What is our food today?

It’s a set of products that we are used to, which has been imposed upon us and simply lies on the shelves. Today food no longer determines our physiological problems, it determines our psychological states. It’s a reflex defined by strong carcinogens, chemicals and other conditions that accompany what we today call food.

People have in fact stopped eating normal food. And even those who go to stores selling the, let’s say, organic food or the ones who grow in their own gardens the so called ‘natural food’ do not have the skills to prepare and consume it properly. What is more, people in general do not eat but rather devour the products, all the different vegetarians and raw-food eaters don’t feel the taste of cucumbers and apples and drink water, which is in fact more harmful than helpful.

Today, when beer is considered harmful not because it’s harmful in itself but because of the way it’s being prepared and consumed, it’s being replaced by a huge amount of chemicals. When wine is perceived as an ethyl alcohol and not from the perspective of the wine itself, the grape, the quality, etc., people learn to perceive high quality beverages exclusively as alcohol. If a person cannot control himself when consuming not only drinks but also food, we cannot say he has healthy eating habits. People become cyborgs devouring mutated pesticide products, while talking about vitamins, amino acids, etc., i.e. about something that is being destroyed before it lands on our table.

But even if the food that enters our stomachs is of good quality, most people are no longer able to absorb it, because their bodies have already lost all their settings, because the ability to nourish is not among the main tasks of food, which is valued above all for its good taste, and not as a source of vitamins and proteins. Without the ability to understand and adjust ourselves to taste, all the vitamins and other useful substances are useless.

Taste is the fundamental formula of human existence; it nourishes and develops all our senses. What is primary regarding the issue of food is the art of filling oneself up with taste and all the rest (dietology, etc.) is simply seen as additional. Particularly curious are the advices of those who don’t follow their own instructions and don’t understand that they are simply repeating the same concepts about proteins, vitamins and amino acids.

Mankind has long ceased to be satisfied with the taste of food, it is satisfied with massive quantities, which leads to an outflow of energy from the brain, in other words - stupor. Meals should first feed the brain and this is a fundamental fact, which people must learn, they must be educated. We have deprived ourselves of will, and consequently of choice, because what is of crucial importance with regards to eating is discipline and the ability to put a barrier between oursevles and the products that destroy us. And that’s more than 70% of them.

Today the question of food is a question of survival. Since humanity is guided by volume, it is unable to understand the essence of food. Not to mention that man’s whole day becomes dependent on the output, where "delicious" is defined by means of a well-established reflex, rather than taste, which exacerbates the process of objectification. When people don’t understand or determine the meaning of tastes, but instead follow an established model and just swallow whatever they’re given. This is how they start drinking milk made from a powder, juice from concentrate, beer brewed with poor quality water, etc., etc. All of this leads to a decrease in energy intensity and the destruction of human potential, mainly with regards to the brain and to creating.

And today, when the frequency of the Earth is changing, we are no longer able to absorb all of this swill, and our lives are deteriorating. Today’s man who is incapable of eating properly is already similar to the animal. Those who care about the path of development must first of all put a fat red mark on the quantity of food they consume and pay more attention to the actual energy intensity of food, instead of following rotten ideas about calories!

I invite you to ask questions on the topic of dietology, and I’ll try to provide you with the most helpful answers.


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