Mistakes of the people engaged in inner practices

Today, when the concept of development is determined in different ways by different people, when development is defined by those who aren’t actually engaged in it, it’s really hard to instill in people the need to understand what development is exactly, instead of getting engaged in it without the proper preparation.

Today, when people exist in a reactionary state, and knowledge has been substituted with information, it’s really hard to distinguish development from what is simply a consumption of one’s abilities and mistakes.

The failure to understand the reference point, the experience of provoking, and most importantly the development of unnecessary or even a dangerous efforts in the body, energy and consciousness, all of this often prevents us from finding and identifying the errors with our consciousness (which is not only incapable of identifying, but is even incapable of simply focusing).

A problem here is that people wrongly believe that they are actually accumulating something, when in fact they posses a good potential by nature, which they simply operate with and do not develop.

The mistakes of the people involved in inner practices can be subdivided into two groups: acquired and accumulated.

Acquired mistakes are a matter that we can understand, only after we have successfully eliminated the accumulated mistakes (as they are in some way a product of the acquired mistakes).

Acquired mistakes

It is rather difficult and even wrong to divide the acquired mistakes into subgroups since they are interrelated and are determined by the spatio-temporal laws and the laws of rhythm. However, their common manifestation can be specified (not forgetting that one can not exist without the other).

Nutrition mistakes. This is a situation when an insufficient or even a destructive code has been input regarding the use of breathing and eating. It’s extremely dangerous if this code does not correspond to human nature.

Physiological mistakes. Associated with disturbances in one of the bodily systems or organs.

Energy mistakes. Associated with impaired energy circulation resulting from physiological problems.

Mental mistakes. Involve a violation of the centered state of the brain; based on physiological and energy mistakes.

Karmic mistakes. Formations of fate, whose mission is not to develop the already born human but rather to study certain energy problems of certain energy structures, choosing a certain body to dwell in.

Accumulated mistakes

Accumulated mistakes follow naturally from the acquired ones, but they add to them the mistakes of the space people inhabit. This type of mistakes is divided in two categories: totem (seasonal mismatch of the body; a temporal dependence that disrupts the bio-cycle; lack of energetic integrity of the space, which changes the rhythm of the internal nourishment of the brain) and egregore - when society creates abnormal conditions for governing society.

In this case, we develop a nature that is alien to the person (reactionary, emotional), in other words we reduce our human vibration. This also applies to the education system that is fatal to the human energy since it does not develop people, but rather consumes them.

Totem and egregore disruptions eventually create their own system of energy dwelling, utilizing the person, speeding up or slowing down the natural processes of living his life.

As a result the accumulated mistakes increase first of all the mistakes in one’s feeding and breathing, and then they become natural conditions for the functioning of the body. Under these conditions, the processes are no longer subject to the consciousness but rather the mind and body are subject to the processes.

Thus, there are only two directions in accumulated mistakes, which are related to the acquired mistakes and which have their own living time, after which the body mutates irrevocably:

  • Mistakes of rest
  • Mistakes of motion

Depending on the processes that occur within us, what has engendered them, how they determine the dwelling of our body in rest or motion, we can talk about a possibility or impossibility of reversing, that is, restoring at least one’s available functions.

Without this restoring, development can not be considered true development, since development is about improving the whole, and not the parts. And if you have, for example, slightly improved your brain function, however your body functions worse that what you’ve acquired, you’ll have to understand the formula that can demonstrate if you have improved as a whole or not.

Our body consists of nine basic groups of vibration, and the mistakes (depending on the group of vibration) play their specific roles. It is therefore important to understand the formula of the mistakes, and not simply declare them.

In the process of studying the acquired and accumulated mistakes we can identify the ability of the consciousness to hear, understand, and participate both in the process of fixing these errors, and clearing them.


15 march 2012

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