Pseudo freedom is the exchange of one space where the person has not managed to find realization for another.

People who have not learned how or are incapable of strengthening or immersing themselves into something, sooner or later get tired of this, they get tired of the space they cannot find realization in or cannot correspond to. Of course we can exist in such a space for a rather long time and we can also help the space distract us from ourselves. Or else we’ll have to expend our efforts. And when the space distracts the person, it acts for him and he then starts changing the space so that one substitute can take the place of another substitute.

If the space provides nothing for the person or he cannot find himself in it, then sooner or later any space can become tiresome. We can remain in the same space and feel satisfied only if we improve ourselves constantly, in other words when we become part of a process or, as already mentioned, when the space nourishes us. If the space is more powerful than us, it prevails and the person – incapable of coping with this – leaves temporarily feeling relief, which is what we call pseudo-freedom.

A huge number of people flow over from one space into another. Here ‘space’ should be understood above all as man’s relationship to something, i.e. what occupies him most. Let’s say he is occupied with something and then he gives up and feels free. And as a result he even feels well for a certain time. But then the following question arises: For how long will he feel well? Time will pass and he will again feel not well. Then he will start looking for the next space where he will either continue with something similar or will exchange one similar for another similar thing.

This will continue until the person understands that freedom is an inner personal quality that can never be defined by external behavior. External freedom cannot exist for freedom can only be internal. We can of course examine an ideal situation where a person is born more or less harmonious, he lives in a harmonious place in a harmonious society. In this case he will live in a filled state where he wouldn’t have to do anything. However this is not freedom either, it’s simply a condition that prevents one from deteriorating in the process of living.

This is a very grave issue because when changing the space, people usually do not understand that  they change one thing for something similar or for something that is even worse. Sometimes they find justification for their standing in relation to what they’ve done but they do not understand!

Generally, a definition can exist only when there’s a thing to be defined. You can define the space of the army: it disciplines man. While being in the army no one feels free. However the army helps develop an effort necessary for existence. The paradox is that sooner or later this effort starts to dominate over the external lack of freedom.

Going back from the army into society Man finds himself in an even greater lack of freedom that has no limits determining his effort. So if he does not find a use for the effort he has already built, he loses it and becomes a hostage to the space that teaches him to live with no effort. Yet losing the effort we lose the conditions for operating with our freedom and for fighting against the lack of freedom.

Man’s effort is the condition for living, a condition for existence. A man that has no effort cannot express his personal will. The most dangerous thing for Man is the illusion called democracy. There never has been, isn’t and can never be a democracy for free men since freedom is about developing one’s effort. The effort develops one’s power, and only when the power has become a given, self-dictatorship turns into self-democracy. Yet there can be no freedom without dictatorship.

Let’s take for example democratic England. It is ruled by the dictatorship of the law. Whether you like it or not, this allows for the system to exist. Only the existence of certain limits that force Man to focus create for him the perspective for freedom.

Let’s take the following example: prison. Who is freer: the man who has lain in prison or the man who has not? The one who has, of course! The one who has lived in confinement has a real understanding of what freedom is and  he is prepared for it. The person who has not been imprisoned can only make statements and think about freedom but he cannot even compare living with an effort yet not in freedom to living with no effort yet in freedom.

Naturally, here we must understand a larger set of parameters so as to produce a detailed analysis or rather n order to even reason on this topic, however there’s one clear criterion – the effort. Only the effort nourishes the body, the energy and the brain. Without it, man forms a pseudo-effort, or a condition for living with no effort.

When the body is in constant stress it either starts producing energy or it dies. Why is discipline a form of stress for man? Because the society we live in is not well organized. When Man is in constant stress,  of course, he is forced to find support in his inner state. Therefore he essentially changes his frequency and starts generating energy. In this case he starts feeling a more pleasure by what he is than by what he is related to.

Vine behaves in the exact same manner: it is planted in the ground and can not leave it. It might not like this situation – why would I have to sit in the same spot? Yet, whether it likes it or not, these are its conditions. This however does not mean that they are good.

So what does the true wine-grower do? He creates stressful conditions for the vine providing it with less water. As a result the vine strives to develop its own root system in order to get as much water as possible on its own. This makes the vine stronger, more powerful and full.

People who understand wine can immediately tell if a certain wine is strong or not. A weak wine can never survive for more than five years. If the wine lacks power, it simply cannot develop any further.

The same applies to the concept of pseudo-freedom – a very serious concept. Superficial people will always live in a state of lack of freedom because in reality people can never leave either. Just like they’ve lived in a certain space in a state of pseudo-freedom, they will move to another place and still live in the same state since freedom has absolute physical parameters.

At the very least, freedom is the energy which satisfies man being there. And taking into account the fact that today in the external world there are no societies that form the effort (except, perhaps, the army and prisons, which keep not only the body and energy, but also the human mind under stress), a person does not hold much of a chance to understand this.

By the way, in the world today free nations do not exist, because basically dictatorship is typical for a small part of society. Take, for example, the Soviet Union. It was the perfect society, not created by the principle of the totem, because people were placed in a situation where they could not rely on the external. The most interesting thing here is that more than 90% of the people were in these circumstances, and they were forced to find inner freedom, since they could find support only within themselves.

But we must understand that I am not calling upon you to create some kind of society that can do something, because society is created in accordance with the vibrations in which it is located. I am simply talking about the understanding of this process. So whatever we do, we must understand that the blame for our lives lies only within us! Therefore we are the only people who can realize our potential ! We have to learn how to swim!

Clearly, you’ve been thrown into the ocean, but this does not mean that you should not try to swim, because you still have the most important thing - the process! There is no coast, but there is a process. It is better to sail not knowing when the coast will appear, than to find a coast and live on it without understanding. Because while you swim (and I'm talking about being in the process), you generate power. And when you learn how to generate power, this will help you feel satisfied with the fact that you are swimming. The most dangerous thing is to look for someone to blame for your lack of freedom, for your lack of satisfaction. This speaks of our limitations and demonstrates that we are far from understanding  real freedom.

If people lived by this concept, the most important thing they would have received  is a quite different set of values in life. The fact that a man has placed on himself various benefits (which for some reason he considers good), does not make him happy. Man not only declares this concept, he also defends it. And this is understandable: if a person has no power inside, he is forced to look for it outside.

All this is included in the concept of pseudo-freedom: a situation where the person receives a temporary exemption from the preceding and has not yet developed a dependency to the next. Based on my observations I can even say that this period usually lasts from 3 to 6 months, when the person is protected, and up to 3 years when he accumulates a new frustration.

A person who has not learned to be internally free, sooner or later, always falls in the same situation. Therefore, one must first learn how to isolate himself from what destroys him, and only then should he start moving toward the thing that develops him. Discipline and regularity of employment is what effectively isolates him. Of course, many people do not like this, but until you build your power, you have to understand that you are a prisoner, because you are a man with no power.


01 april 2012

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