Frequency 2012

Modern man is losing the opportunity to use his brain properly and along with it he’s losing his capability of being Human. In these circumstances we must not wait or anticipate anything because in fact there is no one to do the waiting. A man with an undeveloped mind is like a walking corpse with certain physiological functions; or even spiritual functions if he’s been activated by some great frequency. This is why the expected apocalypse on December 21-22, 2012 is simply a subject of overall excitement on the topic of increasing goals and man’s transition to a new frequency of existence. A man who lives this kind of life is bound to switches off his mind because of its inability to keep pace with the changing cycles of the Earth.

The text and videos on the topic "Frequency 2012" try to make you think about what modern man has become as a result of always reacting to this topic of the end of the world, instead of trying to start working on his own development.

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