The Dreamers

On the following pages are reviewed the concepts of the sleeping body, the work on the practices of Dreaming is also discussed, and for those who are interested in the aspects of the practices of Dreaming is given enough work for consideration. The haziness in some of the information was given on purpose. Everyone who is interested in this information will understand it as it is.

There are three types of people, and two of them are more regular than the third, which is quite rare. It is important to understand the nature and the difference between these types, in order to know how the Dreaming effects each group of people. Every person approaches his own world of Dreaming from a different perspective, which causes different effects on him. In any case, the more conscious is the work of the individual, the higher the result will be from it.

We shall characterize these three types of people for explanation purposes, as follows:

  • Type 1 – the ones, intending to realize the Dreaming
  • Type 2 – the people, existing in the Dreaming
  • Type 3 – the people, existing with a conscious intention

Each person is born under the authority of different laws that he is not endowed with a control over them. We don't have any choice or any control regarding this situation, but certain factors exist that are relevant and appropriate to the type to which we belong. Some of them will be discussed in this article.

The moment we become aware of our own creation, we make a connection to the knowledge and spiritual awareness of what actually generated us, and we get a deep understanding of the world around us, i.e. those forms that we usually cannot realize.

The information about the control of our body in dreaming is put in our subconscious at the moment we were born. We can say that our goal is to come to this knowledge through the awakening of our consciousness. But before it becomes possible, for most of us, we must learn to control ourselves in the everyday real world. Otherwise, the result of our practices in Dreaming will be a serious loss of energy.

Of course, at this stage on Earth the practice of Dreaming is not developed and the dreaming body is unknown to most people and it doesn't play a big role. Only a few direct their lives to the knowledge of Dreaming. These few people are aware of the fact that, in order to achieve results, it is required a full dedication and a serious work.

The preparation for the action is more important than the action itself. We are the tools and we need to take the proper position in order to develop the necessary for us awareness. When it comes to the preparation, you can be surprised from all the aspects that are required for the development of the awareness. These aspects include a lot of things, which are building the balance in our lives, and this is modified for each person individually.

When someone explains you the specific techniques of Dreaming in an accessible language, he usually does not bring the necessary knowledge to you. Thus, the information that you get, rather prevents your progress than stimulate it – the victims, who went down this path, are enough. These are, in fact, victims who are misled in techniques, not corresponding to their needs. The true techniques of Dreaming cannot be described in an accessible understandable language. Those who really need that knowledge must be guided into the proper condition, in which this knowledge becomes accessible to them. The techniques of Dreaming, that they will have to use, will be revealed to them in the state of sleep. The method of transmitting this knowledge will be individual for every practitioner.

The process of preparation for work in the sleep and the work itself exist in different dimensions and cannot be stated by the same vocabulary.

The most important note is the fact that the ordinary dreams have nothing to do with the practices of Dreaming. The Dreams that we are talking about are not some random images of our sub-consciousness, which come to us in our sleep.

Three types of people

First type. The first type of people lives in a Dreaming. The intention is generated in the sensations of their physical body. By the life in a Dreaming, I don't mean their waking state in the conventional world of reality, but the life in a sleeping state. They take energy from the world of reality and use it to control and develop their state of sleep. This type of people depends on their environment and the physical world. These people have a physical, human body, but their soul is not from the human sphere.

They don't have a human consciousness. The first type is easily to identify by their movements, which are discordant with the familiar rhythm of the society, as they come from a non-human dimension. Usually, their life is short. These people are in a bad shape and their lives are useless and deranged. This is not necessarily a negative feature, it may be one of the methods of learning. Some of these people are even famous. Many of them, for example, are abstract artists.

However, if for some reason in these people appear a need to understand the work with the Dreaming, then they will have to start with the establishment of a full control over each position of their physical body. The whole information, in all types of people, is embedded in the bones. For this particular type is important to “pull” the information and turn it into knowledge.

However, it is very difficult to teach the representatives of this group, because they exist in a dimension, which they don't understand. They live in a human form, in a human environment, while at the same time they represent forms from a different dimension.

Second type. The second type of people is born from a Dreaming. These people can create an intention through their sleeps. They live in a Dreaming, and if they could save the energy from their parents at the moment of self-awareness, they would be able to follow the basic principles of life and succeed. They control the dreaming body without any special practices. However, very often this energy is not conserved. It is usually wasted in the process of any actions, that do not affect their development, and from the extreme concentration on the fact of their physical existence.

The second type of people can unconsciously obtain energy from the Dreams, but they lose it in the reality of everyday life. These people have developed a natural link with their own dreaming bodies, but if they decide to work consciously with it, they'll need a lot of preparation. Also the energy of the dreaming body must be balanced against this process. In case of an illiterate or hasty held preparation, the exit may become the destruction of the natural rhythms and the connections with the energy body.

So, as it was mentioned at the beginning: the preparation strengthens and balances. It is better not to engage yourself in the practices of Dreaming, at all, without a serious approach to this process, because in most cases this may lead to the destruction of your natural gift. For the second type of people are important the exercises related to the movement along the vertical axis. These particular movements are very important for you and in the beginning they should be slow and gradual. This is one of the ways of the development of balance. We depend on certain driving forces of life that exist in the real world. The state of not being dependent - this is a concept that goes beyond our everyday life. It is important to control our existence through the balance of life.

Third type. The third type of people is born with an intention, but nowadays such people are very rarely seen on the Earth. These people possess a conscious intention. They naturally and consciously know what to do to help the process of Dreaming.

We view this third type of people, in order to understand that everything that we do, to start a conscious practice of Dreaming, leads us to the level of development of the people, who actually belong to the third type. The first two types are born without awareness, and they need to develop it. The level of development can be determined by the willingness of the person to work hard in order to achieve results. Many people want to learn these skills in their sleep, but their laziness and instability tell on them when it comes to the preparation.

Against the figuring out, what are the differences between these types of people and why they exist, we must consider the idea of this concept. The third type of people is born from a conscious intention in a conscious state of being. The first two types are born unconscious and they should upbuild awareness in themselves.

At the time of their conception, the first type of people is more dependent on the environment, place, conditions, weather, and all non-human elements. The second type of people, on the other hand, at the moment of their conception, depends on the human energy of their parents and of all humanity. If the human element, acting on the conception, is not purified, it will affect the child's development. The fine energy of the parents together with the humanity, as a secondary element, will also affect the future development of the child.

The rhythm of the Earth affects all three types and their energy, as well. The time of conception is the moment, which determines the child's type. This specific moment is accompanied by an energy explosion. In fact, every individual after his own conception throughout his whole life can collect energy most efficiently during these specific hours.

Talking about the dreaming, we should note that, if the conception happens at night, the individual can use this energy at night to work with his own Dreams. The conception during the day gives the ability to gather energy for daily activities. The people, who are conceived during the day, usually refer to the first type: their intention is based on the needs and feelings of the physical body. These people depend on the ambient greater than the human element. Usually, the conception occurs at night, providing thus an unconscious ability to accumulate energy in the sleeps. However, the child, most likely, does not realize and understand his natural capabilities, and very often there isn't anyone who can direct him how to “catch” and develop this energy, which almost always leads to the loss of it.

Some children, even without a teacher, develop their own conscious gathering of energy during the sleep. Certain knowledge is naturally present in them, which is not yet blocked during their first cycle of development. This cycle lasts eight years for the boys and seven years for the girls. This period is set by the cycles of the Moon. When it finishes, the children begin to realize more fully the ambient and the energy of the world around them and cannot use the clean energy of the Dreams no more.

A dangerous way of development, for those who were born in a Dreaming (that is the second type), is to become a student of some “school”, which by its concept of teaching is able to destroy the existing cognitive abilities, that these children possess by nature. If they are involved in a similar educational system before the expiry of the seven or eight-year cycle, it will lead to the ceiling or the destruction of this natural process.

However, during a similar educational cycle, such children can take a lot from the abstract knowledge and the creative expression of themselves. Otherwise, these energies would not be fully implemented, and the natural talents of these children could be lost.

The second type of people does not need any special practices of Dreaming. It is important for them to direct the energy into the realization and understanding of the world around them. The sleep comes naturally and they, even unconsciously, immerse in it for energy.

However, if a certain desire appear in them to engage themselves in the practices of Dreaming, they should first ask themselves why it appears and what they want to achieve by the help of them. Above all, they must ensure themselves of the cleanliness of their own intentions. This type of people should ask themselves the question “why?”. One of the reasons should be the desire to realize their own place in the Universe and their attitude to the different things in it. Another reason should be the action of connecting, or uniting the rational knowledge with the abstract knowledge. Before they begin to practice, the second type of people should get the benefit of watching the world around them.

The saddest moment in all of this is that the people of this type are often eager to practice the Dreaming in order to gain power or control in this manifested world. Another point is the effort to define their experiences of Dreaming by usual terms, as if such experience could be explained by popular terms.

In the work with the Dreams exist at least three levels. One could spend all his energy to work with one of them, but deform the true experience thereby.

The parents of the people from the third type are conscious at the time of their conception. They consciously position their bodies in a certain way, in order to help the forming of a natural level of the knowledge of Dreaming in the newly germinating life. The parents realize that the dreaming body depends on the energy of the physical body. They are acknowledgeable of certain physical areas and centers and how the different positions of their bodies can influence these energies at the moment of conception. Traditionally, there are three positions of determination of the energy zones. These physical positions, taken by their parents, are open to the dreaming body of the child. This helps to determine the further work that the child is doing in his sleep. If the level of the parents is high, then their rhythms and energy cycle would be so clean that the positions won't matter.

Part of the observation of the world around you, should be filled with a direction, corresponding to your natural orientation. Every energy body or dreaming body of Man has a definite orientation in space. Its orientation is related to our birth. The conditions of the birth help to determine the direction of the orientation. These directions are associated with our places of power. The directions are not fixed and they change in due course. By working with them for the realization of our orientation, we can get the necessary knowledge for working with the Dreams. We can also destroy our mental blocks and explicit terms that limit our work with the Dreams.

It is easy enough to see the natural orientation of the child when it is asleep. It changes the direction of the child's body position in order to help the energy body. The basic work is very important. Therefore, all factors must be taken into consideration, and the true dedication to the work will help you to upbuild your dreaming body.

Most of the people don't have the necessary patience and they want knowledge and awareness without any preparation and basic work. However, the preparation usually requires from five to ten years. So, if we start to practice earlier than we are prepared, then we'll become very dependent on the structure of the external framework without understanding the deeper meaning of the practice.

In order to determine to which type of people you belong, you need to ask someone to watch you sleep in a sitting position.

The first type of people takes energy from the other world and carries it in their Dreams. Their tendency is to curl up in a closed position; they sleep while sitting, with their head hanging forward or thrown back.

The second type falls asleep in an open position, by throwing their head back. Some active movements of the back may also be present while sleeping in a sitting position.

Write down all movements of the sleeping man during the observation: the position of the head, the spine, the legs, and also take notice of the sounds made by the person in that position. All this will help you to determine his type.

There are two basic techniques: the Dreaming in dynamics and the Dreaming in statics. Both of them must be taken into consideration when working with your Dreams.

The moments of the man's conception and birth are important factors, which determine and make us who we are. These factors act on men's energy of motion and women's static energy. For this reason, the directions of the basic work of both sexes are different. This work requires certain exercises in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The work with the dreaming body must be at the same level with the work and the control that are achieved in these exercises and meditation. The level of work with the Dreamings will grow according to your development in the physical practices.


15 may 2013

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