African Body

So, it turned out that the formation of Man began at the behest of the Cosmos, which endowed the first people with a super-conscious effort. Actually, the evolution of Man began with this ability of the first, so to speak, superhuman, who came, formed or regenerated from the Atlantis (according to different versions).

The processes of forming life on Earth started when Heaven was able to create a resonance with the Earth's surface. There was a place where these processes had more rough vibrational forms and there were created low-organized beings, and another place of higher frequency forms, where highly organized beings appeared.

The animals were referred to the group of the highly organized creatures, which represented the horizontal, i.e. the objects dependent on the Earth, while Man, on the other side, became a vertically oriented living constitution. Consequently, he got the opportunity to pass to other worlds. Certainly, the most interesting thing here is the reaction between the energy of the Cosmos and the Earth's energy, which caused the vital energy to fly like sparks.

It resembled the tying of a highly stretched and then released gum, which caused the formation of a new geometry of the body in the form of a knot. In general, this process is quite physical and explains the laws of both terrestrial and celestial evolutions, where not only Man but also God is represented by certain resonant frequencies.

In accordance to all that, it is logical to be interested in the question: where did the most qualitative resonance on Earth happen? If we consider our planet as a spiral, then it is really flat, because each volution is an independent formation which has its own distinctive features. And by the way, it was a similar resonance that made it possible for the Hindus, the Chinese, the Dogon and the Maya to form a unique idea of the Cosmos, without the whole bunch of tools necessary for us today.

In fact, the ancient people did not create a picture of the Cosmos: they created a picture of the Earth, or, more correct to say, the geometry of the Earth. The superconscious state of their mind simply allowed them to refract the temporal properties of the Cosmos and see everything much closer, not squinting to see into the distance. What's the point of all this modern equipment, when the ones using them neither have a super-conscious effort, nor the ability to see?

However, in any case, in the different parts of our body we have various vibrational forms of manifestation of life and various significance of these forms for the planet. At the same time, the Maya or the Anasazi orientated their lives on the transition to astral cities, that's why everything they built was aimed at this. The pro-Chinese were trying to transform their bodies, the Hindus were preparing their development, reincarnating from one form to another, the Maori were trying to reunite with the elements: in general, all of them were doing their job according to their own frequency characteristics.

The process of the same experiences of human functions went to the Egyptians, who 5,000 years ago created the perfect geometry of human existence and who were, perhaps, the only civilization that lived in this geometry for so long. They built a society with due account taken of the laws, by which the entire planet lived, in one single place by breaking it down into 13 nomes. That's how a unique situation occurred: a new area appeared on the Earth, which was able to reproduce the entire model of the planet. Of course, the angle of the Earth changed over the time and it became impossible to project the same in this place, which led to the decline of this great civilization.

Thus, the center of the Man's formation was identified and it became the place where the unity of the Earth and the Cosmos were connected through Man, what subsequently appeared as an interesting element of development, when a new type of people was created – the Celts. The Celts not as a nation, but as an example of the perfect man, produced by the merging of the Aryan, the African and the Pygmy groups (a role, which was taken by the the Picts).

However, that did not affect the processes, which were taking place on the African continent, where the development of different proto-state formations started. Although, the division, in this case, is completely out of place, as the African, having received the highest status of Man, at once took the place of the creator of human history by leaning on the vibration of all vital processes, occurring not only around him, but also inside him, and by giving the animals and the birds not a zoo value, as we do, but a dimensional one.

That's why they perceived everything around them as vital force. And, of course, in order to understand this is needed a certain tuning, and this already is a function of the consciousness. It is the consciousness that immediately brought the Africans into the lead of the existence by the human characteristic. Today it is extremely funny to look at really limited people, unable even to compare their own actions with their brain activity, who became to call the Africans – monkeys. If anyone is a monkey, then it's the white people with their inbuilt brains, who are unable to experience the vibrational processes, and who have subordinated their own lives to imaginary, in fact, false ideas of existence, where the end is only one – death.

Due to the place of his habitat, the African was destined to operate his consciousness at such level that till now no one can even define it, since this definition for the African is not the form or level at which he could worsen himself. The African, at best, can transmit some signals and translate some ideas without submerging into their primitive sense, but simply passing on the vibration and rhythm, which, in fact, is knowledge, an experience and, most importantly, an opportunity for those, who have realized the ultimate meaning of life – to operate with rhythm.

Let's imagine this: we have pulse, which has certain rhythm, and we follow it. Our modern consciousness is not aware of any of its properties or value! Or let's say, for example, we have energy meridians. Tell me, what consciousness is capable of catching the current or the vibration of a meridian? Otherwise, it is not possible to know the meridian, because it is not a rough system of the body, but the movement of the current. Only a few people can do it! The consciousness of the African is initially tuned on the current and here lies the main problem of the civilization: some brains operate at 12 volts (for example, the Ukrainians), and others – at 360 volts (for example, the Dogon).

And the question here is not about who is better, but who is worse. The question is that these concepts for the African do not exist, no matter how hard they tried to teach him that. He has one different consciousness, one different body, which are subordinated to the vibrations, rhythm and sound. This does not mean that the Africans are higher, in the human sense, than the Latvians, for example, but the degree of "freezing" is different. I'm talking about operating with the consciousness, and in the Africans it is over-human, superhuman, which makes them higher than just the concept of Man, and consequently disadvantaged in human rights.

The consciousness of the Africans is like an induction coil, where the energy inside is constantly moving. And by the way, this is a condition marked by them as molten metal, constantly flowing in the brain. An interesting fact is that we find exactly the same definition in the Egyptian papyri.

The state of the brain for the Africans is basic for their bodies, because if the vibration runs normally and is controlled by the brain, then the whole body is constructed in unison. It is no coincidence that the first musical instruments appeared here. These objects, first of all, were for tuning yourself. A whole system for correction was introduced in order to keep the vibrational level of the brain. Distinctive instruments in this whole scheme are, in fact, the berimbau (as an instrument for tuning) and the drum (as an instrument for the upbuilding of space, which the Africans considered as whole).

The ability to experience the desert, the wind, or any other natural phenomenon gave special status to the African life. They also considered every brain damage as a breaking of the connection with the Cosmos, which was equivalent to death while living. In other words, everything that today is normal for the rest people, for the black people is trouble. Vibration must constantly live in Man, even after it has left him. Consequently, a priori the African is immortal: he carries in himself those laws and knowledge of immortality, embedded in the supreme knowledge, which humanity could only understand, and that's the knowledge of the rhythm.

The most interesting thing is that the African form of thinking makes the space of the Cosmos totally accessible and understandable for him. The Cosmos is not distant for him, because by using the vibration he comes not only to an understanding but also to a perception of the space. Actually, this was used for identifying the frequency units of the Cosmos on the Earth, most of which have a combined sounding. But what's interesting for us here is that the rhythm was deified by the cosmic principle, where exist a total of 12 deflection angles of the energy.

This condition of the existence in the three-dimensional space forms the supreme geometric shape – the sphere. The minimum angle of deflection of the energy on the surface is 30 degrees, when the energy is refracted and resonates as well. Thus, we get 12 resonant groups plus a direction. The Egyptians, for example, express it only upwards, and we have 13 groups, but the Yoruba express it also downwards (14 groups).

So, the Egyptians have 13 cosmic principles and the Yoruba – 14 principles, or Orishas.

12 rhythms of Earth

  1. Rhythm of Cobra – the power of perception of the sunlight. God Uadzhit.
  2. Rhythm of Dog – the symbol of place. God Anubis.
  3. Rhythm of Cat – the symbol of changeability. Goddess Bastet.
  4. Rhythm of Sheep – the symbol of tuning. God Amun, God Khnum.
  5. Rhythm of Rhinoceros – a direction.
  6. Rhythm of Bull – constancy, measure. God Apis.
  7. Rhythm of Hippopotamus - an immersion. Goddess Tauert.
  8. Rhythm of Lion, Panther, Cheetah – the representation of power. Goddess Sekhmet.
  9. Rhythm of Cow. Deity of Bath.
  10. Rhythm of Ostrich, Antelope – the circulation of spirit. Goddess Anuket.
  11. Rhythm of Ibis, Falcon, Hawk – the highest rhythm of transformation. God Montu, God Ra, God Sakar
  12. Rhythm of Giraffe – an axis. Deity of Seth.

Each of these animals for the African is the imposition of certain activity on the experience expressed by the body.

Even more interesting is the imposition of animals on each other that, in fact, was used as a beginning of the search for the consonance of totems or the showing of the science of rhythm. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the image of Matendu – the imposition of giraffes on elephants. Therefore, the animal is not only rhythm, but also a certain interval, which has a predetermined relationship with the consciousness. Well then, the bio-triangular perception of rhythm creates, in fact, the art of the rhythm reproduction, or the playing an instrument, where the brain becomes the basis that controls the body. The body presented an angle, i.e. a certain size, and, of course, it was needed a measure for operating this angle, or a particular vibratory sense. Therefore, we get an ancient style of play, the V style (a style, having the shape of V).

The next to follow are already composite constructions, including circles and ovals, cubic confinements that is the confinement of rhythm in a shape. The spiral, as part of the vibratory motion, becomes subject to the technique, and here is hidden the greatness of the knowledge of rhythm, or the three heads of the antelope. The rhythm becomes the language, the schematic picture, revealing the volume, or the ratio of the parts of the space, and what is most amazing, the parts of the body.

All this was necessary for the keeping of the vital force in the receptacle, which was the head. In general, the focus on the head – that's the essence and the idea of understanding of the African body. Most important stays the idea of symmetry and its orientation, i.e. verticality. Consequently, the rhythm – that's the art of representation of geometric figures, or the knowledge of geometry.

So, the real knowledge of the world, the cosmos, and most importantly, the abilities of people came from, so to speak, the "home" of anthropogenesis, the cradle of mankind. This area became active about 40,000 years ago. But we must understand that we should not be interested in what existed the very first, but where the quality started from. Today, we can rely on the knowledge that was created by the civilizations which lived on the continent. And here, of course, especially highlighted are West Africa and Egypt with Ethiopia. However, the culture of Ife provokes the greatest interest.



05 may 2013

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