Crystals and Nutrition

Human nutrition will be different in the future

The universe is a structural entity consisting of interrelated geometrical structures. These structures are 13 in number and they all have their own frequency characteristics, each of which is determined either by circulation or voltage.

Our own bodies work in a similar manner - the high voltage of the body corresponds to the notion of the ‘spirit’. These very high voltage characteristics of the spirit prevent people from identifying it  – the spirit lies within the 20-300 Hz frequency range.

Only those who have attained an understanding of the super conscious effort can identify their own spirit. But in order to do that they need to free themselves from the influence of the Earth, which lies in the 1.8-12 Hz range depending on the location.

Nourishing the body with crystals helps feed the spirit and through it - the body or rather the energy. Since crystals have ultra-frequency characteristics their energy is directly absorbed by the mind. They can be assimilated only by the hypothalamus and other glands of the head, which then, in turn, nourish the bone marrow and the spinal cord.

Each crystal holds a circulation force locked in its geometry. And  – after special processing and the art of absorbing  – our body can assimilate this power (our bodies too consist of 13 frequency characteristics, unless, of course, they are blocked).

Crystals’ nourishment strengthens the spirit and as a result can help us change our destiny. However, the following factor should be taken into consideration: at the given moment we live in an Earth that changes its frequency, therefore the food that we have been eating so far is less and less beneficial. The cell is already in a higher frequency range and very soon the Earth will lie in the 10-12 Hz range (for reference – now it lies in the 7.4-8.5 Hz range). This is why the usual food that we eat no longer meets the real needs of our existence. Under these conditions, crystals’ nourishment will be extremely important due to their frequency characteristics.

Answers to questions

Unfortunately, I don't come so often to your seminars and lectures, that's why I did not quite understand the meaning of the word “crystal”. Is everything containing water a crystal? Could a man or an apple be a crystal? What does ”Crystals Nutrition” mean? Do we need to start forming a crystalline structure or searching for one, in order to nourish ourselves with crystals ? Does good quality water, food, wine, etc. fit into the concept of a”crystal”? If not, then more questions arise. How are we supposed to nourish ourselves with crystals, as long as they have solid bodies ?

You are absolutely right about the crystalline nature of everything. But not everything crystallizes. Crystals Nutrition is a condition for strengthening the crystalline nature. Let's for instance, take an apple. It seems to have a crystalline nature, but not a unit one, and that's why the apple dies. Therefore, we must not consider the apple as strong. It is simply not harmful from energy's point, but only if the apple is normal, of course.

Crystals Nutrition does not mean to eat crystals literally (although there are many people who are able to acquire crystals, some of them died doing it). Crystals Nutrition is the ability to assimilate the seed, the crystal forces. That means, the crystal must be processed. People used to crush and melt them, but that also didn't give good results.

We can also refer the term “Crystals Nutrition” to man’s preparation for the consumption of high-frequency food. It doesn't mean a direct consumption of crystals.

Can we consider Crystals Nutrition as a consumption of products which have crystalline structure, for example, honey? What can be considered a crystal in the nutrition system?

Yes, of course. That is the way it should be considered. First, we need to understand the crystalline nature of what we call a crystal. Then, its frequency, and only after an understanding of how to acquire a crystal should appear. Here a very important question arises: are the body and mind ready for high-frequency nutrition?

The process itself, from the time we start to pay attention to it until the moment we are really capable of assimilation, may take three to five years. Therefore, we must rebuild our body and mind. And eventually, we should stop eating mortal food. It is important to understand the nutrition system of taste and energetics, and then the Crystals Nutrition system.

Do I really have to eat stones? How can I nourish the spirit using sound - through listening, singing, playing an instrument? We can also set a desired frequency in an electromagnetic field and stay in it. Is such method of nutrition possible?

The most important thing you need to understand is the scheme and not react to some names. Whatever the nutrition is, you need to go through the three stages of its understanding. The first stage is the preparation for a particular type of nutrition. The five types of taste are: the nutrtion with mortal food, energetics, crystals, aroma, and mind.

Each stage has its own difficulties. The first difficulty is that man has gained certain experience and stereotypes. The most dangerous thing is when we do not feel food and we are not able to focus on it. So I'm not saying you should eat stones, I'm emphasizing on the opportunity to nourish yourself with crystal essences. Because today the mind and energy of man are dying faster and his spirit needs power. However, the most important thing is to be reasonable and not use any “tricks”.

As for the sound, which should be viewed separately, the most important thing is to know how to catch it with your mind.

If a person is just starting to nourish himself through taste and is trying to master his ability to adjust to taste, how many Hz is he able to raise the indicators of the food related to the mortal category? You write that the frequency characteristics of our spirit lie within the 20-300 Hz frequency range. Why such a large range? Do spirits differ from each other?

Of course. They differ from each other, but even 20 Hz is not bad. The main thing is not to lower them. The taste food does not decrease the frequency. It should be considered from this point of view. The taste food should nourish our senses, bring up culture and awareness into us, and develop an understanding of the nutrition as a non-utilitarian process.

Are there any devices that can measure the frequency characteristics of the food? And what instruments are measuring the frequency characteristics of the proposed for use crystals?

It is extremely difficult to get an objective evaluation of the frequency spectrum of the crystals. This concerns especially the high-frequency crystals which parameters are calculated in the three dimensions. Thus, any measurement will carry an element of subjectivity. It is necessary to understand the structure and the energy’s angle of motion in the crystal. Therefore, as long as you have no experience in the interaction with minerals, it doesn't matter if you got 100 or 350 Hz.

How is the art of absorbing crystals expressed like?

The art of absorbing crystals is expressed in your concept of why you take them and in gaining of the experience in receiving the necessary for you taking schedule. Normalizing the state of mind is the most important thing that a crystal does. It acts like a needle which always affects the hypothalamus.

At what age children can start taking crystals?

Crystals Nutrition requires a conscious participation. Children are not conscious. We should be very careful with crystals while the brain is still in the process of physiological development, because the internal circulation of energy is not established yet. Females up to 21 and males up to 28-years of age, should clearly understand the reason why they take crystals (it could be for some protective or remedial purposes).

Do I need a selection of crystals appropriate for me, or it's not important? If so, how do I make that selection?

Speaking of Crystals Nutrition, it is important to understand the scheme, the combination of crystals. There should be three to four. The crystals must not only correspond to us but improve our natural structure.

Do the crystals have a different influence on men and women?

The frequency of the crystals lies in the projections where the concept of a man or a woman does not exist. When the mind can begin to perceive the frequency of the crystals, the time is different.


How a crystal is related to time and what is time?

The crystal is a timeless and even spaceless concept. It obeys the law of rhythm and has a specific structure which produces a similar frequency located in the universe. Also, it can be measured by using time. For example, we can determine the age of a crystal by using radiocarbon analysis. But in fact that is not precise, because it doesn't read the life duration of the crystal in different densities, which change its crystallization.

Time is a conventional concept for the mortal energy and it has no significance to the scale of the macrocosm. At the same time, it is constantly changing, depending on the processes connected with Earth.

What is the frequency of a cave and an ocean? What or who has the same frequency?

The cave is a kind of a laboratory where three laws could be implemented: the laws of time, space, and rhythm. Therefore, a very important concept for the cave is density. And density determines the process of crystallization.

Why does synchronization occur?

Synchronization is a resonant quantity which depends on the angle of impact. When a positive opening angle meets a closing angle, for example both of which are 30 degrees, is the moment when synchronization happens.

What were the purposes of the ancient alchemists (Taoist, Arabic, Celtic) in the development of external components?

Their purposes were different: for some it was a serious study, for others – a game, and for the third – just a clear job. That's why we should not put them in one pile. Such alchemists as Ge Hong and Paracelsus for example, completely dedicated their lives to the study. At the end their experience was rewarded by results.

The main result for the alchemists was their internal state which appeared to be the needed momentum for their personal experience. It must be said that for the Celts it was not alchemy, it was more like a clear knowledge. For Taoists and Arab alchemists it was science in which they succeeded.

What is the peculiarity of the nutrition with external ingredients, including crystals, nowadays?

First, we are able to obtain crystals in a digestible form. Second, the quality of Man and Earth is changing, so we are beginning more and more to depend on the dimensional characteristics, i.e. higher frequencies. If we want to keep a strong mind, we need to give up all the food that is no longer suitable for us, which even can’t be called – food.

Can we assume that nutrition with external alchemical ingredients is a necessary condition for achieving immortality at present time?

This is a very common question. It is dangerous to assume anything at all, especially when in today's society the concept of assumption and the ability to assume are reduced to quite different functions.

Your question rises many sub-questions. The first one of which is food. What is this? Let me explain: If we are talking about the system of development through nutrition, i.e. when the nutrition is nourishing and not burning our energy, we need to understand the scheme. Today people have quite different understanding about the nutrition, and such nutrition should not be considered as one.

Next are the alchemical ingredients. Alchemical is everything that possesses power or is orientated to its creation. Consequently we get to the preparation of usage of a higher-quality product, the ability to use it, and the product itself. Once again, I'll repeat: It is obligatory to understand the scheme! But in order to understand it, you need to have experience. You will never understand the properties of quality water, unless you drink it for a long period of time. If you do not drink quality tea you will never understand its properties. Аgainst the background of total mutation of people's bodies and minds, we are actually going nowhere until we get involved in education. And that's not “tricks” for ignorant people. Definitely you can achieve a lot if you are all set and ready.

Can I take energetics while having a viral illness? What is the right way for recovering from a virus?

It all depends on the virus. It is better to take mummyo, rock oil and noni.

Is it possible to neutralize the low frequency food in the body with the help of high frequency food?

Such an approach is very harmful. Nutrition with high frequency food is necessary for the mind, not for utilitarian functions, because it is possible to worsen the low frequency food and the processes associated with it. Either way, we must teach ourselves how to nourish right or nothing good will follow.

How is the interaction between the geometrical structure of the product (whether a substance, crystal or an energetic) and the structures composing a human being carried out?

This is a serious question which every person who wants to be knowledgeable in energetics or crystals should realize. The human body is a certain scheme and a person should be able to implant another scheme in it. The thing is, whatever they are, energetic or crystal, they are separate schemes. Therefore, in order to take independent geometric forms in, one should tune himself up before implanting them into the body.

The first step to this is not to excite the body parallel with something else. If you take an energetic with a plus sign, the body should be neutral or with a negative sign. And the most important thing is to avoid taking low frequency food that will use the high frequency energy for utilitarian, destructive processes.

Also we must accept the fact that, any energetic or crystal in its characteristics have more perfect geometry than the human body. Therefore, crystals help us improve our own geometry. This improvement is a result of the realization of the process. We must observe the process for at least ten to fifteen minutes, without anything to distract us from it.


Assuming the previous information about the water, which under certain circumstances appears as a crystal, and about the mummyo that you called a “soft crystal”, I want to ask: does a decent person cook for himself alone? He alone produces everything that nourishes him, using different methods. He cooks by taste, the needed amount... My previous experience gives me the ability to find and study minerals, crystals, etc. How can I nourish myself with crystals against the reality of today? Tell us about the cooking and preparation of crystals.

A decent man does and studies what he can and how he can. But of course, everything depends on his capabilities and experience.

Also it is better to deal first with taste itself. As for energetics, they can either grow by themselves, or be mixed. The growing shows that in seventy percent of the cases, the product is in the decline, like for example with: ginger, ginseng or the golden root. The mixing, in reality is homeopathy and thus, today's problem is that plants lose their power. So we must work hard to find something worthwhile. Today you can't even find real honey, and you say to make energetics!?

As for the crystals, for thousands of years people have tried to make them by themselves and many have ended bad. So, the only thing I can recommend about crystals, is to make an infusion of pearls or gold. Although the quality of this water will be similar to a light energetic.

What determines the frequency characteristics of the crystal – the complexity of its geometry, a certain angle between faces, density, or something else?

The structure of the crystal, which creates density and power.

Is there any classification of the crystals by their level of efficiency?

The point is that only now is possible to interact with crystals, when an opportunity to obtain this ultra-high frequency food has arisen. Read my book, “Crystals Nutrition”, where I offer this classification.

If different centers resonate with different crystals, is it necessary to reveal and investigate the whole available frequency range, by changing names?

Yes, it is important to be able to combine crystals. And not only with each other, but more importantly, with energetics. Because the crystal is a certain form and consequently, there are several important for it indicators.

Since the crystal has a frequency, which can be much higher than the frequency we are used to, it is important to mention that the mind controls not only our internal connections, but also the external ones.

When interacting with natural stones and crystals, a certain response in the body and mind occurs. Is it allowed to nourish yourself through natural stones, crystals, and metals with the help of their direct perception and without any physical ingestion?

Indeed, it is possible to set yourself up to certain frequencies. However, the problem is in the refinement of perception or an ultra-setting, which can lead to the inability of the mind to return to a basic level. This will drag after it a dependence on the ultra frequencies and an inability to control the lower frequencies. In fact, it can only be done after you have prepared your body and, if you are not living in an active, aggressive environment.

What is the criteria when choosing nutrition material?

There are restorative crystals, such as emerald. There are those that neutralize unwanted processes, such as clinoptilolite. There are many, such as noni – an energetic regulating the entire body. First it is necessary to learn to perceive the immortal food and set the body and mind up to it. After that you can go deeper in accordance with certain tasks, refining your perception.

What are the pros and cons of such a method of nutrition before one's ingestion of liquid essences based on crystals?

Crystals don't have minuses, they have only pluses. But the inability to take them, nullifies all of their benefits. Although, crystals, unlike energetics are not able to lower us. They are incapable of increasing the unnecessary processes, in contrast with energetics. But of course, there should be measure in everything.


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