Mystical Tour ‘Where the Force resides’

Marcelo Plotnik invites you to take part in the ceremony as part of the adoption Ayahuasca pilgrimage tour to the Sun.

A place where nature has created the earth, where an endless source of various Energy, where draws its strength Amazon, conceals the most precious treasure of South America, it Ayauaska.

Ayauaska (Ayahuasca) - Latin American catfish is the drink of immortality. At the same time, it is a certain kind of strength that can come to those who take part in the ceremony Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca ceremony - a special mystical moment in the life of any who dare to meet force Amazon. This is a special kind of experience.

Ayahuasca ceremony requires some training and should be done only in the totem, a special place where he lives force. In a place where a special kind of growing vines, conductor strength of the same name ( Lat. Banisteriopsis caapi ). In the place where they live holy tree leaves Chakroun ( Chacruna ), an integral satellite elixir, which is prepared specially for the ceremony.

Ayahuasca taking ceremony - an opportunity to meet with a force that connects to the invisible worlds of modern man. This movement is a special, wonderful world that gives a person the cleansing and healing. But most importantly, the ability to understand the secret of the universe.

The Lost World

Amazonia - a place where people of old sought to meet with the real power. It was called differently, but most often it was called Tupi. Even formed a whole tribe of the same name. The number of different power plants, which plays South America, is beyond description. Guarana, poppy, coca leaves, and many other special form of energy in the world. Energy, living in South America and in particular the Amazon.Differently curanderos (shamans) then and now interact with the forces of South America. All the forces are separated by frequency characteristics. And the ability to understand, to pass through them is just a lot ayavaskeros - shaman guides - in the world of power, conducting the ceremony taking Ayahuasca. Ayavaskeros help participants to the ceremony together with the invisible world visible, where during the ceremony changing the geometry of space, not only the person, but also space. Therefore, part of the ceremony called "lost world", as people have lost touch with the invisible world, which helps to restore the spirit, the power of Ayahuasca.


Ayahuasca World

The name "Ayauaska" has a collective value, but, in general, can be defined as a vibrational essence of power seats. Ayauaska - a spiral power seats, which is vine, also like a spiral.

This force, in fact, and sets the whole concept of the Amazon people of the world, where the land is important, not as such, but what kind of power, and where it lives on this earth. That is, the concept of peace - a concept dividend. Naturally, and she Ayauaska also divisible. It has a different vibratory rates, which often gives grounds to call it by various names. For example, Banisteriopsis caapi (Vine spirits). This subspecies of plants, sometimes referred to as the "heavenly Ayauaskoy", is used to enhance vision.

Yahe (Columbia) - A title Ayahuasca used by tribes for which Ayauaska - the life force of the jaguar. It is also the name is connected with a black or rattlesnake Ayauaskoy Ayauaskoy. The point here is the ability to cause a force that nourishes and forms the Jaguar. But it also correlates with the very creature named Ayauaska having the opportunity to take on any size. In addition, the name is also used in the concept of "cleaning."

Natema - another name Ayahuasca used mainly hivaro tribes who use it to treat a sick mind. Correlates well with the notion of a yellow Ayahuasca.

Lage - another one, so to speak, the direction associated with the art of touching the invisible. It can be presented all Ayahuasca when the dose applied, ie, without a deep dive into the world of Ayahuasca, but only c touch to it.

So, with all the variety of names Ayahuasca it has a very strong signal to the impact and interaction, which depends on its ability to penetrate into the nine worlds. According to the penetration and give it a specific classification, which we'll talk. It is very important to know, because there are not only the historical differences in the names and approaches to decision Ayahuasca, but also brought about a variety of alternative movements, which often violate the most fundamental principle Ayahuasca a ban on taking her out.

However, themselves ayauskerosy went on about the fans and offer acceptance Ayahuasca ceremony today in different parts of the world, which gives the idea of ​​this ritual. Although, of course, have to look what type Ayahuasca still used.

Yet the true tradition Ayahuasca connected precisely with the power spot, where her spirit, which is involved in the ceremony. Actually, the word "ayauaska" (Quechua) is understood as "the sacred vine of force." The plant has about 50 different names due to the fact that each of the great variety of Amazonian tribes determine their place in their own way. All such places in the Amazon seventy-two. The grape was used by someone more to communicate with the ancestors, for some it was associated with the life force, the force Tupi, etc. Thus the vine - is a kind of spiral rope, connecting with other people, otherworldly realms.


Ceremony of Ayahuasca (beverage strength of Banisteriopsis caapi vine, which grows in the Amazon) without ayyauaskerro can not be conducted. Whatever role he may perform, more importantly, whether there is this strength Mariri . On it, we'll talk, but for now it is important to understand that this is a true instrument of the ceremony, such as vine leaves or Chakroun.

Ayyauaskerro closes the circle of peace ceremony, her oval or plane. It is he who brings that necessary elixir that has come alive during the ceremony (this ayyauaskerro prepares and collects himself, goes away and literally immersed in the jungle for three days).

Of course, when it comes to pure cleaning function, the process is a bit simpler, but much depends on the objectives of the treatment.Sometimes ayyauaskerro must take a stronger brew, which means it can use yellow Ayahuasca for the patient, and to make his own black.

For ayyauaskerro world has a collective value, it must consist of different components, which represent the various ingredients of the elixir Ayahuasca. Energy during the ceremony shall be stored in it, and in the participants of the ceremony, but the most important - in the space where the ceremony takes place, because this force and calls by Ayahuasca.

Dense world provides the knowledge, it has its own rhythm, which hears and plays ayyauaskerro. His art - playing with space, with an increase or decrease in the frequency. But the most important thing is that only the successful combination of all of this action depends on the arrival of the forces. This is especially important when the ceremony is not just cleaning, but more complicated.

Special mention should be ayyauaskerro tools. And, above all, we need to start with those that help convert force Mariri . Today are used as musical instruments, including the guitar, but the real tool is only one that is able to shoot arrows (that is, it will be about different kinds of reeds).

According to legends, the idea of using the cane as a musical instrument is associated with one of the ceremonies when ayyauaskerro gained momentum Mariri , but the spirit of Ayahuasca did not interact with it and started to leave. Ayyauaskerro chased him, but he did not catch up with him. In desperation, he tore the cane (perhaps bamboo, history is silent on this), and began to whistle after Ayahuasca. The Spirit stopped.

Since then ayyauaskerro was not easy to collect force, but also to transform it through sound. And there was a song Ayahuasca, also known as "flight Ayahuasca." And the idea of ​​the sound evolved into the concept of the lines that connect to the strength and spirits of different levels.

The next important tool is tobacco ayyauaskerro Mapacho with which he cleans the space and creates a flavor of purification. This is such a unique "perfume from ayyauaskerro." He does it just before the ceremony, using an infusion of herbs, cheap cologne, and then there blowing smoke. He cleans them space, first swallows perfume in her mouth and then the function of the sprayer, ionizing them all around. At the end of the ceremony he also "strangles" them all participants.

However, all of the shaman's nothing related to the strength of Mariri , to which he constantly refers to the process of the ceremony. And, of course, a lot going on outside of real imagination, which makes taking Ayahuasca special ritual.


And now the most important - a place of ritual. Ceremony of Ayahuasca - is a totem effect, that is, it must comply with vibration. Otherwise, this action can be given any name, but the initiation process will happen.

I must say that, in fact, the entire Amazon is the place where you can hold the ceremony, that is, there is plenty to choose where and what to look for. Yet the center of the adoption should be considered Ayahuasca Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon.

Surrounded by jungle and presenting a unique bastion of civilization in the depths of the Amazon, Iquitos remains mysterious and enigmatic place. It stands on the banks of the Amazon, surrounded by dense jungle and completely inaccessible, really wild tribes. Many secrets hidden Amazon jungle, but in all likelihood, the gateway to these mysteries is exactly Iquitos, which means the river is not only real connection to the remote parts of the jungle, but also energy.

This is where the constant movement of energy through the Ayahuasca ceremony, and especially that part of it that is associated with the movement in the sacred city of the Incas - places and still hiding in the secret parts of Peru. With them to meet, to take a purification ceremony Ayahuasca or "Don Pedro" (a type of cactus), and then three days to go through the jungle. Process, it must be said, not for the faint of heart.

The main task - is to be a sort of "embalmed" in order not to bring their untrained and low vibrations in sacral area. But that, as they say, is another story, we are interested in a place where such a change is achieved in time, which allows you to solve any problems during the ceremony.

Be that as it may, it is due to Iquitos live on ancient knowledge, which, according to findings, only the official version, there are 5000 years.These knowledge tells us that there were times when it was lived in the Amazon gods were replaced by their representatives. And the main source of their power was the power of the Amazon, which today is Ayahuasca. The very same place associated with a crystal having a "light." In this crystal is likely to chalcedony .

The crystalline nature of the area indicates possible refractions, as it was during the time of Atlantis, when there are parallel worlds. Andean legends point to numerous network of tunnels that supposedly able to bring us up to Tiwanaku (Bolivia), but, most of all, a portal created by the various forms of life. Depending on their level, and people located in different tunnels. Recent knowledge of this we find in the Incas. And, by the way, the Incas hid their treasures just in one of those tunnels.

Thirteen Drops church

Ayyahuaska (hoaska, ayyavaska) - complex ritual culture of South America. First of all, known as a drink strength, "Wine souls" Amazon Indians. Based drink vine Banisteriopsis caapi (Banisteriopsis caapi , Lat.) , known as Yaqub.

Treasure hunting, lost tunnels and portals civilizations of South America predetermined the creation of various organized groups of activity in which the XX century there was not just a movement, but a whole system of religion Santo Daimyo. The very same drink Ayyahuaska received within the system called "hoaska." Its distinctive feature is created and strictly observe formula that regenerates certain vibrations.

This direction takes its origin in the activities of the Jesuits, who created various schemes to be implemented in the deep layers of culture in Latin America. That, on the one hand, substituted for the original problem, but the other has helped to keep many (though changing, so to speak, of the original image). In any case, by the Jesuits had to find some moves to at least study the nature of their own interests. In that they are so very different from other Christian orders.

The name "hoaska" having, in fact, the Portuguese roots, conceals not only another name as certain knowledge, recipes, some ritual, which is fixed for more than a church UDV (Uniao de Vegetal). Hoaski feature - this, of course, the relationship with the representative ayyahusaki forces on the ground. It embodies the priest of the church, which it would be called "Mestre" - master of the ceremony.

Master of ceremonies has not only measures Ayahuasca art, which is very important, but also to promote it. Incidentally, this also went a different definition drugs, but not as a drug, but as a certain vibration group, which produced a series of audio used in the ceremony to shift vibration in consciousness.

This is a very important and complex element ceremony, allowing the master, as opposed to simply a shaman, change vibration pattern. And if the high frequency of the master, he can pick up and the frequency of the ceremony participants to a level that allows to open more complex plans related to life. This is such a thing as the "eyes was-ki». This, in fact, is the idea of ​​a religion as ayvaski Ooh Dai-Wai (UDV) and the Church of St. Daimyo (where "daimyo" means not a particular saint, and the formula, which is implemented in the decision ayyahauski) .

Here we see the connection with the material, where the grass itself, and the process and kalabasa called a word.

In general, the distinguishing feature here is, in fact, a more intelligent approach to the use and understanding of the physical laws of making a drink, and not just sensory involvement. Although even here, in the purely ritual taking all relies on force mariri or Yaqub , as it is called in Holy forces Daimyo.

Place of the ceremony

Venue of the ceremony of Ayahuasca - one of the main aspects that define how well it can take all the action. The ceremony takes place in an area where power lives Ayahuasca, that is in the Amazon. But, in fact, even this is not enough, because this area is very large and has a different resonance characteristics.

It is important that the vertical resonant frequency higher than the horizontal in about 2-3. Such a place is defined by the presence of specific energy crops, which are the energy map of the Amazon. The adoption of the Amazon Ayahuasca outside space, and even more in other parts of the world, nullifying the main task of the ceremony - the Force Ayahuasca. Therefore, the ritual is not only ineffective, but also dangerous because it can result in sharply to break his mental state.

If you really want to benefit from taking Ayahuasca and experience an unforgettable experience, the ceremony should be performed not only in the Amazon, and far from any settlement, which can disrupt the circulation of energy in the ceremony.

Preparation Ayahuasca

One of the most important steps in the culture is the art of cooking Ayahuasca drink, and everything depends on the reality ayyauaskero.

It is important that ayyahuaskero himself gathered all the ingredients and cook them. For this, he usually goes to the jungle for a few days, and the process of gathering the necessary components becomes a major ritual action, because he must not only find certain plants, but also to identify the most powerful. Of which will be in force and other components of the vine Ayahuasca, depends on the power of all elixir.

Picking ingredients depends on the location and disposition ayvaskero. The quality of the ceremony of Ayahuasca important to know where the broth obtained. Today it is very easy to buy on the market, the shaman, but we must understand that this may be not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

Once collected all the ingredients, vine cut into small pieces and sometimes pounded. First begin to cook the vine, then, at its discretion, ayvaskero gradually adds Chakroun leaves and other plants.

Ayahuasca is boiled for 12-16 hours. The broth is made from vines, but it can be added to the leaves Chakroun linking power drink. Also, at the discretion ayyahuaskero may be added and other power plants. Cooking process Ayahuasca carefully controlled.

The result should be the preparation of the drink an elixir that will contain the force mariri . An important role to play Chakroun leaves (in some families were collected only women). Elixir is supposed to be a viscous composition and a brown color.

Composition Ayahuasca

Banister caapi ( Banisteria caapi ) - vine family malpighian height of 40-60 meters. It grows in the Amazon today: in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. There are more than one hundred species of Banisteriopsis, but only five used for the ceremony of the drink Ayahuasca.

So, the first and most important thing to understand: Ayahuasca - a formula that today has a lot of options, even including synthetic compounds. And much depends not only on pharmacological knowledge, but from the experience ayyauaskerro, his ability to control the active ingredients and the right to form the proportion of drink.

Dosage in making very dependent on what kind of plant material was used and in what quantity. Most interesting is that you can never repeat cooking Ayahuasca one to one, you need to really be able to feel its power.
Often a drink called "Ayahuasca", give an incredible cocktail that instead of good can lead to serious metabolic damage. And even properly cooked Ayahuasca without control of its adoption may be at least ineffective. It is especially dangerous when the leaves Chakroun substitute different chemical compounds.

Also today, and the very Ayahuasca some experimenters substitute substances rich harmaline, harmine and other psychotropic substances (dimethyltryptamine), affects the brain. This is due to the fact that the Ayahuasca, if taken outside the zone of growth, where there are more oxidative and chemical processes, the product is completely different in its impact. Therefore, the composition of the drink should look through the prism of the chemical reactions that his admission should have their allowable strength and could assimilate man.

Any plant containing DMT (dimethyltryptamine), should be viewed through the prism of his place of growth and place making. Although this alkaloid can be extracted from many plants, everywhere he behaves differently: somewhere needs protection (aligning with other elements), somewhere becomes aggressive.

Ayahuasca - is, first and foremost, the soma-drink, the quality of which is determined by its properties, the place and the art of receiving. That is simply acting formulation preparation Ayahuasca to achieve the effect of the drink is not enough. One of the necessary conditions, for example - need to take it to the energy band with pH 5.5-6.2 land. Any qualitative impact of drink is where we reach the state of linking components with our body, not just reveal the unconscious. And higher learning is, of course, related to the ability of ingredients to crystallization (see fungus ganoderma ).

Thus, Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi, caapi or yajé) - is, first and foremost, the vine, representing the spirits force areas. It dominates the beta-carboline alkaloid natural vegetable origin. It allows you to rearrange the active elements in the structure, to protect the body from harmful, crystallizing the active elements. To do this, just low pH-critical environment. If the pH-medium high, then it becomes part of a chemical reaction and not inhibit it. For this reason, by the way, before taking Ayahuasca should follow a certain diet.

Fully determine the chemical composition of the drink is impossible, since every two hours, it changes its structure. All depends on the extract, on how it affects the alkaloids. Of course, harmine, tetrahydroharman harmaline and DMT not going away, but increases the number of microorganisms that contribute to the overall process of influence.

The ritual of making Ayahuasca

Admission Ayahuasca without ayyahuaskero without shaman curandero, in the wrong place can have the most dire consequences. In addition, it is essential that decision-drink has complied with all conditions of passing force Ayahuasca the depths of our consciousness.

The ritual is taking at least five different phases that need to undergo mandatory. If the level is high ayyahuaskero, he can use all nine of thirteen levels, and even that may be rather theoretical than practical, since this ayyahuaskero must be truly outstanding master of his craft.

The first level is related to the setting here is the process of training without ayyahuaskero, it is only the implementation of its recommendations. Next is the setting for an elixir, where different ritual objects, depending on the person with the more used to working with a shaman. Then comes the turn of ritual tobacco mapacho , which is used to clean the space and the body. The next step depends on proper preparation Ayahuasca directly the occurrence of linkage with Chakroun Ayahuasca spirit, that is, what level of vision set elixir.

The process of going through ayyahuasku associated with the passage of different vibrational levels, which are made in certain vision, shape, and color. Ayyahuasku consume in one sitting.

Then, depending on what kind of force is a man, he can get in touch with the powers similar to those of its vibration. Curanderos divides these forces are:

  • Force of water - Hohne Nete
  • Temporal world that we represent - Non Nete
  • World Destruction - Pansin Nete
  • World of timelessness - Hakon Nete

Depending on where a person has more problems there ayyahuaska and cleans it. In this work ayyahuaskero extremely important to participants in the ceremony does not get lost in his own world.

Still stands out as a direct meeting with the power of drink when he comes Ayyahuaska. This is a special part of the ceremony, which is associated with the participants. Spirit comes not always drink, and, of course, not everyone can see it. Usually limited to the power of ritual jaguar, which is used to control the ceremony. However, I was able to meet two times by Ayyahuaskoy. Believe me, this is a truly memorable meeting, a special status and special moment.

Ayyahuaska himself like a huge beast the size of a three-story house somewhere. He seemed for a while pushing the space, making it large enough so it can fit inside. Curandero at this point is trying to strengthen the force at mariri . Yet the participants for some time to practice another form of measurement.

But we should not forget that the work with ayyahuaskoy also part of teaching, and then from the perspective of the main fields of the Andean cosmogony are three worlds:

  • Uayramama world - the mother of air, bringing the energy of life
  • World Pachamama - Mother Earth that brings about the accumulation of knowledge
  • Yakumama world - the mother of water, generating knowledge about the changes and transformations

The ritual of making Ayahuasca has a rhythm that accompanies the entire ceremony. With it ayvaskero controlled process. Through this rhythm is cleansing, although this largely contributes to tobacco mapacho and perfume, made ​​of herbs (usually use grass piri-piri ).

The most important element is the ritual ceremony, which includes the setting item, self acceptance and beverage outlet. Ideally, when the ceremony lasts for 6-8 hours. The short ceremony is most commonly associated with some medical problems and for them to make a special ayyahuaska (often called "yellow"). Or it could be the adoption of a ritual drink (such as is used in the church).

Ideally, the place of the ceremony was next to the place where you can then go to rest, but it does not matter. However, we must understand that the process was abruptly stopped and continued for 4 to 12 hours depending on the strength of Ayahuasca.

Now, as the venue of the ceremony: it must be convenient to the cleansing process is not violated. Since it is often accompanied by vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea, all participants should know how to behave during the ritual. For this, they are a little instruction.

But, in fact, as each ritual Ayahuasca decision depends on the objectives, which can be both therapeutic and restorative, cleansing, religious, vision problems opening or strengthening of consciousness, etc. - depending on all of this and form of the ritual varies in one direction or another. The same can be said for the active participants in the ceremony, which ranges from the passive to active, when the special hymns are sung and danced a certain rhythm.

To be continued ...

13 july 2012

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