Born by the Moon

The divine designation of the woman's plan is much broader than the concept of mother or woman of our times.

Many years ago thirteen women materialized on Earth, possessing a variety of feminine qualities, but together forming a whole unit. The realization of the tasks that were given to them, failed: these women were scattered. Some of them transformed themselves into crystals, connecting into a single unit the value of the stone crystallization, passing it from generation to generation, thus maintaining the delicate interplay between the women.

The cause of the scatter of this womanish structure was the presence of other similar organizations on Earth. They could not help it and turned out to be unable to co-exist together and destroyed each other. Despite this, the women, who lost the connection and, accordingly, the ability to consciously control power, created orders, inside which they tried to recreate the original value.

But, undoubtedly, the true meaning of the feminine nature, which was dispersed, is still not restored. The lost meaning of development is replaced by the value of the women's survival: the survival exactly of the one who is generated by the woman. The original destination of the uterus was the vision, but it was long lost. Menstruation as a sign of peace and quietness, when the woman should gain her energy and contemplate the deep, ceased to carry its true meaning. The time, when the woman should connect with the Universe and fill herself up with the Earth's power, is often spend in destruction of the already existing.

Each month, the woman is given the opportunity to fill and clean herself up. Depending on the time of the year, she connects her spiritual identity with the forces of Heaven and Earth. After the woman lost the opportunity to nurture and manage herself, the restoration of the vision through the uterus would be impossible to happen in a short period of time, due to the loss of rhythm. First, it is needed to light a fire, connecting the woman with the Earth, and learn how to keep it day and night.

This fire was brought by thirteen women and initially it nurtured the woman, preparing her for the generation of something new. The accumulation of this fire is necessary for the acquisition of energy. The nature of this fire is water. The seed should lie on a fertile soil and the woman should have this fertile soil, on which life should come through the eastern gate, and through the western – death should leave. By wielding the power to open and close these gates, the woman can let life in and drive away death, lubricating the first and fumigating the second.

The journey of life has many entrances and exits, but without the connection of women with the silence, her journey becomes a heavy burden. There is no doubt that, in order to get satisfaction from your Way, it takes not only time, but also certain facts that confirm the above said.

Many women try to achieve internal independence or true joy, developing themselves by the basis of man principle. However, this will never give the woman the joy of existence that she is predetermined, but will only help her to free herself. But if the woman does not reach an inner liberation, she will be deeply disappointed. This means that she preserves her bones but does not nourish them with moisture.

The meaning of the clan of the thirteen women, or also known in the Indian tradition as the concept of the “Thirteen Mothers” – that's the possession of thirteen shields that help to keep the existing and prevent from destruction. If someone succeeds to master the concept of the “thirteen shields”, then he reaches the state of transformation. However, we are now talking about the search and union of all the beauty that carries the woman principle.

Woman, unlike man, carry inside herself the beginning of the day and the night, and she is home to the Earth's sense up to 1.5 times more than man. But because of her cumulative nature, she often loses the truth, hiding behind the structure of love. Fear and pain have become accompanying values of the Earth's foundation and, in particular, women. Before the destruction of the clan wheel of the thirteen sisters there were no such qualities on our planet, they were simply replaced by the failures, which endpoint was death. The purpose of these women was to remove the failures and heal the cracks of the Earth.

The Thirteen Moons change their meaning during the period of one rotation of the Earth, thus changing, year after year, the quality of rhythm of the people living on the planet. Even though we do not realize it, but all of us go through our own stages of transformation. Everyone who tries to catch hold of the outside, sooner or later fails. Women are representatives of one world, men – another. Both of them have the opportunity to interact with each other while searching for the golden pill of immortality, but the One of each of their worlds can be recreated only by uniting yourself into a single whole. This single whole, on the other side, is predetermined by the value of the Thirteen Moons.

The united group of the thirteen is formed by their monthly cycle, characterized by 28 days of the lunar month, 28 constellations of the eastern, western, northern and southern sectors of the sky. The group of women, who have cycles in the same period, forms a single source. This is a single principle, without which the woman cannot give a beginning of herself and something new. This is a universal principle that was brought in after the transformation of the previous world.

The woman came from a dream, in order to go to sleep. Her effort to rely on the man's principle not only deprives her of the opportunity to find a foundation, but on the contrary, it cuts the ground from under her feet and the connection to the world of spreading energies. The force, rotating these energies is in the north. Due to the fact that it is impossible to master all aspects of the truth, the woman must understand silence, because exactly silence is the real truth for her. The woman is endowed with the nature of peace, and through peace she is supposed to perceive the meaning of the Thirteen Moons.

Thirteen true meanings of the Moons

  1. First Moon – study of the Way and relations.
  2. Second – honouring of the truth, associated to the self-development.
  3. Acceptance of what you encounter.
  4. Determining the value of actions for the Way of visioning and dreaming.
  5. Listening to the rhythm of nature and all the things you encounter.
  6. Pronunciation as an action, determining the meaning of faith and the Way.
  7. Love as the ability to be inside yourself, attaining value on the outside. All that exists is true, all true must be loved.
  8. The interaction with the whole world is the service of art.
  9. By living in the true today, you create the possibility of true tomorrow.
  10. Work with all the worked out qualities to recreate a new one.
  11. Go through life with an understanding of your own movement.
  12. Respect what you learn and what is worked out. Here is set the basis of the ceremony in the relation to everything that forms the space.
  13. Transformation. All completes its circle and becomes the truth that corresponds to this concept in the given period of time.

Each year, lived in the meaning of these Moons, creates a legacy not only for every participating woman, but also for the whole Earth.

Each year, the Moon nourishes and invisibly changes the Earth. The main receiver of the energies and forces for humanity are women. They fill up with this particular force in the course of the journey of discovering themselves.

There are still prototypes of the original female clan, which through an invisible rainbow create a new meaning of women on the Earth. The inverted perception, which today has a pro-maternal beginning, is a result of the destruction of the women's clan and the unpreparedness of the body.

In addition, the misperception of women by men, because of the inability to monitor and evaluate not just someone, but yourself, gave rise to a certain quality of behavior of the external beginning, tuning the woman on the external beauty for a short period of time, which is necessary for the protection of her manifested qualities.

The inner fullness and beauty, associated with eternity, is not ready to be considered today as a driving force; the right of the woman to exist needs to be won. And if she doesn't have the strength to win, then she starts to destroy herself and call for the power of compassion and love. She falls ill and demands pity from others. Silence is replaced by sorrow, and power – by acquisition. The role of women is replaced by hundreds of roles, which are played in the time.

The thirteen aspects of the female existence were fragmented into thousands squandered actions. These actions crushed the woman's life into a thin cobweb, in which they entangled themselves.

The sense of generation and love that was used by the women lost its basic meaning and became a product of desire, pain, sorrow and haste. Actually, the woman lost her touch with the keepers of the spirit.


04 may 2013

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