved in the spatial. The interaction between air and water generated a fire power capable of changing anything. Maintaining this state, they built the Temple.

However the vibrations of the Earth were not ready to maintain this Temple and it had to be postponed until 2012, when the cyclical characteristics of the Earth were expected to change. Today marks the beginning of a new era in the building of the Temple and we all expect them to reappear and continue their work.

- Jesus and Mary did not die, they could not die! They transferred from one state into another, playing with what we today call death.

From time to time the Witness shook with excitement. I do not know why he decided to tell me all this. However while dealing with the aroma of Rennes-le-Chateau, I decided to share these events with you. I can even hardly connect the links that unite within a single sign. The knowledge of Mary is interesting for me today from the perspective of the formula she worked on in Rennes-le-Chateau, the formula for an aroma that could transfer you to another world of light.

We are constantly in need of something. This is inevitable, yet we should not yield to the way things are. Just like it is with food: we need it yet we should not be enslaved by it.

Knowledge must become passion, passion must become excitation, excitation must become experience, experience – transformation, and transformation – illumination. Eventually, we can still approach the well of knowledge just like Mary and Jesus did in their time, or like the druids.

- This is not an invention nor a dream – repeated the Witness looking at me.

Meanwhile, watching him change vibrationally while telling his story, I never doubted that, even if they did not come for me, they sent their regards. Today I look at this from the perspective of the actions of the vibrational spirits and naturally this knowledge is valuable to me. Besides, when working and interacting with Rennes-le-Chateau and studying the Knights Templar, I see that they are connected or at least are similar to one another. At least, I had these experiences and this is much more valuable than having millions in the bank. Experiencing aroma is similar to the light experience of Jesus.

It is, of course, difficult to overcome the simple and approach the higher because the simple is what is here and now, and the higher is the eternal. This is something one can understand only by knowing light experience.

- Isis did not exist! – said suddenly the Witness as if stabbing me with his words. – What existed was a formula for the existence of power, which transformed into what people call Isis. She rules everything, many people bow to her, however she never existed or, we can rather say, she always existed.

She teaches us to experience initiation through death. The resurrection of Osiris is the passage through death. It is not really a resurrection but rather a passing, which is different. Jesus also provided many people with the vibration they needed to pass through death.

Mary’s life and actions must not be viewed as the life and actions of a woman unless we call her a Cosmic Woman. However in this case we need to understand integration, i.e. the classification of frequencies and knowledge.

They are subdivided in accordance with the laws we call temple laws, i.e. the laws based on space. These are energy laws determined by the inscription of energy in the perfect form of our space. They are nine in total: nine spheres in a single sphere. We can say that the temple structure is determined by tension. All of its walls can sustain tension at a 13-degrees angle, this is the will of space. So within a perfect sphere we can build only twelve antennas.

These are the highest forces of tension that generate the twelve basic models of our world. This is the building principle of, for example, the Temple of Solomon, which is the first crystal temple on Earth. However, what is important here is not the physical but rather the energy manifestation. The rest is a journey. It’s a spiral, a movement measure that can exist in space only as an aroma. This is actually the unique knowledge of the Astral and Crystal Temple left by Mary and Jesus.

- The journey of Mary and Jesus – continued the Witness – is a separate and equally interesting story about the twelve stops, i.e. this is the classification of the twelve stops that Jesus made in Jerusalem.

The Witness periodically thwarted my attempts to stop him and clarify some points.

- Your task is to listen and not speak. I’m not interested in your agreement or disagreement, I want to see how you will communicate the excitation from our meeting…

So this is the whole story. I have to communicate this excitation in something ultra-high and say that what I write is not so important. What is important is the level of tension that you will feel and if it will help you reach new experiences and meanings.

Jesus and Mary left us the legacy of the Knights Templar by, essentially, exciting this organization through many complicated actions, in which the efforts they used played a very important role.

Go to Rennes-le-Chateau and find the tree of Virgin Mary. Then you will understand that they left their eternal legacy in various proportional spatial symbols. And the Templars simply reproduced everything and then disappeared and left us waiting. Waiting for what? Well, probably, the appearance of something like Damanhur.

- You need to live according to the laws of vibrations and not the laws of truth – said the Witness. – For if the word is pronounced by a non-high-frequency person, then it is a lie. And until we teach people not to play the truth game, they will lie, devising not only the truth but also the lie. I cannot tell you the whole truth about Isis. Not because I do not know it but because the truth is relevant to the experience. You need to learn to experience the vibrations and then you will have no doubts. Mary and Jesus are above all representatives of the vibration. We should not try to find in them representatives of the male or the female beginning or else the idea will immediately be discredited. The female beginning is a particular type of experience and the male – a different type. The first people that showed us the art of experience were Jesus and Mary. We should not call this love because love is a very different concept within our understanding and theirs! Their world is different from ours, in ours we see them as flesh.

We should never discredit the knowledge of women since this will lead to the discrediting of the knowledge of men. The knowledge of Mary is above all the knowledge of women, the knowledge of The Woman of the Light. The relationship between men and women should reach the state of bliss; this state however makes us really open to everything, i.e. we lose our personification, yet we receive the light. Or else our coarsened mind will never let us experience anything higher.

This will let us initiate the impossible. Virgin Mary teaches us the secrets of conception and Jesus – of preservation and transformation.

The Witness felt bliss while telling me this story, he combined the intervals of time and traveled alone in his excitation, beaming with true joy, setting off this world where all people could live. When we do not depend on the crude and unnecessary, we immerse ourselves in very different value formats.

Life is a rug you must know how to weave. The ability to weave is not the ability to make a rug but rather the ability to experience the very process of weaving.


To be continued. Read on in the book ‘Templar. The Crystal Temple.’


Alchemical tour ‘The Northern Corner of Avalon. The Crystal Temple.’



24 may 2014

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