Rhythm is a way of measuring space that has its own proper measure and size

Rhythm is a way of measuring space that has own measure and own physical sizes. That is what regulates space and therefore stands above it. It is a volumetric measure that can be expressed via a pattern. The given pattern determines the frequency characteristics in given reference points. For us there are three of them thus, the third one is not shown because it corresponds to the nature of the human himself. That is the reason why a human that has not acknowledged the internal measure can not allow the rhythm to bring more then the use of the two that are already there into life.

Originally these reference points for humans were determined by the seven planets. The understanding of rhythm in ancient times was built on very precise readings as people saw, felt and believed in rhythm because it governed the changes in human nature.

People didn’t only believe in rhythm, but also tried to recreate it, and the main task was to blend in with one or another rhythm as each of them had particular characteristics. In the end that lead to birth of numerous varieties of forms and styles of rhythm representations. Yet the most difficult part is that the essence of rhythm behind all of this was lost, and that happened to the detriment of emotions, and not geometry.

Thus without a doubt there were attempts to geometrically tie a rhythm to earth, and these are expressed in totem forms of rhythm tying, from where we actually got square as a geometrical model, on which any existing rhythm is put on; i.e. the rhythm can only be acknowledged through the means of square (collecting condition) because it has a finite length in comparison to a more perfect figure of circle. All other figures are lower then the square by their properties.

In this way the consciousness of people has grasped some geometrical model attempting to give it movement in a kind of implantation of different rhythms in the consciousness and body via a process similar to drilling.

Bringing the rhythm into a practical size became the main task of all antique ethnos. What for? To get the power over space, and most importantly to get freedom from time, i.e. to move away from death rate. Because apart from everything else the rhythm gave a certain particular effort and changes, and that’s reasonable from a higher degree. Rhythm consists of particular sets of codes that are modelled by means of spatial effort creating volume.

Rhythm can not be understood through time; emotionally-one should know how to experience it. One shouldn’t react to rhythm, one should know how to express it, otherwise it becomes one linear size. One should know how to build true relationships between oneself and the environment.  It is necessary to feel that force that knows rhythm. Here is the greatness for humans — to acknowledge volume of one’s own consciousness.

True rhythm is grasped by the mind. The only question here is what frequency is that rhythm. On African and south African continents for example, a human acknowledges the rhythm through the spinal cord. This is a physiological formula that has a graphical representation allowing to achieve integrational difference.

In today’s world we have so many shades of rhythm expressions but so little real knowledge about it! Well, perhaps, the only science, real knowledge about rhythm is the inheritance of Yoruba culture. All the rest are only on attempt of exploring of the object by the small sizes and in reality it is huge and at the same time built through object, confined in a sphere. To be more precise in a cube that exists in a sphere. It has a lever and three expressions of effort depending on where one grabs the lever-at the top, middle or base.

The acknowledgement of rhythm should start from matrix. Matrix lies on the surface, it is nature. Rhythm should be filled with sensible contents and at least feeling, but not emotion. Emotion does not allow grasping the effort of rhythm, and we stay in mere projection of rhythm, but don’t experience its volume.

The key is to understand the deployment of rhythm.  It is given by the whole special model and is regulated by the effort that we are able to acknowledge. And here we have the most important question: how many rhythms can there be all together?

If we are viewing this from the position of our reality — then seven. Seven faze efforts falling on the Earth create seven basic changes that have own steps. As a result we have seven collecting efforts and seven conditions of development (the spiral moves in both directions). In the beginning this is a given that needs to be acknowledged. Later, when we place ourselves within this square, we can add our own effort and get multiples of changes. Therefore, if we are realistically speaking about rhythm then we should understand what it relies on in the consciousness and body.

Rhythm is a top that is accessible for acknowledgment for the human mind, because it teaches to wield own experiences and to correspond to them straight away. Obviously, if we take superhumans, that for example are Africans in their majority, then they are already born in another vibrational field. They think by vibrations, sounds and rhythms. Yes, they don’t express linearly, as we do, and that somehow for some reason gives some right to think of themselves as higher then them. It’s just “denseness” and mental noncorrespondance of Europeans paralyzed their brains to such an extent, that they are not only unable to experience any internal processes, but also to express their real state.

Thus that is a separate theme where a lot needs explanation. But this is the given that disturbs many from understanding reality. But not understanding reality is one thing, and another is reacting and non-acceptance just because that reaction does not give opportunity to fixate even the idea itself.


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