The Life Inside the Dreaming

The question that I would like to address here is related to the techniques of Dreaming. Originally, this technique did not exist, because the Dreaming was just a natural manifestation of the women's vector of development and it was exclusively a priority of women, and also men with prevailing characteristics of female energies. I would also like to say that the technique of Dreaming for men passes in waking state, and for women – in state of sleeping. Actually, the woman is capable of living her life in a Dreaming, even if she doesn't control her energy. However, the man will never be able to do that if he has energy of natural quality.

In fact, that's one common characteristic of the energy of men and women. Man comes to Earth with certain energy characteristics that regard him to a particular group (see “Sleeping child”). We won't now talk about the different types of people, but we'll only note that there are three groups of people. As for the direct participation in a regulated Dreaming, in fact, it is quite simple. The main mistake of the people who are trying to understand the Dreaming is when they attempt to decipher it, because this action leads them away from the true understanding of the meaning of Dreaming.

But in order to get closer to the work in the Dreaming (if you're not a natural born dreaming practitioner or even a woman), you should prepare your body and energy, which must operate the energies that develop naturally during the time of Dreaming. Speaking of Dreaming, in this particular case, we don't mean that when you sleep, someone teaches you and you actually do something, but the fact that it's a state that is totally controlled by you, which you can't confuse with the state when you sleep or you are awake. I think that many of you have been in similar situations and have experienced similar sensations, but the only thing that you did not realize is that you were in the position of a controlled Dreaming, that, in fact, is an experience, which anyone could have.

The Dreaming – this is not a sleep, this is the work in rest by using the visions from the spreading energies. It is totally natural to have a lot of moments related to the fact that someone warned you about something, or some things from your dream came true, or another thing happened and you found confirmation about it in the daily life. However, you are nothing more than mutes. It's an absolute fact that every woman occasionally has such an experience. But if many of you cannot track this, it means that you have already gotten under the male line of development.

In other words, if the human evolution did not pass in the form that it proceeds today, the woman would have long ago enslaved man. Although, the model form is not possible due to the fact that the woman's energies are spreading, while the man's energies are raising.

We will never be able to develop by the principle of the spreading energy, unless we are that energy. However, if the woman takes the man's line of development, she blocks her possibilities to participate and experience the world of spreading energies in a way that is natural for her. These energies are most active in a moment of rest.

In other words, the moment of rest and spreading energies are the axis – the vector of women's development, and the moment of motion and rising energies – the axis and the vector of men's development. You can actually see that the men's axis and vector practically coincide, i.e. in both cases is viewed the element of motion, the movement rises.

This picks man off the ground and does not allow him to work through the spreading energies. This is called “to work out the energy of gathering” or “to work out the missing energies, necessary for a higher quality development”. It means that, if the woman needs to stop in order to go further, the man first needs to take a step back for to go further. But neither of them can do this by the means of the energy power of Heaven and Earth, and the total component - the third power, the one that we create together.

The game that so many people arranged with the Dreaming comes from their laziness and dependency. It's not meant laziness, like when man does or does not want something, but the fact that he does not develop the concept of responsibility and, what's more, he becomes dependent from the uncontrolled spreading energies. These forces take energy from each of us during our sleep, and today we just have to accept it naturally.

The feeling that we get from the rest during the sleep, in fact, in most people it is connected with an energy replacement. In reality, you replace your energy during the sleep, or, actually, it is replaced, but not by you. And then you prepare yourself for the next sleep, in order to continue nourishing the energies, which are being taken from you. It is not important who takes these energies from you and why they are needed, and that's why we won't examine them now. Also, I believe that this information is likely to strengthen your energy outflow than help you in this process, because, in addition, you will subconsciously tune to these forces.

The possibility to get information and develop yourself during the sleep (which is the basis for those who pay a lot of time on the Dreaming techniques) is partially justified. Why? That is based, in the first place, on the fact that many people, while working with the Dreaming, manage to untie some karmic knots, which appears effective for your energy releasing and strengthening. However, another deal is where you direct this energy after that.

Another important moment is when Man receives information, which is the threshold of vision, and which gives him a reason to believe that he has already become a part of something and that he possesses certain abilities. Those two things really provoke people to practice Dreaming.

Basically, 90% of these people no longer pay attention to the development of their physical body, or develop it for the sake of the spreading energies. What does it mean? They make only those practices that are comfortable and pleasant to them, and this convenience and pleasantness again create these energies. However, if you need an example, then even the great guru Carlos Castaneda is also a victim of these techniques. In fact, I don't consider him a significant example, it's just for your information. I've seen enough people who practice Dreaming, as well as many heavy internal destructions. What does “an internal destruction” mean? This is the most dangerous destruction that awaits the people on this Way.

Such people may possess some aura, or some energy shell, but inside they are affected because of the fact that this energy is not circular, ovoid or even in the form of a... She is simply turned out. And this turning is not within the power of the seeing people, it is within the power of the knowing.

The difference between the seeing and the knowing people appeared recently due to the certainly rapid development of the qualities that are associated with the ability to see and perceive information that is invisible to most people. But this vision has never directed the human development vector. It has simply been an addition to the knowledge that people developed and received from the visible and invisible worlds. And this, by the way, is the answer to the question why I talk so much about my attitude towards the vision.

The knowledge from the vision does not explain what happens to Man when he opens his vision earlier than the time. And the most important moment for all of us is to understand that we are all born seeing human beings, but the vision in all children is symmetrical, not direct. And this, actually, is the key that combines all that I spoke to you about. The parents and the society impose the children some linear knowledge, while they live in the volume. They feel the energy with their backs, feel it with their feet, they perceive the energy through their shoulders, they see the range of colors, they see flying spirits, souls – everything that happens around them. But at the same time they are imposed a different energy of perception.

The most important thing is that they see things in a reverse form, that is, it is all turned upside down, symmetrically. One of the wrong steps in the development of a child is when, for example, they spread the bricks and ask the child to name the color. The child is told that it is a green cube, but it's red. Actually, the child sees the full spectrum of colors in green light, but they consider him as color-blind, or decide that he cannot determine the color.

Before dealing with practices, associated with the fine worlds, you must set out on your own rhythm of development. Any attempt to engage yourself in these practices, earlier than the time, does not bring you closer, but moves you away from the finiteness of the Way, unless of course the Way has a finiteness (well, since it does not, then just the Way). What does it mean to “set out on your own rhythm”? This means to be able to redistribute and work with the energies of the respective course and character, inherent to you personally.

All practices, which we do, tune us as musical instruments. And that's the best they do. So, it doesn't matter whether you are originally a Dreaming practitioner or not. Those who are natural Dreaming practitioners can do everything right without any techniques. In fact, they never studied them. So, now you can do one and the same thing over and over, but once you set out on your own rhythm, you start doing things differently...

You need, of course, to practice for a certain time in order to stand up to the energies, or first develop the energies, and then stand up to them. When you do that, you won't make mistakes no more. And when you are no more making mistakes, you'll be able to work.

And what do you have now? Today you have one mood, tomorrow another; today you are interested in one thing, tomorrow the other. So, what rhythm can we talk about, as long as we continue to live in a rhythm set by the social environment, not by us? You see, you cannot even determine where you need to go and where you don't. You cannot determine what kind of clothes to wear. Many people do not realize that, they actually do not have that feeling, but in reality all of this creates the rhythm. Everything that we face affects us. If we were forced to put something on, then we have to understand why we dress it. If we were, in a certain way, forced to participate in actions – we need to understand why we take part in them. First we have to get used to the fact that we have to participate in our own construction. And when we have already started to build, then we can begin to talk about the rhythm. In the meantime, we live in cycles, which rather destroy than build us.

Can those, who are already engaged in the training of conscious Dreaming, continue do it?

I do not recommend it. If they do not have enough power to control themselves in a normal state, then I don't recommend it. You see, you do not have the energy to control yourself now. That means that you do not control the energies that you develop and live by using them. Ask yourself the question: what energy do you control in the Dreaming, if you do not control yourself here? Do you think that if you gather enough energy, it will help you achieve enlightenment? If you think so, then it is out of the question. If you are born a Dreaming practitioner, then it is possible, but that's a different matter.

My attempts to enter a conscious Dreaming lead to nowhere, but when I remember my dreams from the night, I feel a great inflow of energy.

The more you do that, the more energy you'll have. This is an important point. In reality, it is a certain work with the consciousness, or, shall we say, a work with the events. We do not consider it now for the same reason that I believe that in order to work with the release of energy it is necessary first to create an internal container, where you will place this energy. When you release the energy, you feel normal, but after that it spreads. It means that in the end you lose that energy, rather than transform it later and send it in the right direction. So, unless you put the energy aside, my advice is not to rotate it but only to mark it. That's a good indicator, but, anyway, you should not rotate it. It's the same when they teach you: “Now open this center, now this chakra, then this, this...”.You open it and the energy goes in and out, and you can't do anything with it, because the general condition of the body is unbalanced.

Of course, there are some techniques for entering and exiting the sleep. There are also some techniques for working with the energies during the sleep. But to talk about them makes no sense, unless you feel the energy. Well, for example, one of the principles of entering the Dreaming is to embed yourself in the structure of the spreading energies. This is the combination between the energy that is located under the chin (the crater) and the energy that lies in the navel. If you don't feel the energy in both places, why then talk about them? Two things are important: to mark and to develop. You don't have to ask: “What's there in the world?”. If you practice techniques here, you need to practice there also.

There is a story about some U.S. soldiers, who were taught to see what's not normally seen, by using specific techniques, for certain intelligence purposes. In the future, these people were spurred in the spiritual development and began to refuse to perform these tasks, which they considered as low according to their new height of spiritual development. As you can see now, this was the reason why they went back in their own development. Because they didn't work out the rough energies but opened the fine energies.

In fact, they opened a vision that showed them the correctness or incorrectness of certain things. But instead of helping them, it threw them back. Why? Because we only consider the time of, shall we say, the vision, but we don't consider the consequences from this vision and how they actually got this quality and what would happen next. So, it turns out that: they didn't work out the rough energies, but they opened the fine, and that's why they didn't set out their own rhythm.

The first price – they become slaves to these fine energies, which means that they have to constantly burn their energy in order to continue to be in this spiritual connection. The next question is: are they really able to get to this level and go further? They surely can, but they will have to burn may be five times more energy than if they developed themselves naturally. However, if they have this energy from nature, then they'll have the chance to do it, but if not, then they won't do it.

I'll also give a similar example about our Russian psychics. Most of them attributed their own abilities to their gift from the skies, not to their personal development. Actually, they always called out to God, because they were afraid to lose this gift, which lead many of them to become extremely religious. They were ready to believe in God, if only the gift would stay. But probably the most striking thing is that: religion has always rejected and considered such people as bad.

In fact, therein lies a very deep and interesting truth that is lost by religion and these “extrasexes”. In fact, when there were people, who by whatever reason were endowed with vision, it was clearly seen that they realized certain tasks by using the rough energies. The roughest energy is our body. In reality, it turns out an alleged “spiritual vision”, where they also add their own rough frequency. So, 80% (or even 90%) of the psychics, who practice medical treatment of people, in fact, take part in this in order to collect the patient's rough energy for themselves. Because only with the help of it, by burning it, they could continue to maintain their spirituality.

Through themselves, through actions, and through efforts, which are nourished by the small fire of the fine energies. Their clear energy goes into one existence, and the rough – into another. In fact, the conductor's all rough energies will be transformed in the end, which means that he can reach a state of highly spiritual person, but he won't live his life as human, i.e. he won't work out the human energies. Or, he could work out the energies of Earth or Heaven, but not the human.

Actually, you'll need the true influence, or interaction with the energies in the Dreaming, in order somehow to complete the form, when you get to the fifth stage of transformation (a total of eight), that is when you have already been working for a certain period of time with the transformation of the bones. But before that, it should pass a long time, or cycles of working out of other energies. All attempts to do this earlier will lead to the loading of yourself with unnecessary information and the loss of energy. It's like the viewing of cartoons, movies and other entertainments.

The peculiarity or even the complexity of the situation is that the process of practicing and developing has no limits. The development of a small quality of certain power, energy in yourself, in reality, you can direct to some, according to you, accomplishments, in which you are interested only for the evaluation of that power, but they mostly affect you from the outside. This energy could also increase the state that is similar to the experience from an “extra sandwich”. You can also direct this power to your further development, and then it turns out that no matter how much energy you develop in yourself, but you'll always direct it to your further development. And then you'll never need to prove to someone that you can do something. You have to constantly work on yourself until the moment when the concept of “work or no work” stops to exist in you, or when you stop to divide and become unit. This entire process should begin with, probably, not the most appropriate word “building”.

There are people, who work very much with themselves, train, or reach some states and continue to practice with the same rhythm. However, life exists and it has some specific positions, years. And you, in fact, are accustomed to use the outside pressure and speed, which affect you, for the realization of your own actions. But it is actually possible to achieve, shall we say, the top of everything, by the means of one single thing.

However, if we continue to limit ourselves with some top, then we'll never reach it. The top of each one of us – that's exactly the “now”, where we are. Tomorrow, we may not be here. That's why, if we think about the top of “tomorrow”, we initially lay in ourselves the possibility of not being present now and never. Moreover, practically all of you have now chosen the way of cooperation in the world that you exist. Therefore, you practice by taking into consideration all the influences and events that are around you. It is impossible to hide from this, because the position of hiding will require from you so much strength and energy that, in fact, you need to keep.

Therefore, you either go away and follow some single way, chosen by you, or you should stay and develop yourselves here. In other words, you build your own house. So, the basis that you will put in it will determine whether the house will stand, at minimum, and as a maximum, whether it will fill you up with what you are or who you are. However, the connection, between the feet and the hands, is the same as the connection between the letters and the thoughts. So, it would be much easier for you to understand how to connect the foot with the hand. And much more difficult to connect the letter with the thought, which, in fact, we were taught in a totally wrong way. Or, in reality, they didn't teach us at all, which also appears as natural.


15 may 2013

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