Hair decoration

The decoration of hear is a question of femininity. It is a matter of internal discipline, so necessary and useful for women. The hear decoration is the woman's attitude towards herself and her self-positioning in space. But mostly, it is the physiological and energetic action, which actually represents and forms the woman's mentality.

Hair Care

The care for the hair, not the haircut, was primary in man's relation to the hair. From the very beginning the art of hair styling was defined as the art of interaction with the hair.

The perception of the space and the understanding of its influence on the hair predetermined such attitude. In ancient times, the hair played the role of some kind of an antenna, through which man interacted with the surrounding energy.

In Indian medicine, especially in the Maya's medicine, the hair was seen as part of the body which determined the connection of man's spirit with the macrocosm. The same could be seen in the Taoist tradition and in many African cultures. It is actually impossible to imagine the worship of God Jah in the Rastafarianism without the ritual haircuts, the dreadlocks.

The hair care is reduced to the hair nutrition and the maintaining of its “energy level”. Today, the active use of chemicals leads to a very serious strike on our health. This strike is through our hair, which we neutralize and expose to various chemical compounds.

In ancient times, they used different oils and fluids from power plants, in order to keep the energy supply of the hair. Therefore, today is very important to choose not just the right oils for your hair, but he essential oils. Another thing that helps us choose the usage of high-quality essential oils are the today's serious technologies. The more simple oils, like avocado, are very good for the hair nutrition.

The jojoba oil, on the other hand, is very helpful for the hair preservation. This oil is perfect for the hair and the skin of the head. It is also very important to know the proper kind of oil you should use and its exact dosage. Another essential thing is the type of hair you have. For oily hair, I would recommend – cloves, cinnamon and citrus oils; for normal hair – lavender and coconut oil; for dry hair – fir oil, sandalwood and chamomile. But, no matter what type of hair we've got, we should nourish its roots. That's why it is important to understand how to combine the oils and gain personal experience in the hair care.

But the most important thing we have to understand is the need of forming a conscious attitude towards our hair as a result of our care to it. We are mostly talking about the whole head, not just about some part of it. Besides, the oil helps us to perform a prophylaxis and nourish the brain.

Women's hairstyle

The women's hair is a whole world that has physiological, energetic and mental foundation. An important fact is that the circulation of energy on the surface of the woman's head is different from the circulation on the men's head. The hair tied at the back part of the brain, the functioning of which depends partly on how the energy circulates throughout the volume of the head. The hairstyle and the length of the hair is very important for the occipital section of the brain. The people with short hair usually have a strong activity in the crown area of the brain. This indirectly indicates that, the internal energy entering the brain is enough, with a very little dependence on the hair.

The combination of actions is probably most important. Because, at the waning moon the dependency of women on their hair grows and becomes more powerful than at the growing moon. This is the time when every woman should be capable of observing herself.

It is also very important to know that, unlike men's energy, which goes straight to the brain, women's energy goes into the uterine structure. The energy in the woman's brain may not be enough if there are some violations in the uterine structure. In this case, the hair could only be of benefit for the woman. The weakness may be caused by specific disturbances associated with the occipital part of the brain and neck. The actual reason for this is the violated circulation of energy in the head. Not by accident, in many African tribes the neck zone defined the hairstyle of the woman.

The next question is about the hair density, or whether the hair energy and the head are in a sufficient contact. For example, the art of Keshapasharachana of Hindu women is based upon this idea. It combines the idea of hairstyling and hair care, due to the fact that the oil is an obligatory element in this case.

And of course, the highest art for women is the understanding of hair geometry, which often determines the quality of many mental processes in her life.

Geometry of Hairstyle

Asymmetric. The asymmetrical hairstyle is а coiffure or a haircut, the shape of which is shifted relative to the center line of the head. This hairstyle is usually a result of the necessity to increase the nutrition of one of the brain's hemispheres, the desire to change something, or as a result of uncertainty. Each of these concepts shows how such a hairstyle can be useful for women.

Symmetrical.The symmetrical hairstyle is very important for women, especially during the full moon and the new moon, when the work of the uterus is switched. Such a hairstyle balances the internal processes and every woman should use it. Usually, the desire for symmetry is manifested in women who are in harmony, not in search. However, if a constant need of symmetry is expressed, then it is better if sometimes an asymmetrical hairstyle is used. This will contribute to the switching the time of our mood and also to a better understanding of the idea of symmetry.

Tied up.The tied up hairstyle is associated with the idea of creating an additional effort in the head. The winner in this category is the plait created by three strands of hair. The tied up hair, whether it be a bun, a plait or a plait put in a bun, is the most important art of woman's construction. This art leads us into the cosmogonic concepts of ancient people, where the plait or the pigtails played the role of a string, connecting the man's head with the space.

If the woman's hair can be plaited and allows making different patterns on the head, then it is able to create a collective effort. This particular effort groups the hair, the skin of the head, and the brain. Of course, at the forefront is the art of combing and wooing of hair, in order to create a resonance tension with maximum effect.

“Bell”. This hairstyle should also be attributed to the implementation of the idea of gathering, but not for long hair. For example, the square hairstyle is associated with the idea of gathering and thus could be very appropriate. So, it is rather a matter of some kind of a drapery than a hair style. The coiffure looks more like an article of clothing or a hat, where the most important is the idea of lines, i.e. the perimeter of the hairstyle which becomes a resemblance of a bell for the head. Of course, the main distinctive point is the bang, covering the forehead.

Spherical.This hairstyle proportionally increases the volume of the head, or it's really a lush hairstyle with rounded appearance. Such a hairstyle is also known as Afro. And, accordingly, it follows its mission and value: to accommodate inside itself, the more, the better. Usually, the people seeking for a hairstyle like that have an innate sense of rhythm. On the other side, if you want to develop this quality in yourself, you can start with the creation of this form of hair.

The spherical hairstyle also includes different ways of curling of the hair, when strands are used for making a helix. This allows you to change the tension in the head, and if used skillfully, it creates very nice experiences for the women. In fact, this is the reason for the dependence of so many women for years on curlers.

Minimalism.The minimalism is the absence of a hairstyle. It is when the hair does not require any consideration. This hairstyle is linked to the haircut called “garson”. The “hair of service” is usually used by women who are in the protest or spiritual quest, which states are very similar in fact. Or even we can say that, an internal need for serving appears in women, which indeed has different levels. For instance, the revolutionary or biker style of behavior is more like a service to the movement than presenting the real idea. Although, due to the years of service in this area could be even attained a consistency.

The “garson” hairstyle is strictly individual because very often women, who have made such a decision for their hair, pull certain events after them. But in this case, it's also important to take into account the climatic and cultural conditions.

Flowing hair. On flowing hair could be written entire poems. Well, if you anyway decide to reduce this hairstyle to a common denominator, then the woman who chooses to wear her hair like this is most often a shaman. Of course, not in a way to call her a witch. In the past, certainly the women with flowing hair were called not for nothing witches, because such hair is an uncontrolled and spilled energy.

Of course, flowing hair is good for women, but the control of many tasks and processes could be lost. Usually older women actively use this certain state of their heads. On the one hand, the flowing hair is good for any enclosed space of existence. But on the other hand, this hairstyle deprives women of the possibility to work with their own heads. But as they say, there are different situations in life, and the fury, for example, towards people like me, should be also somehow descended upon.


We can talk about the haircut a lot, but not as much as for the epilation. I will confine myself with simple and obvious to all concepts. It is advisable to get a haircut from people who know your hair, in order to avoid a resemblance to a ‘Formula 1” haircut, when you sit in anticipation of a certain sharp turn of fate.

So, it's best if you choose a hairdresser with whom you have a harmony and mutual understanding. Not like the situation with the doctor for whom these qualities are determined only by the price of the medications he will prescribe you. The hairdresser must be maximum concentrated on you and not manipulating five more client's heads together with yours. Of course, it's not a problem if the hairdresser forgets a curler in your hair, after all it's not scissors sewn in your stomach. But anyways, it's not recommendable to sit in the chair of such a hairdresser.

It's also very important to watch the hairdresser for talking with everybody while working with your hair. Let him communicate only with you. There should be a focus because in addition to aesthetics, it can also create energy problems.

And of course, when talking to a hairdresser, don't go talking about personal stuff. It's enough that you have entrusted your hair to someone. There are enough opportunities to accumulate problems while having a haircut, especially if your energy is lower than the energy of the hairdresser. Since the hair should be cut or just trimmed regularly, then it's very important to build the right attitude.

If you are weighed down with fatigue, negative mood, I'm not talking about depression, you should start with your hair. When having a haircut during the menstrual cycle, it's necessary to understand how the body is reacting to the growing and waning moon. It's unnecessary and not right to give direct recommendations about this matter in today's world of existence. In other words, it's important to gain your own experience.

Hair Colouring

The tradition of hair colouring also has a long history. In the first place, this particular action should be viewed through the angle of the Celtic culture, where the woman increased her energy through colouring her hair. Of course, they used natural dyes back there. But today, the resonance with the colour has also positive tasks.

Anyway, there shouldn't be an unequivocal opinion about whether it's good or bad. Because, since the tradition is too deep, it's very hard to express your opinion on this matter without analysis. It is important to approach the process very carefully and intelligibly, not just with the idea of disguise under your mood or grey hair.

Hair Development

To avoid the influence of the negative energy development or even the situation of deliberate or accidental use of your hair, you must watch for its strengthening and nutrition. The perfect solution for this is the right care and the usage of high quality oils. I also recommend the practice of Xi Shi for strengthening the hair.


25 march 2013

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