The Measure of Secret Doctrine

Where is the power here, where is the ego and where is god? Measure conceals the conditions for studying, the conditions for being and above all the conditions for self-development in being. Measure must teach man to detach himself from the incomprehensible, where the comprehensible is not what we perceive as familiar and what we agree with (or not) but rather what we put our efforts into.

Knowledge without effort is no knowledge at all. Effort without measure cannot be fixed and therefore cannot lead to knowledge. Effort is a chemical compound that finds expression in the tasks of proportion. This means that it is mathematical or rather geometrical.

Man must understand measure as something material, as an equivalent of concentration, energy and the body, i.e. it must find expression in dimensionality. Measure is the ability to operate with you living power, and therefore to properly distribute, estimate and nurture your resources. Measure has its own geometrical envelope and may even be designated as a chemical compound, i.e. as something that generates not only a result but also an experiencing of the result. Thus here we are approaching a problem that excited the minds of those united by the goal of figuring out the geometry and the physics of the secret doctrine.

The secret doctrine, concealed for a long time by the Knights Templar, was initially borrowed probably from the Celts who divided their life into a world of form and a world without form, which leads us to the laws of Hermeticism (defined by the Great Hermes Trismegistus).

Measure allows us to use a very important idea: irrespective of its material (solid or transparent), the body depends on its form, which determines its properties and most importantly its orientation. This is in fact what Newton proved. Therefore, by studying measure, we achieve not only manifested but also non-manifested properties, and therefore we can improve ourselves because we have an orientation.

All knowledge and studying without orientation is nothing but emotion. And even if it satisfies the seeker, it remains contained in the state of creation and not in the laws of creation. And the difference between the two is very important: we can have the first but cannot unite and structure it, we can only increase it.

What is important is not to reveal something but to understand the form or rather the symmetry and the proportion of this form. What would the benefit of the form be, if it is not incorporated in a process that can perfect it? What is also extremely important is that when we possess the form or rather when we know its measure, we can study it both at rest and in motion. Measure does not allow the form to disappear, dissolve or transfer into another form without an internal effort that stems from measure. Measure controls the order of switching the body on and off.

What is most important here is that measure is never wrong since it is based not only on dimensionality but also on its perception. Even in case of imperfection in the study of measure, the very possibility and ability to rely on measure leads to an endless perfection of any space. The knowledge of measure is above all the ability to perceive space as a volume, otherwise measure becomes simply part of symbolism, at best.

It is true that due to the voluminous nature of knowledge measure can be expressed only by symbols. The cross for example is the measuring symbol of resonance force where – within the conditions of our space – maximum effort may find expression. However we must also understand that measure differs in different dimensions, so the cross expresses the measure of only one of these dimensions, the dimension that is located closest to us yet cannot be viewed as endless (and mustn’t although it is perhaps the basic one). This is the reason why it was chosen by the Celts and even the Cathars who by rejecting the symbolism, rejected their dependence on this dimension however still relied on this very symbolism.

Measure always has a large and a small aspect. The large one is the sphere and the small one – the point. So, when studying measure, we need to study its language. The language of measure is the language of the symbol. This language is exact, verified and at the same time it does not prevent many cultures, people and trends from mystifying it, cultures and people who are influenced by the symbol but do not understand its essence. Therefore, the doctrine of measure is above all the doctrine of the symbol.

01 february 2013

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