The problem of energy is a simple one if considered from a physical perspective, and a rather complex one, if considered from the perspective of esoteric perception. So why treat is esoterically if we can examine it physically? This is where we encounter the worst problem of contemporary Man – he cannot determine all things physically.

Even physicists - who have developed a profound understanding of the energy and its behavior - have not developed a sufficient level of perception of the energy so as to be able to define the thing they are actually studying. At the same time since today’s physics is moving away from the probability theory and towards the idea of the string theory, we witness a peculiar situation where many people possess a correct understanding of energy yet no one can actually apply this knowledge to the person. Naturally, due to our interests in development, we are keen to understand if this knowledge about energy can be put to use for our own development.

Here we encounter a rather peculiar phenomenon - the ignorance of both esotericists and physicists. Because scientists do not acknowledge the obvious in the context of personal development, while esotericists do not understand the energy they use. Even those who understand the essence of energy have a hard time because energy is not susceptible to explanation, it can be brought to man’s understanding only by way of practice.

All people when born are immediately subdued to the energy of the space they inhabit. The only exception are those super-conscious individuals who do not perceive this space. Our structure is by origin adapted to life in this substance. This energy has many different names – qi, ki, prana. So the following question arises here: Was there a time when people defined not the general energy but a different type of energy?

As it turns out, there was such a time and the reason for this is that people were initially oriented not toward living in their own space but toward passing into another world, a better world. This is how people began identifying different types of energy as well as interacting with them. These different energy types had different names in different cultures, sometimes the energy was a single entity and sometimes it was a mixture. In other words, people started to interact with various vibration models. And started naming these models differently. Why? Because every vibration has its own sound, so people used sounds to render the vibration of the corresponding model.

Thus people not only managed to designate the different models but learnt how to attune themselves to interacting with them. Naturally, one day these vibrations were fixed into concepts and people started calling these models Hazor, Thor, etc. – names we today believe people used in the past to address their Gods. What matters here is that we hardly understand that energy was seen as a figure with a certain volume. As strange as it sounds, to contemporary Man energy is flat.

Another difficulty originates from the fact that we live under the influence of spatio-temporal frequency, which imposes and determines all processes occurring within our bodies. And understanding our own energy does not make sense if we don’t understand the properties of spatial energy.

When people become involved in internal practices, they do not really understand the internal, nor what they can actually do with the energy. Thus what people call practice is indeed simply a process of excitation, i.e. an emotion, because people do not cross the borders of the space they inhabit, they simply achieve, at best, a certain preservation of the energy, and react to this. While in fact nothing changes.

Unless we restore the spatial map within, there’s no energy because we do not possess a real understanding of it.


Questions and answers

Can you please explain the spatial map schematically! Because sometimes when you talk about space (energy) you talk about volume and rotations, and sometimes you talk of planes built in regular polygons…

The spatial map is related to the understanding of the level of vibrations with which we come into contact, or cannot come into contact due to lack of energy.

When you say ‘restore the map’ do you mean that we originally possess it, and then we lose it?

Every person possesses this map originally and is subjected to it. This map is usually made up of separate pieces, which unite with the particular personal code of the individual.

How does Qi transform into the five elements and how are they represented in the body?

Qi is a temporary characteristic of the energy, which is made up of five elements. When we change the category of Qi into Jing, we get three elements, and when Jing becomes Shen, we get one single element.

Take up, undersnad, nurture –
does the link appear in the resonance? Does undersnading appear when you get a responce, an expreience?

Understanding resonance is the most difficult thing Man can do. In order to achieve it, you need to possess as a minimum the skill of concentration. This is not a figurative concept but a concrete one. Therefore, undersnading here is not an external notion, it needs to be built from within.

When you talk about map resotration is this self-identification o
r part of it?

It all depends on the personal map. If it covers fully the nature of the person, then this is similar to self-identification. If not, it is simply a way to perfect your prenatal nature.

When you talk about understanding the level of vibrations, you refer to the ability to not only distinguish them but rather perceive them correctly, i.e. physically trace their connections or something else?

Man is attuned to certain vibrations, therefore in order to acquire a new knowledge, he needs to be able to build an effort. Even if you experience a new sensation, this would not mean that you can actually do something with it. Transgressing the person-specific threshold vibration is a difficult thing, and transgressing the temporal threshold is even more difficult. Therefore, the fact that you can distinguish the vibration, does not mean you understand it, much less that you are capable of operating with it. Generally, the understanding of vibrations must go through the understanding of the effort.


01 november 2012

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