Skin system is a complex and organised system that first of all depends on the circulation of energy in the lungs and depth of breathing. I.e. in essence from the effort we have during breathing we can tell about properties and quality of skin.

Being the external cover of our organism skin determines functioning of the base building energy. Skin system develops in a human body until 32 years of age plus-minus five years depending on the age, quality of the external environment, or inability of a human to sustain internal energy exchange.

Skin system works with short temporary energy, and in essence is an impulse system that gives birth to different reflex conditions in a human. Meanwhile it depends on properties and qualities of four main systems: circulatory, muscle, tendon and bone systems.

Quality of connection with these systems defines the properties and quality of work that skin systems does. If there is a problem with the skin then first of all it is connected with tendon and bone systems. Particularly in a ripe age when blood stops filling the skin or visa versa does it abundantly, and skin starts to age.

Aging of the skin happens along with the blood and muscular system. In total this system should be understood from both position of influence - internal and external, and also from the position of internal and external exchanges.

There is a huge amount of energy formations on the skin that one should know how to nourish but to do that it is necessary to understand where the source of that nutrition is.

Internal nourishment is determined by food that is consumed. This in fact predetermines the further connection of skin with tendon system. And here the main factor is quality of the liquids consumed. A lot of liquid is excreted through skin, and the less quality liquids we consume, the more aggressive environment for our skin we create.

Next question blood. The weaker blood structure is, the more problems we have with skin as blood both nourishes skin with base energy but also influences the heat exchange in the body.

The next body is a matrix of skin or embroil rudiment connected with the wrist. Place where skin formation begins and a place that regulates skin development. It is here in particular that structure of the connective tissue in the skin is formed that later the whole skin system represents.

In the wrist five types of structures are formed that predetermine skin connection with five systems of the body. One structure belongs directly to skin, from which the glands of external secretions are developed and because they lean only on effort in the skin it is necessary to understand what to do to work directly with skin.

In Daoist medicine a whole system of tensions is developed basically supports the tonus of skin. It is important as if otherwise a uncontrolled crystallisation and blockage of the skin happens. These particular properties of skin crystallisation predetermine its different types.

On the whole, it’s necessary to understand two conditions of skin development: form the position of circulation and movement of the energy in the body in totality and in the skin particularly, and form the position of energy rest when our body is not active. In Daoist medicine skin is a very important system that nourishes firstly our body, and not only it’s treated with extra attention but also various techniques are developed directed at maintaining of a particular effort.


14 february 2012

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