Development Scheme

Development should always follow a scheme. The perfection of the scheme depends on our ability to combine it. The ability to combine the scheme is obtained with the help of the Method.

The scheme lets Man forsake his chaotic existence caused by various disruptions in the formation of the conscious, physical or energetic effort. The scheme frees us from the random, temporary forms of knowledge that divert Man from development, nurturing within him various pseudo-methods. Every temporary condition is false since it is devoid of experience and therefore must be incorporated in the already existing experience. However ‘tricks’ can never replace that, which is developed. And if that, which has been developed, has been formed with no corresponding scheme, then we are not only truncated in our actions and understandings but further enhance this truncatedness with all our actions, which are not based on a scheme, and we thus reinforce our own limitations.

The scheme is a gradually built process that helps Man find himself. The scheme is always based on the qualities of the mind and one’s age and experience in building awareness of this scheme. In other words this process depend of when, how and why we start studying this scheme. The comprehension regulator here should always be the brain. When we’ve understood the scheme, we’ll know how to structure not only our development but also our own actions and selves.

Understanding the scheme should always start with the restoration of certain bodily functions (which may have been shut off by certain incorrect and unnecessary actions) or with a rebooting, in case we still have the ability to think (in any possible form) that would allow us to see things from a different perspective.

The scheme basically relies upon:

  • Man’s attitude to his development
  • Man’s understanding of the qualities related to development
  • Man’s understanding of the algorhythm of development


In other words, the development scheme is not so much the instruments for development but rather Man’s behavior in this development. The scheme prevents Man fro being outside the boundaries of this development, until it becomes a matter of constancy, until Man changes all the qualities of his existence. It teaches Man to find satisfaction not in the results but in the process itself, where the satisfaction grows in parallel to the growing and the complication of the process.

We cannot strengthen the process if we lose it or move away from it. Indeed, in the final analysis, the scheme links the feelings and experiences of the person with the actions that lead to these experiences. And the deeper the process, the deeper these experiences. What is at stake in this development is the ability to achieve infinity, when we learn to simply strengthen our qualities and bring them to their possible limit, which ends with our stay here and not before that.

The scheme stipulates that the most important condition for development is the ability to compare one’s actions, to take responsibility for one’s actions and perceive more deeply the space which we inhabit and in which there is room for everything. This allows us not only to develop ourselves holistically, but also to exist holistically. After all, calling something by a certain name does not mean that you understand what this name signifies.

We live in a geometric space, and all geometric spaces are schematic. In other words nature itself lives according to a scheme, therefore it is useless to reject it, because people always live in a particular coordinate system. However if Man does not understand integrity, he becomes part of someone else’s scheme, and not his own. If Man has not understood the scheme, he is forced to rely on random variables, therefore throughout his life he inevitably increases the number of errors. As a result, we start living not in the volume of actions, but in the randomness of actions.

We should always be able to measure development, this way we will never move away from the center and will never lose our integrity. In other words the scheme is a constructor made up of certain conditions.

Conditions for knowing the scheme:

  • The condition for collecting the scheme
  • The condition for linking the scheme
  • The condition for reinforcing the scheme
  • The condition for maintaining the scheme

Whether we understand these conditions depends on whether we really understand what the scheme is. The scheme is a constructor with its own physical characteristics whose base is the one, i.e. the thing with which we start, or the place that serves as the supporting point of this scheme for us.. This always depends on the conditions: the well-established ones, or the conditions that are specified in us by birth, in other words, on our disposition.

Thus, the scheme should have a form, on the basis of which we should be able to strengthen our potential, change or simply tune ourselves. Without additional power, we will not be able to attain constancy, which means that we will not have the necessary rhythm of growth. Without this power, we will be unable to increase our concentration and, therefore, become aware of the processes that we have built, since all our understanding will be based on the available resources, rather than the resources we’ve built. Understanding the difference between the available and the generated resources is the true task of development. All forms are based on one of the following parameters - energetic, physical and mental, consequently until we equalize them, we will not be able to obtain the scheme of development, since we’ll be living according to the "swan, crab and pike" principle.


15 september 2012

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