Geometry of the Body

The inability, incompetence and unwillingness of contemporary Man to work on himself is typical not only for those who do nothing but also for the ones who are engaged in something. Development requires a genuine understanding of what you do and a genuine result. And the genuine result is the internal satisfaction from the process.

There are two basic efforts in our body – the effort of development and the effort of destruction. And, whether you want it or not, you can either develop yourself or destroy yourself. Defending your own position, for example, or lacking an understanding of what you do and why you do it may well be elements of the destruction. Whereas, results based on the process are never final.

If people practice for the sake of someone or something then they actually exist outside the process, they live with the ideas of the result. However, the result is always less significant in relation to the effort than the process itself. The process is inevitably related to improvement because it increases the effort. What destroys Man is the fact that he dwells outside the process, he lives with the ideas of the result that grow into dreams about the results. These very ideas have drawn in the mind of contemporary Man an utopian picture of the process, which is in fact false.

This false process has taught Man to desire or not to desire because it usually creates a certain effort. Where does it come from? It comes from our spare time - when we take a break from something. In other words, we first experience something that burdens us, something we don’t like, so that we can later take a break from it. Why live something we shouldn’t if we’d have to take a break from it?

You might object: One may also take a break from something he desires! And I will reply with the concepts of the known and the unknown. Why talk about the known if you lack the ability to acquire knowledge? What is it that charges our unwillingness, reluctance, and frustration? We should think about the fact that we’re actually increasing our power while being engaged in unknown processes. If the mind is not based on understanding – which is the reason for sloth, malice and frustration – then there’s no mind at all because the mind is long dependent on unknown efforts.

All unregulated actions are unconscious, in other words a certain energy controls Man and Man translates in into definitions he has developed (or rather definitions he has reacted to). This energy often has a growth period and sooner or later people come up with a definition for it.

Let’s take a situation, for example, where one man says about another that he doesn’t like him. If his brain is not working, any such ratiocination is based on reactions since it lacks support. However since Man’s body can produce different efforts, he obtains a certain sensation for a volume in his life that changes under the influence of the circumstances and affects his moods.

If we try to examine the nature of this effort we’ll see that the body is controlled by the effort that has the most perfect geometry. Which is the effort with the most perfect geometry in our body? The vessels of the genitals! The geometry of the vessels of the genitals can not only create an effort but can also transform the frequency.

Naturally, we have many other organs that have their own geometry however the effort and the degree of the transformation is different for all of them, and if we don’t develop them, then they depend on those geometry parameters that have greatest influence upon them. By the way, many cultures have adopted the phallus and the uterus as sacred symbols. It is very important that we understand the mechanism of the vibration that’s inherent in our nature.

What’s worse is not the fact that Man becomes dependent on certain inherent geometrical indicators but that he is not geometrically well-built. So his energies cannot fit into one another. Essentially, Man thus turns an area that should first of all nourish the mind into an area that he depends upon for the acquisition of certain emotional states.

Originally, Mankind did not have such a large number of intercourses as we have today. People lived and interacted with each other with reference to the totem (i.e. their relationships were determined and regulated by the power of their habitat, and their tribe), and not with reference to their reactions to each other.

Even today in certain tribes people live completely naked, which however does not mean that they throw themselves at each other. These people may well seem wild to contemporary Man, however the geometry of their genitals vessels is not disrupted and they do not enter into chaotic and promiscuous relationships.

Data shows that women in these societies used to have intercourse with men only once in a six-month period. And every intercourse was a prerequisite for the bearing of a child, because people did not use condoms and other infantry ammunition, and they did care who would be born to them.

The wedding night was generally accompanied by a very long ritual. This ritual still exists in some cultures – in the Yoruba culture, for example. The ritual lasted three days - not for the sake of reaching a certain day but for the sake of reaching a certain state. Similar knowledge is featured also in the Taoist alchemy where the basic task is not the intercourse but the preparation for the state.

The Taoist tradition states that if we want to have better geometrical vessels we should absorb to a maximum degree the energy they transform. The understanding of what in the modern world is called ‘sexual energy’ is an understanding of the ideas of geometry.

If we have a vessel that can transform the crude energy into fine energy then why not make our whole body into such a vessel? Of course, all people who venture on the path of development must free themselves from the sexual subordination and understand that sex is above all a source for transformation.

Every sexual interaction today leads not only to a decrease in the vibration qualities of man but also to the loss of Man as such. Just imagine what kind of mind is the mind subjected by sexual energy, what kind of power it has if it depends on sexual energy!

From the standpoint of development every sexual interaction is a long and serious process. Every sexual interaction requires that you go through different stages of transformation. Actually, the lack of development culture and namely the lack of understanding for geometry today prevents Man from learning this art and understanding its depth.

Ultimately, all human development boils down to improving one’s geometry. And the ultimate perfection is the perfection of the geometry of the brain. Once it has been achieved, Man can begin the process of structuring.

To understand geometry as a method for transformation means to know true development. Of course, one can find pleasure in self-destruction too, however the nature of pleasure is temporary, whereas the nature of development is spatial, so you have to spend the time and efforts to make sure that eventually satisfaction has a higher impact on your consciousness than  pleasure.

Let’s take, for example, someone who eats meat – he’s burning himself down, he’s growing dumber and dumber, and getting more skilled at the art of self-destruction. Yet if a vegetarian does not understand the reason why he’s not burning himself down, then he also does not understand the art of development. And the lack of understanding of development is a form of destruction too.

Now, let’s go back to sex. In the modern world sex is long gone, what exist is a reaction to sex. Because Man cannot experience this process, for it requires a proper brain geometry that can help him to take hold of and to preserve the energy; otherwise he simply burns it.

Man’s experiences are reduced to a reactionary process, which cannot be considered an experience. It can hardly be called a sensation since there are no conditions for transformation. This is a process external to knowledge, therefore it’s inhuman, animal.

Today people see each other through the prism of the TV, of rhythm, and opinion, and not through the prism of personal experience. The maximum that Man can experience today - or rather call forth within himself - is again that animal process that he can reduce himself to. In order to change this process, he has to change his mind. Yet in order to change his mind, he has to change the geometry of his mind. In order to change the geometry of his mind, he has to change the geometry of his body.

It is impossible to technically play various games,  like Kama Sutra, the Tao of love, Rodriguez and Mercedes , etc., without changing the conditions of the experience. Until Man understands that he can feel excited in his feet, his knees, his thighs and the back of his head, he does not understand volume. And this is no esoteric knowledge, it’s simply knowledge of geometry.

Geometry is extremely important for us because it enables us to form not only a support for our mind but also a place where we can develop our power. This growth of power is the most impressive thing we can achieve in our lives. It’s the meaning of the true understanding of the practice. It is the highest level of experience.

Let’s go back to the reproductive system – when Man reaches an orgasm, he gets an energy of a higher frequency, however if there’s no geometry, then there’s no place where this energy can be saved. Therefore each orgasm process is a dying process for the energy because of the lack of geometry where this energy can be preserved. Even women who by nature have a closed structure cannot achieve this because there’s no real link between the uterus and the mind.

Moreover, one can be considered a student only after he has understood geometry. Because real support is quite different from the simple desire for something. Naturally, we should also take into account one’s prenatal parameters, however no matter how high these parameters are, the mind is what determines one’s growth - because what’s being discussed here is namely growth, which also has its geometry – geometry of growth.

Whatever man is, he depends above all on the geometrically built characteristics of his body. And he follows them until the moment he takes control over them. Why is it that contemporary man does not understand what geometry is? Because geometry is related solely to the conscious effort, and the conscious effort has a frequency much higher than the frequency of our body. Therefore our task is to center our brain and understand the basic effort in the brain with the aim of understanding  and building this geometry, which is also a condition for irrevocability. Because it helps you reach a frequency of interaction with your mind that is indestructible, that can only grow and be maintained. Naturally, the transition from the subjected state to the controlled state takes time. But the decision is yours.

Understanding the geometry is equally as important for the people who have come into this world with a higher quality. Even of you were born a demigod this, alas, does not mean that you have a brain. Dumb demigods cannot understand themselves and much less teach others. They should be quickly placed in some school of excellence and brought to reason.

How were things in Ancient times? Let’s take the Zapotec, for example, or people in Ancient Egypt – they used to change the skull because in ancient times all people were born with higher parameters. They did not give birth to all and sundry.

From the standpoint of the geometry of the mind we must understand geometry as a whole. And to understand the geometry of the mind means to be able to not only follow certain vibrations but also to be able to experience them.

They say, for example, that people have 7 different energy bodies. In fact, these 7 energy bodies have 7 different vibrations and each vibration corresponds to a certain form. There can be no vibration without a form, it has to be structured. Moreover these bodies are placed within one another.

The comprehension of geometry can be expressed in a very simple scheme, which states that we go through particular stages. Initially we have a certain figure (no matter what), and then from it we get a tetrahedron – the condition for building a human nature. Then we turn in into a cube as a condition for producing power, then we get a sphere and after the sphere we get a star or a crystal, which goes on to another existence.

Therefore our very first task requires that we understand the tetrahedron. The geometry of the tetrahedron is not quite joyous because at this stage we simply connect, and when we get the cube, this is a more joyous experience. However the tetrahedron helps us understand volume and move away from linearity.

All people live in linear conditions which is why they live according to the ping-pong principle: said – replied, said – replied, they are incapable of experiencing and understanding the process, they can only react to it. Therefore if you want to live in a human format, you should understand the tetrahedron.


30 march 2012

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