The Dreaming

The Dreaming is a certain state of body, consciousness and energy. For certain number of people, this is a natural state of being, allowing the consciousness to resonate with the processes, first of all, caused by the braking of energy and its transfer to an enhanced mode of accumulation, i.e. the state when a natural regeneration and change of frequency of the energy occurs. This could happen in a random way, being naturally connected with the place, events and actions in the wakeful state, when certain parts of the brain depend on the nutrition with exactly this type of energy and such worked out method.

This method could be intrinsic by its nature only in women, as it is tied to the function of the uterus. However, that's not what set the interest in the process of Dreaming, but first and foremost the feature of the place, which made it possible for both, the man and the woman, to be in this state. And, perhaps, the most interesting and expressive place associated with the Dreaming is Oaxaca – the place where the Zapotecs lived, and where the Dreaming became a process of realization of their course of life.

The Dreaming became part of the ritual work and also a specific process for the Zapotecs. The shamans of various tribal groups started to single it out in a practical sense, and that's very interesting, because before that they didn't divide the processes of visioning and Dreaming. The whole life of the Zapotecs, from our point of view, was subjected to the process of death and burial. In reality, it was the preparation for a life in a different world, where Man was in the state of vision, or the state of Dreaming, i.e. a specific process of energy generation.

The Zapotec people divided this process into 20 different kinds of states, which moved from one characteristic to another.

The Dreaming of the Jaguar

20 states of Dreaming





The state of resonation with the frequency of the world, which the body is able to reproduce

The state that changes in the course of life

The state of energy conservation

The state of control of the energy





The state of transition from one Heaven to another

The state of nutrition

The state of interaction with the invisible world

The realization of the position in the invisible world's hierarchy





The control of transformation in the invisible world

The coordination of the new characteristics in the invisible world

The ability to change effort

The cultivation, the division of yourself






Interaction with rhythm

The ability of breeding the space

The ability of interaction or perception of the visible and the invisible worlds





The ability to return to the dense layers of the energy

The stay on the Earth with the status of a representative of Heaven

The ability for creation

The endowment of divine characteristics


Monte Alban – the place where, in fact, the Zapotecs localized – was received by them also through the Dreaming, or more correct to say, through the quality of the space, which was related to the Dreaming. This was some kind of a spaceport, which was used by these Indians like an entrance or an exit until they completely transformed. The highest state of Dreaming, allowing to pass from the world, so to speak, of Earth to the world of Heaven, was the Dreaming of the Eagle, where they worked out the state of flight.

The Dreaming of the Jaguar – that's the gaining of the power of dreaming, and the Dreaming of the Serpent – the general tuning of the state of consciousness and its nutrition during the sleep. It is extremely difficult to identify the entire system of attitude of the Zapotecs towards the process, which we now call Dreaming. That is associated with certain states of experience, subordinating the body and mind. It is certainly the position of the body, caused by the Dreaming state that was worked out by them as a corresponding tuning on the process of staying in a different vibrational world.

The world of the Maya consists of 13 rotations, and Man can achieve (by the law of spiral) 52 changes by passing them. So, the real essence of the Dreaming of the Eagle is the opportunity to experience 52 kinds of vibrational states.

13 may 2013

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