The Way of Women

The question of understanding or defining the idea that forms a kind of consequential understanding of women from the perspective of their development or life, can not be declarative by nature, or, indeed, purely argumentative by nature for two fundamental reasons. Because the main problem when we consider the question of women lies, first of all, in the emotional perception, and secondly - in the ad-hoc behavior of society towards women.

What’s extremely important is that the way of women is an issue that needs to be understood, above all, by Man and not by Woman, as the regulation of a woman's life and its development is related to the conditions of the modern world where Man determines both the development and the behavior of women.

But this is today's reality ... There was a rather large period of conscious evolution of humanity that was correlated with the matriarchal system. So before we begin to define certain aspects of the way of women, I want to say a few words about this period.

In nature nothing is developed with no particular reason, therefore if there was such a period, it certainly followed particular rules. And indeed this period was related to a very curious moment when Earth’s vibration was - in its resonance form - most structured.

It was a period that allowed women to live in a balanced space. This very condition of being in a balanced space allowed women to create, or rather, to fill space. This fact finds explanation and proof in different cultures, even in conditions where the matriarchal system was absent.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and even in Rome, with the Celts, and in Latin America women were given the very important role of building and generating the energy of the egregore that was understood as society's attitude to the totem or energy of the inhabited space. By their nature, and in contrast to men, women have a closed body structure that allows them to naturally accumulate and generate energy.

This however happens only if the woman is in externally balanced conditions. To help women realize their natural abilities, special living conditions were created for them where women's inner balance was not disturbed by external influences.

By the way, this is where the concept of the home originates from – an absolutely feminine concept. Man was never predisposed to living in a confined space. Enclosed spaces were created only for the gods, who nourished the energy of the space. A similar role was assigned to women too. Then the following question arises: where does the idea that man can develop better and achieve better results come from? The answer is twofold: social and physiological. Let’s start with physiology.

The closed system of the woman is related to the generation of energy with the help of the womb, however the womb can not generate all the human energy frequencies. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a woman can not switch over to the male principle of energy generation. The energy circulation in man is by nature determined by his consciousness, whereas the energy circulation in women is determined by their womb. Moreover, in regards to his initial indicators, Man has the conditions for a maximum energy conversion.

At the same time the nature of women presupposes working with a limited range of frequencies, however she has the necessary conditions for working with these frequencies, whereas man can work with higher frequencies, yet he doesn’t have the necessary conditions for doing this work.

You can say: But if a man has no internal support, then how does he think and how has he created everything? Yet who told you that man is the one who created everything, and governs it all? You need to understand first of all the properties of energy. By his nature man is a medium, he has a point of definition, but no point for managing this process. Man’s consciousness is regulated by higher-frequency characteristics and they define his nature. In fact, man visualizes life in the frequencies in which space wants to exist. He does not superimpose his will and his understanding.

I will now illustrate this with an example demonstrating the social aspect of belittling women. After the end of the matriarchal system, man took over the regulation of woman’s life, however we now understand that this was not in fact done by man, but rather by the medium. And every medium requires a higher medium (one of them is, for example, the Celtic Saint Columba).

The most interesting fact is that in parallel to this people began creating Knowledge. Basically, knowledge was created by men. Therefore it turns out that all knowledge was created by mediums, there was no reasoning involved. Yet the problem is that although Man played the role of the medium, he did not understand this role, so thus he created the idea of pseudo-man. And as a guide he used the higher level mediums. Hence, by the way, comes man’s reverence towards his boss, who is for him energetically only a medium of a higher rank. In fact, men-mediums were divided into two groups: the more esoteric (who respect more evident mediums, such as the Saints), and a the less esoteric (the, so to speak, reasonable mediums, for whom the venerable medium is the medium of Teaching) .

Thus, for the men of science Newton is a medium with a higher position than Jesus Christ. It is interesting to compare Newton and Jesus from the perspective of Taoist concepts, where Jesus Christ is seen as an adept who attained the ability to transform his physical body, which is in the Taoist tradition a norm of knowledge. At the same time Newton demonstrated a higher - according to the Taoist tradition - rate of knowledge - the operation with high-frequency energy.

The art of transforming the consciousness stands higher in the Taoist system than that of transforming the body. In other words, roughly speaking, Jesus Christ transformed himself, while Newton folded space, he changed its geometry. What’s most interesting here is not what Newton revealed to the world, but the way he did it.

Or take Bach – men like him materialized vibrations with high frequencies. But this is the effort of a medium and not a conscious effort. In other words, Woman has by nature a greater intelligence than man, however her reasoning is limited.

The idea of women's intuition reveals the concept of knowledge. At a certain stage of social life, when Woman understood not only physical nature, but also energy, she expressed this, and most interestingly man identified this intelligence as esoteric, that is, he looked at human intelligence from the perspective of his own medium properties.

In fact, Man, not understanding that he was a medium, identified the medium in the woman. Yet it takes a medium to identify a medium. So a very interesting situation occurred when Woman, who was not a medium, was identified as such simply because various vibrational properties were not intelligible for or had been lost to society. This was the beginning of the period of women’s destruction.

Naturally, while living in a corrupted external space, which did not allow her to remain in balance, Woman lost her internal connection. As a result, Woman – who by nature had a basic consciousness - could no longer use it. There’s a lot of evidence for this at all stages of evolution.

For example, if the woman is born with good prenatal indicators, and she manages to live in generally balanced external conditions, she can achieve serious analytical capabilities, impossible for modern man. Man, although he has indicators for thinking, is not able to use them, because in order to do this he must have an inner support. However inner support needs establishing.

It turns out that human nature lies in constant dependence to the space that we inhabit. However having lost her natural wisdom, Woman begins to destroy this space, because by nature Woman can not and should not live in a state of chaos. By nature Woman has a center, and when a she enters in a chaotic development, society simply does not give her the opportunity to build a relationship with her own womb. Society sees the Woman simply as someone who gives birth to children.

No one ever thinks about the fact the womb gives birth to something every month. The womb is designed to improve the energy of both the woman, and of space. Yet go and tell someone that people used woman's womb to improve the space of the totem, to improve the crafts to improve all actions, in which women were involved, that Woman was something like a generator. Today although she produces energy Woman can not use it. Because she was deprived of her basic intelligence, and has become dependent on the chaos of space, and the energy of this chaos destabilize herself and the natural intelligence (cycle) she depends upon.

Man-medium has come up with an entertainment for his non-regulated energy - sex. If you have energy, then you need to find what to do with it! And, of course, since Woman could produce energy, she could easily arouse Man, which in fact lowered her frequency. This process of transferring Man from the category of the man-medium (who had no intelligence but had the insurance of super-frequency vibration) to that of  man-animal (who, due to his lowered frequency and the absence of reason, approached the vibrational level of the animal). The result is a scheme of relations on a very primitive level.

The Romans invented a way to develop the muscles so as to break down the spirit, however who invented sex so as to destroy the energy? There are a number of possible answers, yet, nevertheless, the Romans are the most probable (some researchers see a special meaning in the reverse reading of the word Roma – Amor).

Anyway, as a result of this men created the art of men’s destruction, teaching men to develop their muscles disproportionately (violating the idea of unity of the body) and also of women’s destruction (creating conditions for the generation of chaotic energy with which the woman's mind could no longer cope.)

This historical account reveals an interesting formula, in which the woman is a product of space, aimed at generating human will, whereas Man is a product aimed at destruction. If that is the case, then somewhere there must be a space that helps create the idea of such an existence.

In this regard it is interesting to study the directional effect of two cultures - the Etruscan and Celtic - that fought against the decrease of human frequency, and did not let people engage in unregulated intercourses. If we look closely at the history of Rome's interaction with the Celts and the Etruscans, we will see an interesting fact: the place where Rome is, generates energy with a resonance, aimed at the destruction of human will. This fact opens, as they say, a whole field of interpretation and theories. After all, what kind of people are Italians today? They are people dependent on emotions. And the emotions and reactions form the point of discontinuity, the point of failure for everyone.

Today Woman represents this very same aspect, because chaotic space already dwells within her. Therefore the first thing we should do is increase the frequency of women, which will help return the energy to their brain. So, the way of women can be reduced to the following most important factor - raising the frequency indicators.

If the frequency indicators of the woman are not increased, the resonance powers will very quickly lower her to their necessary level of consumption. If the woman does not understand how to increase her vibration, then whatever she is engaged with can not be regarded as development. In other words she will simply continue to do what she has done before yet hidden under a different cloak.

Thus, discussing the way of women, we should urge women look for two things: first – the external balance, because without it they can not begin to develop; and second – an opportunity to increase their frequency characteristics, which will enable them to move away from the dependence brought about by social development.

You might object: But what about the Renaissance? Renaissance was the most emotional section created by the human race. In it Mankind switched to the external orientation. The human mind is like a ping-pong, it needs something to push itself off, if it is not in itself, and the creativity of the Renaissance was one of the biggest traps for the mind, this was when people went from feelings to emotion. The perception of beauty was forced upon Mankind: there was a reaction to beauty, but there was no understanding of beauty. However there’s a significant difference between the two.

Take the Greeks - at a certain stage of development they chose to structure the gods, this however required knowledge. They had feeling, and perception, yet their consciousness was not yet developed. So they created the conditions for the emergence of philosophy and contributed to the development of the arts that advanced the brain. At first everything was fine, and it fit into two interesting concepts: Platonism and Neoplatonism, where we observe a connection to the ancient understanding, as well as an attempt to operate with consciousness.

The result was a strengthening of the brain, combined however with a loss of vision. Actually, these brainy guys created the first Roman culture, they developed the consciousness, but they lost touch with nature. In other words they made an attempt to make Man human, to take him away from the plane of existence of the medium. This, one might even say, was the idea of the perfect man, and we can only bow before the Romans for it. But if this idea was not realized, what’s more, if it was distorted, then what good is it?

These first perfect or semi-perfect people began to teach others how to think. And what did they get? They didn’t really begin to think, yet they lost touch with nature!

This is the idea of the first real world government, which included Aristotle, Seneca, Plato, and Cicero. These were the first true masons. And these Masons – the ones you would never suspect they were Masons – piled up on the Jews. The idea of the harmfulness of the Jews was invented by the Romans. Initially they invented the story to distract people’s attention, and, of course, to thus protect the place where the perfect space was created (Jerusalem).

And where was fascism formed? In Italy, of course! It evolved into a structured form in Germany, and Hitler simply served as its medium, but initially fascism was the brainchild of the founder of Futurism, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, and one of the leaders of the right-wing labor movement Alcheste de Ambris.

And here the story with the Jews is repeated: first, the Romans invented the entire story about the Jews, and then they turned the Jews into the most reactionary people. But all this is nothing compared to the most important weapon for degradation, invented by these same Romans - love. Even sex is nothing compared to this provocation. Why not? Because love is a feeling that can not exist in a chaotic space, it destroys the woman. Love as a feeling can only exist in a constant, balanced space. Everything else is emotion, and an accumulated – with the help of society – set of reactions to it. In ancient times, people expressed a certain attitude toward the sky, and then for some reason, they began to express their relationship to each other.

Love today is an emotion, but if you talk seriously about love, you must consider it as a physiological process, i.e. through the different vibrations of understanding of this feeling, produced by different glands; however people can not identify this, because their minds are weaker than this emotion and, therefore, depend on it.

When a person’s vibration is lower than the problem, it's hard to get to the task, which can become a serious obstruction. However, the first, who can understand this, are women. Therefore, now teaching should be done in the following order: first develop the women, then develop the children, then the police and the military, and then all the rest.


05 april 2012

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